My mind is full of posts

The topics are so varied that they will each get their own post eventually. Reminder to me – post about: Farmhouse yarn sale, dog training, dishragtag, miss dashwood chicknits, bad day swap, get photos of new yarns, snb mixer to felt and t-shirt sleeves to line hats.

This post is going to be about the crazy lady at the post office. I went in innocently enough – to mail off the box for dishragtag. The post office in town is a rather friendly place, I love the people who work there and being that it’s in a small-town-New-England community people tend to make small talk while you’re in line. No big deal. Usually.

I get in line – there are maybe 4 or 5 people ahead of me. It was noon – again, not a big deal, I’m not in a rush. The woman in front of me turns and starts talking (it’s easier to write in script form)
Lady: Boy it sure is hot out today.
Me: Yes.
Lady: Really, it’s really hot. You have to use the air conditioning today. It’s hot.
Me: Yes.
(pause. pause)
Lady: I just have to mail this one envelope. I hope it has enough postage.
Me: Mm-hmm.
Lady: Gosh it’s really hot out today.
Me: Yes.
Lady: I hope this has enough postage on it – I suppose they’ll weigh it.
Me: They’ll tell you if it needs more.
Lady: It’s so hot out today isn’t it?
Me: Yes.
Lady: You have to run the air conditioning. Is it on at your house?
Me: Um, no.
Lady (all aghast at the thought): Why not? It’s 92 degrees out today! It’s really hot.
Me (Thinking to myself, actually it’s in the 80s, sunny, low humidity – I think it’s nice out): It’s August. It’s summer.
Lady: But you should have your air conditioning on today.
Me: It’s expensive. It’s going to cool down.
Lady: It’s really hot out.
Me: Yes.
Lady: I have 2 extra stamps with me in case there isn’t enough postage. But in case it is not enough, could I borrow a quarter?
Me: Sure.
(Thinking, whatever gets you to stop talking to me!)
Lady: You look cute today.
Me: Thank you.
Lady: I have 2 extra stamps with me just in case.
Me: Uh-huh. Here’s a quarter.

So, it’s finally her turn at the counter and immediately my turn as well, so we’re up there at the same time. I can hear the postal worker tell her she needs to add 17 cents in postage. She can add an extra stamp or pay the 17 cents. She used my quarter!

Now I’m biting my lip – she didn’t give the change to me. She didn’t say thank you. She left the post office immediately after that. Um, WTF? And she could (should!?) have just used her “just in case stamps” and given me back my quarter.

I also felt like telling her, look lady I’m pregnant and carrying extra weight around. You are the size of a walking stick bug (seriously!). Who is going to have a harder time cooling down in hot weather? And it’s not even that hot today! It’s gotten as high as 84, that’s it! I kinda hope her AC breaks this afternoon. And I hope I find a quarter. I should have tried to Kinnear her with my camera phone, but I’m sure that would have opened a whole other line of conversation in which I don’t want to participate.

All kinds of crazy, even in small new england towns.