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life rearranged

Baby bum! I am very lucky that even with the baby on the move and getting into the older one’s stuff, she is still really sweet on her brother.

 There was a great rainbow (double even!) after a storm over the weekend.  This was the best picture I could get – by the time I grabbed the good camera it was already fading.  I was really impressed by how vibrant this one was – unusual for CT.  I feel like even when I was in Hawaii, I never saw a rainbow that bright.

 The Lorax is a big Max & Ruby fan and seems especially taken with Bunny Scouts. So when I saw the Pretend Play Sash with Badges I knew it was perfect.  When I asked what she did that she could make a badge for, I was expecting her to talk about swimming lessons. Instead she said “I helped take care of Nate” – so this is the “Taking Care of My Brother” badge – she drew the two of them on there and per her request I added the heart.  She also made a star badge and a “cinderella” badge with a pumpkin and her name. 

 This is a better view of the Stitched by JessaLu bag that I received this week.  The yarn is Socktopus yarn in the “Lorelai” colorway. I’m planning to start a Wingspan shawl soon. 

Our first week of summer vacation is just about done.  I am pleased that I am not completely stressed out with Lorelai home full time again.  I have been trying to do “school” with her each day – she’s working on writing letters or doing a few worksheets – it’s short, maybe 5 minutes? But it is something and she likes it, so we keep at it.  I’ve got a bunch of stuff lined up (thank you Pinterest) to try and cover other activities. Today for school we cooked – we have a rainbow cake in the oven right now.   I hope it turns out ok, but even if it doesn’t cake is cake!

The knitting is still hush hush.

Instead I will share a few tales from my kitchen. My dad’s birthday was yesterday and I invited my parents over for dinner. The birthday guy’s request? Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chocolate Cream Pie – I swear, my dad is the easiest guy to please sometimes. I broke out my Bittman bible and made a batch of meatballs. I am not Italian, but I feel like a stereotypical Italian grandma when I make that recipe! Also in Bittman was a recipe for Cream Pie, variation Chocolate. Perfect. The recipe did involve separating several eggs, not my favorite kitchen task, but I remembered that I had a special gift. Have you ever seen a Boogerboy Boris? My uncle sent one back with my parents for the Lorax and me when they visited him a while back.

First thought? My goodness this is GROSS! (I’ve been allergy attacked this past week, thank you pollen!) Second thought? Holy chickens it actually works! I ended up with a dessert that looked like Chocolate Cream Pie, tasted like Chocolate Cream Pie, and my dad was happy, so, success! I also made a batch of peanut butter cup bars – fair warning, make these if you are having company over to help you eat them! I am sure to eat more than my fair share of these – they are excellent! Even Dan, who likes a peanut butter cup now and then but isn’t wild about them like I am, commented on how good they are! And easy – a bit of stovetop work and then into the fridge! That’s a lot of exclamation points. I mean each and every one.

The weather seems to have taken a turn for the better (thank goodness!) and I currently have Popsicles on the brain – there are so many cute molds! I had two sets of the basic shape, but one cracked, so I am looking into getting something new. Maybe ice cream cones or stars. The Lorax has found a love of popsicles as well, so I am hoping to have more success in making our own instead of buying them, especially now that we are on the cusp of fruit season here.

Back to the knitting, the deadline is near!!