Squeezing In.

I’ve got a handful of knitting projects that are on a holiday deadline, who doesn’t? I’m still changing my mind on a project or two that are not yet cast on (hat? fingerless mitts? cowl? hat? scarf? cowl? cozy?). Silly knitter. I took a break this week though to work on a crafty challenge – The Things We Make and Modge Podge Rocks Handmade Holiday Ornament Contest (Entries are due today, 12/17!). I had a few ideas floating around for a while, but after a visit with my folks this week, inspiration struck when I went through a bag my mom sent home with me.
Not this bag:
that’s full of yarn, lots of acrylic, but that’s ok.

Nope, there was a different bag with random Christmas stuff – ornaments I made when I was in 4th grade, books for the Lorax, lights and a box (marked “Becca’s Music, Please Save”) full of cassette tapes! Tapes? I don’t have a tape player in my house or in my car. What am I supposed to do with that. Huh, wonder if I could knit the tape? It’s sort of like a ribbon or tape yarn.

Yes, yes you can. I knit i-cord with it – tried to stay loose, and it worked! Although I’m not sure what else I might do with it – it’s shiny and brown. Not very festive – but I made the most of it – turned it into a nest – and a few other found items around the house, pipecleaners and some chicks.
Handmade Ornament 2009

Handmade Ornament 2009
Close up – one chick is has a santa-ish hat, and the other has a reindeer headpiece.
The silver trees and garland were the centerpieces at my wedding!

Handmade Ornament 2009
It’s now hanging in the tree!

This was a nice little crafty diversion – back to the knitting!

Sock Count (contest results) & another "misfire"

I’ve counted and sorted and am considering my queue & library for sock patterns – I’ve got 58 skeins in that box – Ikkinlala was the closest with 57! You win the book since your guess was in first – I’ve sent you an email – look for it! and Breanna guessed 58! I couldn’t find your email on your blog – drop me a line at nutmegknitter AT gmail DOT com please and we can get your prize on it’s way to you!

Wow. So yeah, I don’t need any sock yarn this year I guess. Even if I could do something like the 52 pair plunge that still wouldn’t use up my yarn! 🙂 Maybe that’s ok. I really want to make more socks – Obviously I have a great collection started, and some of my older handknit socks are showing wear.

I knit up a hat last night – the baby hat from One Skein – I used up a skein and a little bit more of this great Cascade Cotton Rich – I used #3686 – it’s like a hot pink with one strand of a purple in there – very pretty. The downside is, the hat came out way bigger than the 12-18 month size I thought I was making. It’s still cute and functional though – it’s a charity hat. Someone will love it (I hope).
Baby Hat
Here mom

I took this photo the other day – someday I hope she’ll look forward to helping me with the knitting – how awesome would that be if I can get Lorelai to wind yarn for me?!
Start 'em Early

Goodbye, Hello & a contest!

Goodbye 2008!

Hello 2009! Last night we took it easy – Chinese take-out, gave Lorelai a bath, played some Wii Fit (I rock at Super Hula Hoop! and we unlocked a Bubble game!) watched “Death Race” (which delivers as it promises, even in the first 10 minutes!) and saw the New Year in. Promptly I tore into my new “Page-A-Day” calendars:
The year shows promises of being cute and amusing (observant? witty? sarcastic?)!

Yesterday I was trying to organize a bit. I have had my sock yarns in two separate boxes for a while now and in trying to make space on the bookshelves for more books, decided I would consolidate the sock yarn to an under the bed-style box. (41 quart size) I tried to arrange the yarns in a sort of color spectrum, which didn’t quite work. I also found 5 sock WIPs that I want to take care of this year. I’ve got quite a bit of yarn stuffed into that box, so I thought maybe it would be interesting to have a contest. Here are photos of the box:
The Sock Box with WIPs
With the WIPs on top of the yarns.

Left side
The Left side of the box.

Right side
The Right side of the box.

Side view
Side view (you can see it’s not just one layer of yarns!)

The Sock Box without WIPs
And the box without the WIPs on top.

I’ve got an extra copy of Alt Fiber to give away! To win it, take a guess at this – How many skeins are in the box? I haven’t even counted myself yet! Leave your answer in the comments and on Sunday, January 4, I’ll announce the winner 🙂

Now it’s quiet

It’s been a busy weekend here. After the fun adventures of waiting in traffic on Friday and going to the ultrasound appointment (by the way – we didn’t find out the sex of the baby. We’re having a baby!) we went out to a great restaurant – Cafe Goodfellas – so delicious! Scarface was playing while we were there – i want to watch Goodfellas now! On saturday we got the garden started (marigolds, carrots, garden beans, sunflowers, zinnia, poppies) and then had company over.

Today we finished the garden (already started tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, and planted seeds for cucumbers, cosmos, marigolds, corn, nasturtium) and I’m pooped. Kinda feel like working on the sock, but I don’t know how much more I can push my fingers 🙂

In my blog-reading, I’ve come across a great site: 5 Minutes for Mom – they’ve got some great prizes coming up to win… It may be a little early for some of the items, but an ice cream maker? Dude! I’m already in love with my sno-cone machine.