Somebody will wear my handknits!

Almost by surprise, the weather has turned windy and cool – very fall like, and we knew (and hoped) it was coming, but somehow it is a shock to the system. The heat is on and I have been pulling out my handknits to wear – I love to layer with the scarves and shawls-as-scarves. I’ve posted many times about how the Lorax absolutely refuses to wear pretty much anything I knit for her, so my most recent knitting accomplishment has been for Jackson. I usually pop his cowl on him, but figured it was time to make him something new. Behold, the Wurstwarmer!
Camera Shy
Someone is camera shy, or possible just ticked off. I used Sirdar Snuggly DK for most of the sweater – it was less than a full ball, when it was used up the last two inches or so are knit with Berroco Comfort DK. Both machine washable acrylic blends.

This is a great pattern. Obviously, the designer totally *gets* dachshunds and what odd little creatures they can be. I really appreciate how the pattern guided me through several measurements and then options as well relating to peculiarities of your dog: male / female, harness opening, to cover their little bum or not. This sweater stays on him pretty well – he was able to step out of it after doing a “squirrel” trick – his little legs fold up and then they are tucked into the sweater. If I knit this again, actual sleeves may help (a pattern option I opted out of) or casting off / on fewer stitches for the armhole opening.

The Lorax was helping me get Jackson to do his “squirrel” trick to take the photo. She is finally taller than the dog! Also, the Tinkerbell pajamas? A gift that her daddy picked up for her when they went out to the store while I was at Rhinebeck.

Dachshund sweater
Stay warm little doggie. And learn to love the handknits – I will be making this again!

Hello September!

While I have some difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that it is indeed September, I am more than ready for it. I love summer, I really do – but heat waves I cannot stand. I have had enough – I am ready for cool breezes, layers, cups of tea in the afternoon and evening, eating warm foods and baking in my oven! September also means that sweater weather is coming! And I have finished a new sweater for the Lorax.
Jackson a version of Willie.
Jackson Dachshund Sweater
I used Plymouth Encore Chunky (which is fantastic! I love this yarn!) in a mottled grey-brown for the dachshund part which is a pretty good color match to some of Jackson’s dappled spots. Same yarn for the body, in a cranberry-ish red. I used Patons Canadiana held doubled for the cuffs and trim.
Jackson Dachshund Sweater
I think my favorite part of this sweater is the ear. Totally makes it. I didn’t bother to block the ear flat because I like how it curves or flips up – gives it some dachshund attitude.
Jackson Dachshund Sweater
Jackson snuggled up (and under) the sweater. I tried to get the Lorax in it (even with the promise of her favorite candy, Ms. But she runs away from me shouting “I Don’t Want To Wear It!” – and we’ve had a rough week. Lots of whining. Lots of meltdowns. I’m not looking to start another fight and I’m tired of the tears (crocodile or otherwise). I think that this is going to be long on her – almost like a coat instead of a sweater, but that’s fine – maybe we can get a wear or two out of it as an extra layer, this year or next.

Oh Buddy, You’re In Trouble

The other night, my father-in-law came over so we all went outside to say hello and help move some things. We left Jackson inside. The Lorax and I played outside for a bit when Dan and his dad left. We came inside to get something and Jackson was no where to be found. He didn’t come running when we came inside. I didn’t see his leash either… maybe he went with the guys for a ride?

Nope. I found Jackson. Here:
The little weenie jumped onto the chairs and up onto the table. He finished off the rice left in the Lorax’s dish and half a chicken tender from Dan’s plate.

The arrow is pointing to some dip that was on his paw.

Thank you for not getting sick overnight in our bed. You’re still going on a diet.

Help a Dachshund!

No surprise, I’m a big fan of dachshunds. I spotted the Willie pattern on Ravelry and left a comment for Pam, aka Flint Knits, to let her know how much I liked the pattern. Then I found out it is a fund-raising pattern – her dachshund, Crush, recently broke his leg!! Read about the pattern and see Crush in his bandages on Pam’s blog, here.

If you were on the fence about buying the pattern, maybe this will help you decide – Shepherd Susie of Juniper Moon Farm has started an incredibly generous contest. If you buy the Willie pattern and comment on her blog, you’ll be entered to win a 2011 share in the farm’s yarn CSA.

Jackson thanks you and he’s showing his support for Crush by resting up too!

Guy Socks

Back in December I cast on a pair of socks for Dan. 3 months later, I have finished!
Dan's Socks
The pattern is Manhattan, by Lisa Dykstra, and is really fantastic in its simplicity. There is some stretch and it works well with the variegated yarn.

Dan's Socks
The yarn, by the way, is Intention Yarns in the “Simplicity” colorway, a club special. At first I was not into this colorway at all but Dan spotted it on the table and admired it, so, the guy gets his socks. I like it a lot better now that it has been knit up. I still have a little more than 15 grams left (I had made Dan a mini-sock ornament out of this yarn for Christmas), so I’m thinking about working on some “boy booties” for a friend who recently had a little boy.

Dan's Socks
Color goes nicely with our house dachshund, don’t you think?

Dachshund Noses

Jackson hasn’t gotten much play in the blog lately – yesterday he tolerated my playing around with the camera. Macro / SuperMacro + Dachshund Noses = fun photos!


Made with Mosaic Maker.

He’s been a good dog lately – barky, as always, but it’s what he does. He’s very good with Lorelai – loves when she shares her food, tolerates it when she brushes his back, usually has a kiss ready for her.

What a Week!

There almost aren’t even words to sum up the past week – things have been a little wacky, but a lot of fun! It’s official – my brother is married, and I have a sister! I am so happy for them – you know the scene in “Muppets Take Manhattan” at the end, where Piggy & Kermit get married and the penguins are flipping about? That’s how I feel – they got married! Yay! It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful reception – we may have been poured on at the rehearsal dinner (at the Place) but no one let it get their spirits down. And the weather held out for Saturday, so that was all good.
Wedding Party
(That’s Caroline (the bride’s sister), Virginia (my new sister-in-law), Dan (the groom), Matt (my baby brother) and Katherine.
Three of us on Team VA (members of the not-really-bridesmaids, but essentially that’s what we were) ended up in purple dresses, the same shade of purple! It was part of the color scheme so it was a good choice!

Lorelai at the Wedding
Lorelai was there for the ceremony and a little bit of the reception. She was pretty good – once she warmed up she just wanted to run around and say Hi to people.

Looking Regal
Handmade Crackers were part of the reception – when I went up to visit Dan & VA, Amy and I helped make them. It was kind of funny to look around the wedding reception and see everyone with these silly hats, but they did work with everyone’s outfit (though mine didn’t really stay on with my up-do).

That’s me and my favorite uncle. He’s fantastic. This picture also gives a better picture of the dress, but the best part (in my opinion) was the back:
Dress for the June wedding
The look totally worked – the dress, the up-do, and the jewelry (made by Jennsquared) – my uncle kept saying I had the look of a 1930s or 1940s Chanel advertisement – exactly what I didn’t know I was trying for!

It was a great event, and now we’re still trying to adjust to the boring and the mundane. I knit a dachshund last week:
The pattern is by Rebecca Danger – she and I have emailed a bit on this pattern (there was a pdf sizing error that was not a big deal but she’s got that great attention to detail and wanted to make it right) and I’ve been stalking following her on all the other social network things – love love love!
Lorelai seems to like him as well:

Take My Picture!

Though maybe she just wanted her picture taken. She’s big into mugging for the camera lately.
Visions of my kid
That’s my new favorite picture of her.
And this one is totally a flash forward to when she’s seven…
Visions of my kid
The time is flying.