Fiber Godmother Q & A

Fiber Godmother Questionnaire (Round 2!)

General Fiber Questions answers:
My fiber related hobby is really just knitting. I keep telling myself I’ll learn crochet and get around to embroidery, but so far that hasn’t happened (and it isn’t for lack of supplies!) I taught myself how to knit around 6 years ago. I’m still learning, but am comfortable with most things (socks, scarves, hats, gloves, dog sweaters, blankets, washcloths, easy lace, cables [if I pay attention!]) so I would consider myself intermediate, on the way to advanced.

My current fiber obsession is drooling over Ravelry and Cat Bordhi’s latest book (which I have and adore). I really enjoy making socks and “quick fix” projects – like baby hats. Right now I’m working on several projects: baby blanket, baby hats, sweater, shrug, dog sweater…with many more things on my “to-make” list.

Other crafty adventures include photography – I just entered several photos into our local country fair.

About the fiber:
My favorite yarn is anything by Blue Sky Alpaca, especially organic cottons!
I absolutely do not like mohair or eyelash type yarn.
I’ve been quite taken with the idea of trying out Trekking sock yarn, louet gems,organic yarns, sheep shop… I’m open to new things.
I would say yes I am a yarn snob. I think it’s important to use the nicest stuff you can.

About the tools:
Bamboo tools are my favorite, though I will use addi turbos and those are lovely too!
I mix up the needles I use depending on the project.

About you:
I do pamper myself, while I still can – my baby is due on Thanksgiving, so I expect the little one will be the pampered one.
Currently, many of my days / hours are ideal – knitting, listening to podcasts, hanging out with my dog, knitting while hubby plays video games.
I have seasonal allergies, but nothing that would affect knitting or swaps.
I am married, with one baby (we won’t know the gender until everyone else does!) on the way. I am owned by Jackson, a 2 year old smooth mini dachshund.

I love colors in the purple-blues-greens shades, but I’m coming around on pinks, reds and good browns. I’m not a huge fan of white, yellow takes me some time to get used to. I like light florals, citrusy scents or “clean” scents – like fresh laundry!
Candy is wonderful. I love Mike & Ikes, Jelly Beans, gummy anything, bottle caps, skittles, reeses pieces… more sugar side of things than chocolate (though that’s delicious too!)

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I do have an wishlist – it’s on the side of my blog. I generally blog about items I think are really neat / cool / would like to have, so please poke about! Yes, MP3s are doable, and my music tastes range all over. My favorite movies include John Cusack, the Muppets, Singin in the Rain, Rebel without a Cause…