Happy Feet – a FO post

Solitude Wool Yoga Socks Kit

One of the items I finished last week was a pair of Yoga Socks for me! At last year’s Rhinebeck, I found a great little kit at Solitude Wool. I really enjoyed their booth for the options of breed-specific yarns and the range of colors. The Yoga Socks kit contained two coordinating yarns for the cuff and body using Suffolk/Dorset boot sock yarn. I cast on and worked on these while at a Christine Lavin concert in December and finally finished them up!

Christine Lavin & my WIP

Did you know Christine is a crocheter? Pretty cool! She was certainly taken with my magic looping when I asked to take a photo with her. (Apologies to Christine, not the best shot of you!) I am really glad to have these, especially with the tease of spring around the corner – I’m looking forward to wearing my slipper flip-flops and painting my toes. These will allow my feet to stay warm but not overheat! I’ve also learned I am not a foot model and feet already bother me enough – they are so tricky to photograph!

FO Friday


Last weekend I finished knitting my Fumior arm-warmers and I seamed them up while waiting on my computer to resolve some issues.  I love this yarn, Manos Maxima; the colorway Prince, and the pattern. For my actual FO there is a little love lost.  I blocked them to make the seaming easier and it grew more than I expected (my own fault, I didn’t bother to swatch first!). I also managed to misread the directions, so one arm-warmer has ribbing at the finger side and the other does not.  I am a better knitter than that! I’m choosing to keep that design element as a reminder to read the directions!The Lorax helped to take these photos – it is quite tricky to take a self portrait of arm-warmers.The color is more accurate in the second photo, and you can see they are true arm-warmers. 


I also worked up another amigurumi friend for a swap package. This little guy is on his way to my downstream swap pal, I hope she likes him.  He is another Fresh Stitches pattern, Nasser the Baby Penguin. I have plans to do finish up another Fresh Stitches pattern over the weekend, for another swap; this has been a great way to really push me to try a few new techniques.  The whole reason I wanted to learn how to crochet was to make the amigurumi creatures! I’m looking at my stash with fresh eyes now. Much of my leftovers and acrylic is great for these fun friends!

 Linking up to fo fridays!


I knit and knit and knit and truly intended to have my Gemini sweater finished to wear to TNNA.  I was successful in getting all the knitting done on the Thursday before I left. However, in true gemini form, I could not bring myself to weave in the ends and actually finish this project in time! And sure, it is an excuse, but we were also in a stretch of early heat waves (that have continued) and I was not too keen on the idea of wearing a wool sweater, even if it is short sleeved. I wove in the ends when I returned and finally took a few photos of my new sweater last night.  I absolutely love it!
Knitting the small size used less than four skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool! The lace portion at the top was easy and interesting, and the body was smooth sailing. The sweater could probably do with a little light blocking, but I do not think that is neccessary. Gemini SweaterI’m undecided if I like the lace better on the front or the back, big surprise there. It is falling apart a bit in this photo, but this is pretty much my new favorite way to wear my hair now that the weather is so icky. I have a lion’s mane of thick hair that is wavy and layered. I went hunting and found a sock bun tutorial for my kind of hair and it rocks. With a little bit of help from hairspray, bobby pins, and yes, a sock, even I can pull off this casual up-do. If you know of other styles / tutorials for thick-short-wavy-layered hair, please share! I am really trying to break out of my usual hairstyle rut!

Yarn Along – Aug 3 Stripes!

from small things

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr.

Yarn Along - Aug 3
I’ve been mostly trying to stay on top of the blog reading this past week, so that’s my google reader page on the ipad. I am dreaming about starting new projects, but I am actually only working on two things. My Neon Nightmare, a massive granny stripe blanket – it is starting to get heavier and take up more space as I work on it. So far, I’ve got 28 rows done, about 11 inches, and I am planning to work this up to use up ALL the yarn that I have for each color. I do believe that when the cooler days and nights come this way (and they are coming!) I will look forward to working on this. This project is boosting my crochet confidence as well, so I am quite pleased. The red & white stripey thing is part of a surprise gift that I do not want to talk too much about – the recipient has swung by my blog once in a while.

