I Love Green

I recently finished a sample shawlette for Romney Ridge Farm.  When I was talking with Kelly about knitting for her she told me that she was looking for a small shawl that would be like a one-skein wonder to use up a skein of her hand-dyed sport weight, that I could pick the pattern.  I immediately set off on Ravelry and found several possibilities but settled on the “All About Love” pattern by Silvia Bo Bilvia. The skein I received is the most wonderful tones of green.  I loved working with this yarn and the pattern, though I did have to modify.  I worked up the lace section as written and had not even used up an ounce of the yarn.  I did continue on to complete a bulk of the short rows and was still not even half-way through the skein.  I ripped back to the lace and then worked another 16 rows of lace. 

Here is the “before blocking” shot:

And after blocking:

I am a big fan of blocking wires now – they are a bit fiddly at first, but they do make things easier.  This shawl is a bit more rectangle than crescent, but it still works.
I love green

Looking back, I may have done better to cast on more stitches instead of just repeating the lace (I have less than one ounce of yarn remaining), but I am pleased with the end result! I would knit this pattern again. The lace is not complicated at all and was good SnB knitting or tv knitting.


I come from a long line of coffee drinkers and love the daily routine of having that first cup in the morning. I do like my coffee regular and being on the East Coast, that means cream & sugar. I have never been big on stirring my coffee, unless I’m out at a diner. Growing up I do not remember seeing either of my parents stir their coffee (or tea) after adding anything to it.

My husband is a different story – he wants to prevent any sort of sugar sludge, even though he doesn’t put enough in to create the sugar sludge. Every morning, this is seen in my kitchen.
Frequently there is also a paper towel folded up underneath. I can appreciate the paper towel underneath to catch the one or two drops of coffee from the spoon, but really? It is wasteful. Without it though, that glass cutting board / work area catches the drips and it is a pain in the neck to clean. Seriously – I happened to notice it one day and tried to clean it and ended up breaking out the baking soda and elbow grease and was at it for 15 minutes! Ick. What is a knitter to do? Make a coaster.

Super quick and the pattern is one of many found here. I have started another one to have a back up, and I may do one more in a non-bumpy cotton yarn, just because I am sure I have scraps to use up.

Spoon Coaster
Now the trick will be to remember to use it!