Hats on Friday

Fall handknts

Sometime last week, or possibly the week before, as the outside temperatures took a major dip, school sent home a note that I needed to send “winter gear” in with my son.  And then we also had to turn on the heat. The time had come to dig out the hats and mitts and scarves and such and take stock.  I did pick up a hat and mittens set for the little nutmeg to have as back up, but also cast on a proper hat. Way back when, I made a Toasty Topper for the Lorax (man, 2009. Look how little!) and she wore that hat for 4 years! It is such a great design – the ties are wide enough to tie securely, the shaping at the back of the neck keeps the hat on and necks warm. It was a natural choice for Nate.  I dug out a bright blue acrylic yarn and it worked up super quick.  He hasn’t fought me too much on wearing it – he was game to have it on outside over the weekend, doing errands this week, kept it on when he went to school and wanted it back on when it was time to leave.  Success! It does keep falling down over one eye, but that is either due to the shape of his head or how I’ve tied it.

Hat & photobombI also finished a new hat for me! I started November Leaves in Green Mountain Spinnery’s Weekend Wool I picked up at Rhinebeck and I could not stop working on it. I love this yarn and the pattern was great. I knit it up by the directions but found it was a bit too tall for me for a fitted beanie style. I ripped back and started my decreases right after the lace section was completed. I have missed knitting hats and plan to do more. A kind knitter sent me yarn to make dinosaur legs and I plan to use the rest of the skein to pay it forward by making a few hats for PatPatsHats.

The Quiet Busy

This weekend was all together too short and too long. We had one designated, planned thing on each day, (each in town and under 2 hours) but by Sunday night we both thought this weekend was too busy.  As the holiday season rolls in and we’re looking forward to a fundraising event for family, Thanksgiving, L’s 6th birthday, a baptism, a wedding, Christmas, I don’t see how the weekends could possibly be anything but busy.  Anyway, this weekend involved:

  • Swim lessons
  • A less-than-enjoyable dinner out (a toddler in a bad mood doesn’t make a good dinner mate)
  • A birthday party
  • Daylight Savings time – we “fall” back and “gain” an hour, but it just throws the kids off. I could be on board with this!
  • Chores: all the laundry, vacuuming, and picking up

I think my 30 day sweater is officially going in to hibernation. I would rather work on other things and I have gifts to start. I wound up yarn for a pair of socks for Dan, and a hat for me. Then I couldn’t stop knitting on the hat! I finished it too, but it’s too tall so I have to rip back. I’m ok with that and look forward to sharing it on Friday! Along with this other hat that I’ll share a peek at today, because it’s just a cute picture.

FO Friday – A Hat

5 going on teenI feel like a terrible knitter sometimes. All of a sudden, winter weather is coming on strong and my kids still did not have proper winter hats! I did make the Lorax a hat back in November with sparkly purple yarn she chose (Kollage Glisten), but I was impatient in getting to the crown decreases. The result was a hat that really didn’t fit. See?
Hats in action

She did wear it outside for some snow action last week, so I’m pleased that she actually wore it, but it wasn’t going to cut it. Winter is here for the next few months. I can do better!
Hey look, there’s the Regular Guy Beanie I made Dan – also in action!

New hat!
A bit of stash diving turned up a magenta skein of Vicki Howell’s Sheep(ish) yarn, one of the Lorax’s favorite colors. A bit of searching on Ravelry brought me to the Heel Stitch Hat, a free pattern from the Purl Bee.   The two played very nicely together I think. It fits, it’s warm, and when we arrived at school one of the first things she said to a classmate was “Look at my new hat my mom knit for me!” Be still my heart. A picture of my child in something I knit and she’s not in tears? AND she spoke of it with pride to another kid? Wow. This may be a turning point, but I won’t hold my breath. Cheers to the first FO of 2013!

In addition to my other resolutions, I’m going to try and get this blog back on track with the link ups and such. Today, it’s FO Fridays with Tami’s Amis!

