Mango (and info for Heide!)

On a whim at the local farm store (and so much more! I bought a mango. On sale, even. I have eaten mango before but never bought and fought with one myself. Even though it’s a little fussy to cut apart (I think I shoulda just used a better knife) I’m hooked. Sooooooo good! How did I not know this before? Yum, it’s like better than candy!

Heide – I can’t find your email! And I can’t get to your blog! I am so curious to know about what you think of those gDiapers! I’m thinking that we’ll do a mix of disposable and maybe those… still too early to worry about though. I picked up the Flat Earth crisps and the Kiwi magazine at the Branford stop-n-shop! If you’ve got any other good local baby tips or things you wish you knew about before please let me know! Currently you’re my only local source on that sort of info!