Shift Finished!

I am almost done with this year’s crazy Rhinebeck Hat – I will probably post a photo on Friday. I can say that both are coming together nicely and this takes the cake for obnoxious, easy to spot, silly, & yet totally appropriate for attending a fiber festival. But this post is about a new FO! I mentioned here that I scored a destash of Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica – it was an assortment of skeins. I had fun pairing them together and finally cast on a collection to create Shift. I started with this: Purple pink
Many rows of garter stitch later, I have ended up with this: IMG_5182
I love that it can be long and chunky, but I can also double it for those really cold days that are sure to come!
Someone came looking for me when I was trying to take a few pictures! IMG_5195
And someone else was trying to snatch a few pancakes leftover from lunch, so I made him earn it.

Shawl Done!

Not this one. I finally added the little loop, soaked and blocked a shawl I shared earlier. A sample shawl for Schaefer Yarn.

Anne Shoulder Scarf (Ravelry link) in Schaefer Yarn Anne in the Irene Sendler colorway. Who was Irene Sendler? A memorable woman, that’s for sure!

I am quite pleased with the end result – it was a quick knit, and Anne blocks beautifully. I would consider making this again, it shows off the variegated yarn nicely.

I had a treat arrive in the mail yesterday – a thank you for test knitting the Emma socks

LausengHaus Superwash Wool / Nylon Sock yarn (I adore this shade of blue-purple!) and stitchmarkers!

Wasn’t that sweet? You can get your own at

Thirty-one is done! with a Blanket!

I had a birthday over the weekend – hello thirty-two! It was a good day, low-key in the morning and busy in the afternoon visiting with family on both sides (since it also was Father’s Day). I have some new toys, new treats and new clothes… and most importantly I have my health, my family and my friends.

I am very excited to also have a rather large project finished. When my brother and sister-in-law told us they were engaged I knew right away I wanted to make them a blanket. I asked for their color preferences but didn’t offer any pattern choices. I had hoped I would have it finished in time for their wedding, or Christmas 2009, or when they moved into their new house, or their house warming party… yeah, that didn’t happen. But, one week before their first anniversary, it’s done!!
Finished blanket!
It’s the “Moderne Log Cabin” pattern from the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book. The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash. I really did enjoy the pattern – it was not difficult, but it does take its toll on you – that’s an awful lot of garter stitch – an as blankets grow, they get heavy, so I couldn’t take it out to SnB. The end result is wonderful squishy goodness. And they both were quite pleased –
It fits! 🙂 They are too cute. Much love and happiness for them for all the future years of their marriage!