Lil’ ladybug

My needles suddenly feel free and empty – another project was finished last week! I made Ladybug from Petite Purls for a little lady born last Sunday. I could tell in the making of this sweater that it was going to be quite big for her, but I pushed ahead to finish it in time for our first meeting this weekend.
Ladybug Jacket
I really enjoyed knitting this – the red yarn is Berroco Comfort DK, the black is Sirdar Snuggly DK – so soft and squishy. I knit the smallest size (6-18months), but I do think that my petite Lorax (who is 2.5) could fit in it.

To make the spots you are instructed to knit bobbles. I have issues with bobbles, so I looked on ravelry and noticed that some knitters crocheted circles instead – great! – I started crocheting, but that too sort of drove me a bit nuts. I was flipping through a back issue of Interweave Knits and found a cardigan that had spots embroidered on to it. Brilliant! If I did it that way, the spot would be made and sewn on to the jacket at the same time. A quick online search also lead me to this knitty article that had pretty good instructions too.
Worked out great – so cute!!

All Wound Up.

I think that’s what I’m going to call my Swirl Shawl. The other night I was working on it and we had a heated, one-sided discussion. There was some cursing. Stitches were twisted and the yarn ball was had to be birthed out the center of the dpns. Let’s just say it was enough muttering for my husband to look up from the book / iphone game and ask what was going on over there on the other couch.

I am making progress – I’m taking my time, but each swirl isn’t that bad. The first swirl is made with a knit-on cast on and I ended up with a rather loose swirl. Each subsequent swirl requires casting on new stitches and picking up stitches from the previous swirl. This is giving me a bit of trouble – I can’t quite see how to do the knit-on cast-on and pick up the stitches in a way that keeps it right side up. So I decided that I would do a long tail cast on, knit/pick up stitches and just go from there. That helped with my speed a bit, but then I took a look at the line of swirls.
The first two (knit-on cast-on) are much looser than the long-tail ones. I think I like the tighter spirals. I think. And maybe it doesn’t matter, because it is only the first row of spirals and there will be some blocking in the end. But then I also wonder if I am going to have enough yarn, given that the long-tail cast on leaves you with a long tail… I think between that and the heat it just got to me last night.

For times like that when I need a break, I have the Ladybug Jacket and that is going quite well.


I noticed yesterday that Bishop’s Orchards Pick-Your-Own program was starting today for strawberries! I thought it might be something fun and different for the Lorax and me to try. It was better than I expected!


She did really well for someone who is two and a half! She took careful steps around the plants and was gentle when picking the strawberries as well as putting them in the box.

Berry picking

I was quite impressed by the restraint she showed – she didn’t eat any until we were on our way to the car! Maybe she just didn’t think of it (and I was also very good and waited until the car as well). She’s been having them non-stop now! They are so good – and they taste like strawberries should!


I think we ended up with around five pounds! I’ve got a batch of chocolate covered strawberries cooling. I’m going to freeze some (or mash them up then freeze in ice cubes, maybe both!). I would love to make Amy’s Strawberry Tart (but I need pie dough). Strawberry Marshmallows – ?! I think those might be a must try (need potato starch!). Oooh and angel food cake with strawberries. I think we might be making another trip to PYO! Here is a great link from (a blog I adore!) about storing berries.


There are a few in there that aren’t quite red yet – I tried to remind her to pick ones that were red like fire trucks, but that didn’t stick (really, we don’t see a whole lot of fire engines… and sometimes they are yellow!) – so, we looked for berries that were red like elmo.


Here she is eyeing the box of berries after making a tower with our sandwich supplies.

There’s more red! I’ve got about 2 more inches to go on the Ladybug jacket for a friend’s baby-to-be. The yarn is Berroco Comfort and though it is a little splitty, I love how soft it is and the fabric it creates. I’m using a different yarn for the black and I will miss the Berroco!