I really love the end of each year. I love when looking back or being reminded of events that happened in the year. December’s end always feels so far away from January’s beginning, or even June’s middle. And now, it’s the end of a decade – so there’s even more to look back on.

Let’s take a look at what I knit in 2009 shall we?
Knit in 2009 Part 1 Knit in 2009 Part 2
~ 66 objects! There is one that is still under wraps for now and a few objects didn’t get photographed. We’re talking 16 hats (I was going to do 52, hah!), 7 cowls / scarves, 2 soap pockets, a set of reuseable cotton rounds, 12 socks (at least 3 are singles), 1 pair of baby pants, 2 dogs, 2 mice, 4 pairs of mittens / flittens, 1 kidney, 16 sweaters / tops, 2 shawls, 1 bird nest, 1 tiger, 1 bat, 3 blanket squares, 1 crocheted flower clip, 1 crocheted headband, 1 puppet and a teacup handle cozy. Huh. I’m quite pleased by all that. Of course that only fuels my knitting / crochet needles / hooks for what I want to accomplish in 2010 (watch for that post. Ambitious, yes.)

There are some great links on f.pea’s blog – top 100 lists and whatnot. Lolly has a good one too!

I’m also going to take a look back at the decade, in short form. It’s been a wild one. With multiple fantastic moments and unfortunately many sad ones as well.
2000 I graduated college and started grad school.
2001 I was getting coffee before class when I heard about the planes and the towers. I saw the towers fall on a tv in the administrative hall. 2 months later I went to London with my family to visit my brother who was studying abroad. Love London – can’t wait to go back.
2002 I finished graduate school, but it really took a toll on me. Decided to swtich gears and I worked retail for a year.
2003 Started teacher training, got a job as a science teacher for a middle school. Bought my own car. Got engaged in Central Park (on a freezing windy night).
2004 Really started blogging. Got married! Went to San Francisco and Hawaii – beautiful!
2005 My grandfather died unexpectedly. We moved from the apartment to the house. We adopted Jackson!
2006 Traveled to Washington D.C., was a bridesmaid for a good friend’s wedding in Bar Harbor. Teaching became increasingly more stressful.
2007 My Nana passed away. We traveled to Ireland (sponsored in part by Nana!) – it was so beautiful there and I would go back in a heartbeat! I stopped working as a teacher. Upgraded to a safer car. Lorelai arrived!
2008 My other grandfather passed away. We took a trip to Virgin Gorda for a friend’s wedding. (so beautiful there – go if you can!) I continued to stay at home with Lorelai (best decision ever). I worked for Google for a bit. I started doing sample knitting. Went to NY Sheep & Wool (awesome!!)
2009 I’m still at home with Lorelai, though I would like to find a paying job (ideally one I could do from home, but not sure that will work out). I started tutoring. Went to CT Sheep & Wool and NY Sheep & Wool (super!) I was a “team member” (aka bridesmaid) in my brother’s wedding. I was paid for several knitting projects as I expanded my knitting resume.

For me, it was mostly a pretty good year – there were several rough parts, but we made it through and it’s okay. I know for others it was very difficult. Ida words it better than I could – love the Etch-a-Sketch analogy.

As for 2010 – I feel like it’s still really fuzzy at this point. January should be good, but beyond that… certainly looking forward to it!