WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along

photo.JPGHappy May! I have a few more books to keep it interesting this week. I haven’t finished the Agatha Christie book yet, but I was so drawn to the cover of Contagious: Why Things Catch On and it seems interesting so far. I thought I would also share what my kids are reading. We are working our way through Little House in the Big Woods with Lorelai. Nate’s been obsessed with Bear at Work. We have several of the “Bear” books, but this one is his favorite. Project-wise, I’m just about ready to pack up this Giant Cactus. I am it needs two more flowers. I have a few knitting jobs that are gearing up, so I’m also swatching.

I’ve decided to add on a few more WIPs, photo-wise.  I do enjoy using Instagram (@nutmegknitter if you’re there!) and am going to try and play along with the “Book-a-Day” and “May-Photo-a-Day” games.


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Instagram Fridays

A quick and simple sum-up of my week. I’ve got a lot on my mind right now, especially with a trip next week. I am going to TNNA (eep!! I am all together excited and anxious.) and it will be my first time away, having to travel by plane, by myself, solo in a very long time. Anyway, it will all be good, I am sure of it.

life rearranged

Twirly bubbles – this was before a virus wiped her out for the week.

I found an app to add frames and group my photos, yay! This kid loves being tossed but has a wicked grip on my hands. Lorelai took these photos for me!

Lanesplitter knit skirt in progress! I need to pick up the stitches for the waistband.

I took both kids to the supermarket.  By myself.  First time.  We survived and did get everything on our list. I don’t really want to do it again, but probably will.

Someone has moved on from just standing up to thinking that the stairs are the place to be.

I am so happy it is summer. My dog can stop barking at the school bus every single morning.

We totally fed the baby a spoonful or two of bacon bits.  He loved them.  He’s also turning into a ham for the camera.

I had to renew my drivers license today.  They actually gave me back my old one which I found odd.  And they let me see the photo before printing it.  It’s actually not a bad photo as far as licenses go, considering that I also brought the two little ones with my to get this done.  Residual confidence from the shopping trip I guess. 

And there it is. I am very excited I found mini canvases at Michaels – I am planning to put some of the Instagram photos printed and ModPodge them on = Instant Art! Enjoy your weekend!