Oh Buddy, You’re In Trouble

The other night, my father-in-law came over so we all went outside to say hello and help move some things. We left Jackson inside. The Lorax and I played outside for a bit when Dan and his dad left. We came inside to get something and Jackson was no where to be found. He didn’t come running when we came inside. I didn’t see his leash either… maybe he went with the guys for a ride?

Nope. I found Jackson. Here:
The little weenie jumped onto the chairs and up onto the table. He finished off the rice left in the Lorax’s dish and half a chicken tender from Dan’s plate.

The arrow is pointing to some dip that was on his paw.

Thank you for not getting sick overnight in our bed. You’re still going on a diet.

Dogs on Thursday & A Quick FO

I haven’t participated in Dogs on Thursday in a while, so certainly it is overdue. I thought I would share how Jackson and Lorelai currently interact (with some commentary)

This is one of Jackson’s best tricks – we call it “The Squirrel” because how he sits upright with his itty bitty paws. Lorelai frequently walks about carrying her little snack cup (by Munchkin, more on them later). She has learned that if she holds something in her hand out and up infront of Jackson he’ll sit up and try to get it. Goldfish, cheese, bits of eggos, whatever.

This picture shows that my kids are about the same “height”. Jackson is very gentle in getting the food from Lorelai. Sometimes she lets go, sometimes he gets to sniff the food and then she takes it back (and I ignore the dog slobber on her snacks).

The bigger issue now is that I want her to actually give the snack or whatever to Jackson – if he sits and behaves he has earned the treat. She’ll even hold her empty hand out and up to get jackson to sit (sometimes he pays attention and doesn’t bother if he knows she doesn’t have anything). We working on (and will be for a long time I am certain) not teasing the dog.

He’s a good sport. Like always.

In knitting, I used part of one of the mini-sample skeins from the PhatFiber box to knit a Tea cup handle sweater. Because I can. The yarn is a sport-weight BFL, color “Sugar Lips” from Sweet Pea Fibers. (OMG, love her etsy shop! when I learn to spin more consistently, I want!!)
I think I have enough left over for a second one – and I also think that it will take me longer to sew on buttons than it did to actually knit it!
Mug Handle Sweater-Cozy-Thing

Back to Munchkin for a moment. They are my new favorite company. The snack cup is fantastic (way better than the gerber one, don’t waste your money.) Recently I bought one of their flip straw cups – it just makes life easier to get Lorelai to use straws (and she does just fine with them). The colors are great, and the cups are BPA-free (important).

Well, I wanted to buy more of these – like a 2 pack I see of all the other brands, but couldn’t find them – not at Target / online / wherever. So I was hunting around online for something else that might be suitable and everything it seems is covered with Dora or Diego, the Disney Princesses, Sesame Street, Elmo or SpongeBob. Now. I have nothing truly against any of these brands, I really don’t. I am not going to keep any of those things from the Lorax intentionally, but right now – all she needs is the cup with the straw. She doesn’t care right now if it’s blue or pink or yellow with purple polka dots. Then I came across the dwink juice box holder and I got really annoyed. What’s worse – character branded marketing or terrible spelling? I want to write a letter of complaint to that company.

I held off settling for any of the character items and was thinking about investing in the more expensive “Green” options and then I found it. A 4 pack – two sports bottle, 2 flip straw cups, all the Munchkin brand and BJ’s wholesale club. Perfect. The cups are all interchangeable. Bright colors. Lorelai picked the blue-green-purple pack, even better. Okay, end of silly rant.

My Dog is Such a Good Sport (Part1)

I’m so “one of those moms” – you know the kind that get all Martha Stewart about stuff? Yeah, it’s in my genes. My mom did it and I love it – still do, I’ve already started a file of magazine pages with ideas for costumes / parties / decorations / crafts for when Lorelai is older. But, let’s not forget, Jackson, my “furbaby” was here first. So he’s the one with the hand-sewn costume. And last year I knit his sweater. Because he’s special. Yes, I lugged out my sewing machine, a recent issue of <a href="
http://www.thebark.com/home.html”>Bark magazine and some felt:
I sewed this collar!
We’ll just ignore the fact that I forgot he’s 6 inches off the ground and the flower petals are 6 inches long!

Jackson is such a good sport. Love ya buddy!



Stay tuned for tomorrow – both babies in costume!

Not right either.

I’ve got this idea in my head to make a witch hat. For babies. I started with one pattern and got something way too big. A bit of re-thinking and I decided to start again and this time make the newborn size (less knitting to see if it works!) Well. It doesn’t match what’s in my head. I’m not sure what to do next. I think I’ve got the brim down, it’s just a matter of shaping the body. Something with the decreasing…
witch's hat #1
The body seems too tall or something.
It is a newborn size so there’s no way it will fit Lorelai, but even so – I think we might be done with hats… (I may have to tie her hats to her head this winter!)

