Dogs on Thursday

In keeping with my 101 list, I’m trying to shoot a roll of film each month. That’s actual film, negatives, not digital. I have a very basic SLR that I adore, but I am still learning how to use it properly. The fun part is seeing what pictures I actually get among all the others that are blurry, out of focus, not well light, too well lit, etc. Here’s my favorite:
No fair!!
This picture was not staged, and really my baby does not wail often. I find it funny because she has so much around her to occupy her / keep her happy and yet Jackson is on her play gym, in her space.

I got a series of good shots of Jackson, in my opinion, so we’ll just shine the spotlight on him.
Jackson Mosaic

Little knitting to report as of now – getting ready for Easter, we’re hosting!

My Chair – Dogs On Thursday

A few summers ago I bought two big round chairs at Target (Papason?). They are comfortable to curl up and read in, have room to knit, but we used to joke that wouldn’t it be nice if Jackson would sit in there? Last year (2006) around Christmas, he would go sit in the chair – it was diagonally across the room from our dining table, so I think he liked it because he could see us. Over the summer he would go to the chair when it was too hot to sit on us. He is getting better about going to his chair during the day or night when either we don’t sit and give him a lap, or when he’s tired. Yesterday I put Lorelai in the chair and lured him with treats. He didn’t seem to mind… too much!

Do you have the treats?

I don’t want to smile!
I don't want to smile!

This photo shoot is about me, right?
You're taking my picture, right?

Hanging out at the Gym (Dogs on Thursday)

Do you see what I see?
Lorelai’s toys (not that there are many) are in the same room as Jackson’s toys. It’s where we all hang out, so there’s bound to be overlap. And many baby toys are just like the dog toys – bright colors, squeaky, rattles, crinkly. So it’s only natural (to us) that we put them both down on the mat to enjoy. Actually, Jackson’s been really good so far with that gym. We thought for sure he would try to nip at the handing toys – he’s only gone after the pillow a few times and then it was to get our attention. He tried to hump it once as well, but it’s soft and so it collapsed as he put his paws on the arches – that was the end of that.

Dogs on Thursday – Bath Time

Jackson is a pretty low maintenance sort of dog. We try to brush him regularly – he’s a short hair and doesn’t shed too much to begin with, but he does shed. He needs to get his nails clipped and we bring him to the groomer for that. Otherwise, we are able to just give him a bath in the sink – once a month maybe. We’re also lucky in that when he’s outside he’s not the type of dog to roll around too much in anything icky. We gave him a bath this past weekend and as I was walking toward the kitchen his little face looking out from the sink was so cute – the camera just didn’t capture how cute it was!
Washing the dog

Dogs on Thursday – Pack Expansion

Since we brought Lorelai home, we’ve kept a close eye on Jackson. He’s actually done much better than we thought he would with her – he keeps a close eye on her, constantly sniffs her and will lay down next to her rocker or on my lap when she’s eating. Maybe it’s a dog thing – when we went to RI this past weekend to celebrate Nana’s birthday my uncle’s mini schnauzers were the same way! Here’s the photographic evidence.

Jackson is on guard
Hey Jackson
Hello doggy!
Jethro is on guard

Failed Halloween Costume (Dogs On Thursday)

I put a lot of items on my dog – a lot of them homemade knitted objects. He’s a good sport, though you can tell by his face that he is doing it only because he loves me. Currently I am working on knitting his Halloween costume – it was an ambitious project and I should have focused on it more previously – not just this past week. It should be ok though, so I’m not worried too much.

At target today I did find the astronaut costume! I was so excited – a back-up costume, just in case. I bought the small size (for dogs with 10in – 13in neck to tail length) – there weren’t any mediums. I cut it off the hang tag board and pop it on the dog. It’s a disaster.
I Hate this.
Astronaut - almost

There’s no way his back legs can fit into those leg sleeves. Now that I look at the corgi model closer it doesn’t look like his legs are in there either – they are not velcroed shut. I could live with that, but being a dachshund he’s endowed in the chest area and it barely stays velcroed there. Anyone interested in buying it from me? $9.99. I’ll trade for yarn or books (check out my amazon wishlist even)….

Now the pressure is on and I really need to bust out the original idea!

Dogs on Thursday – Celebrity Edition

Yesterday’s paper must have picked up this piece – Fergie, of the Black Eyed Peas, has 2 dachshunds! We’re in good company with celebrities and their dachshunds, but first, my pupper, who has been the Met Pet of the Week, and a Halloweenie-fest costume winner two years in a row (We’re working on this year’s costume). Of course he’s going to try out some of the new baby gear!
Furbaby - take 2

Dachshunds & Literature Shakespeare! Joyce! Faulkner!
Dachshunds & Theatre Brando! John Wayne! The original dog for the Wizard of Oz!
Dachshunds & Politics Patton! Napoleon!