I have another striped object to share – I finished the Rainbow Marley last week at SnB. I made myself finish the twirly bits on the top, and thanks to Costumechick for her input on the twirly bits – she suggested putting them together tassle-like (versus pinwheel style) and that seemed to work out just right.
Jackson, back at work.

Will you go away if I don’t look at you?

Seriously kid, we’re the original siblings – help me out and take this off my head.

Little things

Officially now I am playing the waiting game. It is a game I have played before, I am usually a good sport about it (even though I hate to wait!), so I am trying to focus on little things in the here and now. There have been some fun things of which to make note.

Lorelai has started really writing her name – this came about all on her terms – she’s been able to write an “L” for a while now, and she can identify all the right letters, but this week (maybe thanks to camp?) she’s been putting her name on things!

She’s also been asking for some yarn and knitting needles. Maybe I should make her her own little yarn stash.

I am slowly but surely improving on my crochet – I made this little pair of booties yesterday. One day – including distractions! I’m floored that it worked!! I would make these again, they are quite cute.
Crochet Star Booties

Of course I wanted a certain family member to model them.

And I was able to snap this photo before pushing him to far (apparently modeling booties is where Jackson draws the line) – I started to see a snarl develop…

The mail brought me a fun package today as well – yarn I earned for sample knitting –
Lorna’s Laces “Solemate” in the Grand Island Ink and Shadow colorways. This is earmarked for a Woodsmoke Scarf for me, but I can’t decide if I want the body to be solid colored and the lace to be variegated or vice versa (opinions welcomed!).

JuneBlueBerry Triangle – finished!!

I am so excited that I have finished this particular project – makes me wish it was colder so I could put it to use! Presenting, Juneberry Triangle by Jared Flood, knit in less than 3 skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in the Periwinkle colorway.
JuneBlueBerry Triangle
I still hate bobbles, but I am glad I included a few of them. Certainly this would look nice with a little bit of sparkle / beads in place of the bobbles.
When I showed it to Dan, his first response was “That has a lot of holes. Is it really going to be warm?” I told him he’d be surprised – and will be jealous of me come winter!

September Circle

A while back I went up to Boston to visit Theatreknitter in her new place. Lucky gal, she can walk to a LYS, the lovely Seed Stitch. While we were in there, magic words were spoken “Pick out something for your birthday present!” This threw me for a momentary loop since I was completely surprised and I totally blanked on what I might have queued up or been lusting for. I did spy several Crazy Zauberballs that caught my eye. I decided on a red-pink-purple one, Indisch Rosa – pretty much outside my color comfort zone, but really, those colors were so striking! The pretty ball sat on my desk for a week or so and then the September Circle pattern was released – and it specifically called for a CZ!

The cast on was a bit intimidating (join without twisting a WHOLE lot of tiny stitches), but I found it to be a good knit for SnB or tv – rest rows, and the lace pattern was of the auto-pilot type. I think it is a good all around yarn karma that I finished it while on the retreat this weekend with Betsy!
Moments after binding off! Totally unblocked.

I didn’t block vigorously – I’m impatient – so a bit of steam from the iron helped to show the pattern a bit more.
It’s as big as my couch cushion.

I do plan to wear it like this (and look off at Jackson in the distance)
September Circle - FO!

But mostly I’ll fold it in half, put it on and twist it to go around my neck a second time and wear it like this:

I love it, I really do and I expect to wear it often and maybe give the reds and pinks another shot. Now that I think of it – a good portion of the stash I swapped for at the retreat is in red shades. And my Dorflinger Tee is pomegranate pink…

Gratuitous Jackson Shots.

Good boy – he’s also doing the “I’m looking at something far away” model technique we have learned watching America’s Next Top Model. He might be “Smize-ing”, but you never can be sure with a dachshund.