Jackson is off barking at a chipmunk fart or something, so here’s Lorelai for Dogs on Thursday reading one of her favorite books “That’s not my puppy”

And Lorelai’s newest trick? The tongue is out, all the time!
neener neener neener


Trying to make one post to cover everything. First, it is Thursday, so there’s a Jackson spotlight for Dogs on Thursday:
Smile Jackson
He’s been pretty good since we returned from vacation. Only one accident in the house (we give him one free pass when he comes back to us) and he’s uber-affectionate. Kisses all around, especially for the baby:

More kisses

She doesn’t seem to mind too much:
One more kiss?

Yay for harmony in the house.

There is knitting in this post too – seems like it has been a while, but I’ve mostly been knitting baby genius burp cloths a la Mason-Dixon – it’s now my easy, mindless, grab and go project!
burp cloths
(gosh, Lorelai looks like a little kid here!)

I’m just about done with a sweater for Lorelai too:
mistakes & kisses
(More kisses!) I knit and finished the first sleeve, then last night I was working on the second sleeve and realized I didn’t decrease enough times. Whoops. So, I plan to un-do the left sleeve bind off and work back about 8 rows to redo. At least it’s not a huge mistake. The sweater is maybe a 6-9month size, so I do have a little bit of time.

Other bits about my life recently – the ants seem to be taken care of – had tons last night at the baits, cleared out the counter and put out new ones last night – nothing this morning, and I put out new ones this morning – so far, nothing. I’ll give it another day still.

My favorite band, Barenaked Ladies have put out a children’s cd – “Snacktime” – it’s really cute. Totally “them” and nothing so annoyingly catchy that I’ll be humming it all day. Love it!

Today out at knitting with Mad-Knitter I got to meet another blogger-knitter: Wifemomknitter – so much fun!

I’m also loving:Motherhood Uncensored

Playtime (Dogs on Thursday)

Jackson is a very playful dog – part of that clown-around-dachshund personality. We’ve always had toys for him, and ever since he was a puppy we’ve had our own version of “fetch”. We throw the toy. He runs after it. He picks it up, brings it back and doesn’t let go! We’re working on it – sometimes he’ll drop it, sometimes he’ll tug when you hold the other end / side. The current favorite toy is “Heave a Beaver” from FatCat – they are sturdy and last quite a long time. They have enough space for his little snout and the rope is a good chew surface. We’ve enjoyed “Hurl a Squirrel”, “Chuck a Duck”, “Fling a Frog”, “Toss a Possum” as well – and now they have new farm ones! Lorelai is more interactive and sometimes Jackson tries to play with her:
(I love that he’s eyeing her in this photo)
Maybe I want to play
This is how you play?
Jackson, I want to play!
He’s a very good sport!

Dogs on Thursday

In keeping with my 101 list, I’m trying to shoot a roll of film each month. That’s actual film, negatives, not digital. I have a very basic SLR that I adore, but I am still learning how to use it properly. The fun part is seeing what pictures I actually get among all the others that are blurry, out of focus, not well light, too well lit, etc. Here’s my favorite:
No fair!!
This picture was not staged, and really my baby does not wail often. I find it funny because she has so much around her to occupy her / keep her happy and yet Jackson is on her play gym, in her space.

I got a series of good shots of Jackson, in my opinion, so we’ll just shine the spotlight on him.
Jackson Mosaic

Little knitting to report as of now – getting ready for Easter, we’re hosting!

My Chair – Dogs On Thursday

A few summers ago I bought two big round chairs at Target (Papason?). They are comfortable to curl up and read in, have room to knit, but we used to joke that wouldn’t it be nice if Jackson would sit in there? Last year (2006) around Christmas, he would go sit in the chair – it was diagonally across the room from our dining table, so I think he liked it because he could see us. Over the summer he would go to the chair when it was too hot to sit on us. He is getting better about going to his chair during the day or night when either we don’t sit and give him a lap, or when he’s tired. Yesterday I put Lorelai in the chair and lured him with treats. He didn’t seem to mind… too much!

Do you have the treats?

I don’t want to smile!
I don't want to smile!

This photo shoot is about me, right?
You're taking my picture, right?

Hanging out at the Gym (Dogs on Thursday)

Do you see what I see?
Lorelai’s toys (not that there are many) are in the same room as Jackson’s toys. It’s where we all hang out, so there’s bound to be overlap. And many baby toys are just like the dog toys – bright colors, squeaky, rattles, crinkly. So it’s only natural (to us) that we put them both down on the mat to enjoy. Actually, Jackson’s been really good so far with that gym. We thought for sure he would try to nip at the handing toys – he’s only gone after the pillow a few times and then it was to get our attention. He tried to hump it once as well, but it’s soft and so it collapsed as he put his paws on the arches – that was the end of that.