Pining for Rhinebeck

Oh Rhinebeck. We wait all year to go and then woosh! the weekend just flies by! I had a really great time and consider this year to be a big success. I went with a list and pretty much found what I was looking for: yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery to do a JETS hat (inspired by their modifications to the Icebreaker Hat), “breed specific” yarn (thank you Solitude Wool), and Bijou Spun Sport weight Yak Down yarn. I also received a yarn payment – the same dyelot in a sweater’s worth of yarn from Good Karma Farm for the Charleston Tea project. The most fun though was the infamous Rhinebeck Hat! This year, our hats were individual interpretations of the Fiddlehead Hat. I made several tiny pandas for my hat, and tiny mermaids for Virginia’s hat.
My hat base was a black sparkle “holiday” yarn with green sparkly fiddleheads to be a loose interpretation of bamboo. Virginia’s hat was blue and sparkly with green sparkly fiddleheads for seaweed.
Tiny Mermaids
We made a point to find Miss Mochimochiland herself in the book signing area. I do have her newest book, which she was kind enough to sign. I think she liked our hats – she tweeted our picture! And now, it’s back to reality. There have been several sleepless nights as Nate is teething, I’m trying to keep up in an online course I’m taking about web design, there’s work stuff, and general life. But, I’ve got pretty yarn to squish and pet!

Yarn Along – May 9

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? ~ from small things 

Yarn Along May 9
Hurray! I finished all the knitting on the Summer Poncho sample. Ends are woven in and it is blocking out on my dining room table – you can see a bit of the lace in the photo. I have no idea as of yet how to shoot the FO – that one is a styling stumper to me. I will post more about it soon as it does deserve a post of its own! You can see I have two yarn cakes wound up and ready to go. The brown one is Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica – I was commissioned to knit a “Deer with Tiny Antlers Hat”. That should be fun, as you know how I am with hats around here. The green is a skein of sportweight yarn from Romney Ridge Farm to be a shawl sample. This green is so so lovely – I am really anxious to get started on the All About Love pattern for this one. I spotted a free Kindle book last week or the week before and because it was about a dachshund, I had to grab it! Sasha, Extraordinary Dachshund – I am only a little bit in, but I like it – good pet stories always get me!

Hats (part 2)

On Wednesday there was a hat in progress in my “Yarn Along” photo. I mentioned it had me grumbling a bit. Why? This hat was intended to be for the little nutmeg – probably the last cutesy hat I can get on him before he is able to grab them off. I used a pattern I found on Ravelry for a “leprechaun” hat, and it even has a pattern for a beard! How cute! How silly! Then I started knitting it… how… big? Uh-oh. It may have been fairy mischief or, more likely, it was my own loose gauge. Anyway, I hoped that maybe I could get the Lorax to wear it for a photo or two.
St. Patrick's Day hats
It just may be a wee Irish miracle. Without prompting, she has twice proclaimed her love for this hat, wore it to school all day on Friday, and has said she wants to wear it every day. Have we turned a corner with the wearing of the knitting? Is a sweater in the works? Probably not yet, but this gives me a bit of hope.

Hats! (part 1)

When I first learned to knit, I made a lot of those fruit caps. They were easy, quick, and always got a big response. I still love to knit hats. Through facebook, the mom of one my friends got in touch with me, looking for hats for use in baby photography sessions. We talked about a few ideas, but in the end, she left all the choices up to me. Yay! And, uh-oh. Choosing patterns and colors is already hard enough! I think I made some good choices – I did subject the little nutmeg to modeling detail. He’s still a pretty good sport!
Long Tail Pixie Hat
Here is a Long Tail Pompom Pixie Hat – I liked this one for its use of the thick-and-thin bulky yarn. In this case, the yarn is Berroco Hip-Hop.

Again with the pompoms (because, pompoms are awesome!), this is the Snow Bunny Pom Hat, in Malabrigo (held double) and Lamb’s Pride Bulky (I think).

Wouldn’t you know that someone else wanted in on the photo session.

I’m thinking “Lorelai” is going to be his first word – that tongue is out all the time as if he’s trying to make the “L” sound.