Attention Walmart Shoppers (the job post)

L. & I were out at Walmart this afternoon. We had just started our poking / shopping when the power went out – I can overhear teeny-boppers screeching, and “Please escort your department’s customers to the front of the store” – I slowly start to make my way towrads the front when the lights came back on. Fine, I continue to poke, but as I get to where I want to be one of the workers is standing there waving her arms saying to the customers around her: No. You have to go to the front of the store. I turn the stroller about and we start to go to the front – where we are told “All the cashiers are available even if their lights are not on” – so I get the feeling this isn’t an emergency, just an inconvenience. While I’m observing this I get told twice, You have to exit the store. Why are they so panicky? You’re not helping very much – if it were an emergency you wouldn’t be ringing people’s purchases up!

I plurked that I had a job offer. I went on an interview on Monday not really expecting all that much to come from it, but apparently I was wrong. They did offer the job to me, but it’s full time, and I think it would be better to do part time – given day care costs and the whirlwind of getting that in gear. Plus, I don’t know if I was 100% into going back to work, I like staying at home with the girl. I miss work. I miss making money. And even though this job is in town (commute = 0!) it’s just not the right time. Hopefully something else will come along that’s even better.

Big ventures

I made a podcast! Check it out:
Dog, Diapers & DPNS.
For now you should be able to get to the podcast through the website… waiting on submission to itunes.

Also, a lot sooner than I thought, there is a job opportunity on the horizon – have to submit my resume and stuff, but I really think this job could be great! It’s still a big what if, but I have to apply anyway… I’ve been dreaming about this job for a year!