Thirty-one is done! with a Blanket!

I had a birthday over the weekend – hello thirty-two! It was a good day, low-key in the morning and busy in the afternoon visiting with family on both sides (since it also was Father’s Day). I have some new toys, new treats and new clothes… and most importantly I have my health, my family and my friends.

I am very excited to also have a rather large project finished. When my brother and sister-in-law told us they were engaged I knew right away I wanted to make them a blanket. I asked for their color preferences but didn’t offer any pattern choices. I had hoped I would have it finished in time for their wedding, or Christmas 2009, or when they moved into their new house, or their house warming party… yeah, that didn’t happen. But, one week before their first anniversary, it’s done!!
Finished blanket!
It’s the “Moderne Log Cabin” pattern from the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book. The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash. I really did enjoy the pattern – it was not difficult, but it does take its toll on you – that’s an awful lot of garter stitch – an as blankets grow, they get heavy, so I couldn’t take it out to SnB. The end result is wonderful squishy goodness. And they both were quite pleased –
It fits! 🙂 They are too cute. Much love and happiness for them for all the future years of their marriage!


On Tuesday I whipped up another gift for another cousin – a Darkside Cowl that is not very dark at all.
The yarn I used came from a bag of yarn that my mom came across at their house – it was mostly acrylic but there were a few finds in there, including a Berroco “Watercolor” yarn –
It’s not in Ravelry. It’s not listed on the Berroco Discontinued Yarn list. I emailed Berroco and they told me that they don’t have info on it (!!?!) so it’s from before 1995 or so. It’s quite pretty – it’s a silver-ish with an additional ply of pink / yellow / green in there. I originally wanted to knit incognito but decided to keep it simple.

The pattern works well for this yarn – I did 3 repeats of the pattern, for a length of about 6 inches – this is for a 12 year old so that seemed big enough.
Hand for reference again – apparently I’m getting lazy and not bothering to get a ruler.

It is a stretchy but snug item – I figure my cousin can wear it as a headband / ear cover / or cowl as she wishes. I like how it fit and will make myself one in the future (I’ve got some Malabrigo Silky in Rupestre and Cloud Sky – either would be gorgeous!)

Another Hat & Scarf idea for a teen guy?

In keeping my mind off the fact that the due date is one week away (and the added part of that which is that the due date is really just the midpoint of the two weeks prior and post in which baby could arrive) and keeping my mind from wondering if every little twitch or ache is the start of labor I’m still knitting away. Last night, I cast on, knit and cast off an “Umbilical Cord Hat” from “Stitch ‘n Bitch”.
Umbilical Cord Hat
I used Lousia Harding Kimono Angora yarn which is oh so soft! And thinking about it now, given that it is 70% angora probably doesn’t make it the best sort of baby hat. But, for my baby it’ll be ok – enough for a photo or two. The colorway is kind of a peas + carrots – there are shades of greens / yellows / oranges, but they aren’t obnoxious. It’s a good fall hat. (Or spring I suppose). Hurry up Baby H – you’ve got all these little knits to wear!!

This year for Christmas, the family (which is HUGE – I think there are at least 30 people) decided to do one to one exchanges – someone picked names out of a hat and you will give a gift (with a $ limit) to that one person. The Baby has my 13 (14?) year old cousin, Max. According to his mom, he would probably be happiest with gift cards to a sports store or itunes. That works out just find for us! She also mentioned that he likes CSI – so I google and “ravel” on ravelry and found this Police Tape Scarf – I think it’s cool – and a possibility to knit up in time… I think I could do it in the round… Would a young teen guy like something like that?? I’ve got the materials… I might do it up just to do it and keep my mind off the sometime arrival of you know who.