First off, big big big big thanks to my Lime & Violet Secret Sibling Pal – I think I know who she is (am I right, Melissa?) The box absolutely rocked!

There’s a ton of sweets (all of which I have been craving! Couldn’t find them on the trip!): jelly jolly ranchers, mike & ikes, peach rings, Sponge Bob Crabby Patties, cream savers, pralines…drool! Then there’s a great selection of yarn – purple and white cotton (I’m big into the Mason Dixon baby bib’s / burp cloths and other baby things now – perfect colors!!), thicker purple /magenta yarn for house socks (maybe thuja??) and Lisa Souza yarn (Red Devil!) awesome! The pattern is “Twist and Lace” – made to use with the Lisa Souza yarn – excellent! There’s Burt’s Bees goodies too and a chibi (don’t have one yet!!) – so so very excited!! There’s even a package of treats for Jackson! Thank you for spoiling me so very very much!!

Here’s a short sample of Ireland:

Slainte! At the Guinness Storehouse.


Blarney Castle

Cliffs of Moher – my favorite!

At Blarney Castle – I swear this coat was made out of electric blue fun fur!