Last week was our local country fair. I entered a few items in the “Needlework” division: Juneberry Triangle, a Cow Hat, and the crochet Mom tattoo hat. I was very pleased to see that all of my entries won ribbons!
I have to admit, the competition in the Knitting and Crochet section of Needlework is not all that difficult. The knit and crochet categories are also a little outdated – my shawl was entered into the “Miscellaneous” category. The grand prize of the show went to a quilt.

Today is an overcast weekend day and my plans were limited to getting some house stuff done. I have been successful in that and was very excited when yarn goodies that I ordered mid-week arrived right as I finished putting the cleaning supplies away. This was my first order from Doodlebug Yarns – it came so quickly! Each item was wrapped in tissue paper and there were a few Tootsie Roll Pops. This felt like a swap package, not just something I ordered!
I now have a giraffe small Yarn Pop project bag, two skeins of The Wool Dispensary in Useful Poison: 13th Fairy & Sea Kelpie for a KAL on Ravelry. I am really looking forward to some totally selfish knitting!

Fair and Square

We checked out the Guilford Fair this weekend.
We had to do a bit of explaining with this activity, but we got it.

No explanation is needed when it comes to ice cream.

And my knitting won some ribbons!
2nd place in the Children’s Sweater category – the first place / Best in Show piece has a Husky on it. Sure, Go UCONN and all that, but I still think Dachshunds are way cuter!! Especially on that Willie sweater!

I did score a 1st place ribbon on the Malabrigo Dress I knit up last year. The categories are narrow at the fair for the knitting entries, so this went under “Miscellaneous”.

That’s pretty much it for pictures – the Lorax did way better at the fair this year and I expect that next year we will have to give in and let her do some rides, but this year was good. She could walk next to us or be in the stroller. She was interested in checking things out and seeing the animals. Good times!