Age old question

If a knitter knits some item, and leaves it lying around, will it get worn and used?
Well, I’ll be. I knit up this Moochie hat for the Lorax back when it seemed like winter was arriving early. She picked the pattern and the yarn, and when it was finished she wouldn’t let me see how it fit. So I left it at our front hall near the coats and shoes. She went for a hike in the woods with her dad today and decided that she needed to wear her hat. This is a quick iphone photo from their hike, maybe I will be able to get a better shot later. I will take any photo I can get – and there are no tears! How far we have come! Yay!

Put on your "big girl" pants!

I’m pleased to say (quietly for fear of jinxing things, though in my heart I am shouting from the rooftops) we have tackled the potty training issue! Something clicked last Friday and since then it has been all systems go at home and out of the home and one emergency pit stop. The plus side of this going into action this late in the game (so it seems) is that she really is ready – and ready for prizes and praise and special treats, including nail polish on her fingers and toes, gum, and a Tinkerbell dress.
Who is this kid?

I decided that if the Lorax could do something so huge, so could I, so I have recently started (or prepped for)two projects that I have been thinking about for a long time but was hesitant to start.

I like to work from my stash but I have this desire now to actually make a visible dent in stash box. I pulled out the yarn I had put away deep in winter for a “I’ll make that someday” project – Granny Stripes from Attic24. I have wanted to make a new blanket for our bed and this seemed like a fun idea. I had a lot of Caron Simply Soft already in the stash and was able to swap for a few other colors through Ravelry. I must have been thinking about summer in the dead of winter. These colors are not my normal color palette,
After the yellow, I have a limey green to use. I can’t stop calling this project my Neon “Nightmare”. I think I love it. This is a perfect auto-pilot project, and for now, not too heavy to cart around, easy enough to pick up and put down. I hope I am not too ambitious here. I keep reminding myself that my first knit project was a blanket, so for a first “big” crochet project, I have already been-there-done-that. Even if it does not end up on the bed, it should be a great blanket to have around kiddos and a dog and the thrills and spills of everyday life around here.

My second project I am going to dive in on is Juneberry Triangle. I originally intended to work this up in a gorgeous fingering weight yarn I bought at the Knitters Review Retreat, but as I thought about it, I decided I would check the stash for something closer to what the pattern recommends. My next choice was to use a true-to-its-name alpaca (named “Oh so soft” by Delly’s delight) that I bought at Rhinebeck. As I wound it into cakes, the fuzz factor got to me and made me think twice about using that one as well. Back to the stash. The pattern is also worked up in a large size with worsted weight – and I have enough Malabrigo!! Score.
I do have the St.Denis booklet, but decided to purchase the individual pattern as well. As a lefty my stitches go in the opposite direction, so I find it easiest to have any chart printed in a mirror image. I also go back and color code the stitches. Just need to wind up the yarn and I will be all set!

The air conditioning is already on today in anticipation of hazy, hot and humid weather, so these projects will work out just fine for now. I will be picking up the cotton yarns soon (one for a test knit) and returning to the socks!

Good Mail – part 1

I was very excited to see the mailman stop the truck at my mailbox this week and put two packages inside!

The first package contained yarn! On Twitter, I think, is where I first found rAchel (ontheround) – she’s got a young one at home and is a spinner and knitter. Then I checked out her etsy shop – sooooo pretty! I had noticed a while back that she had a “Lorax” colorway – of course, that jumped out to me and I got in contact with her. And voila! It’s here!!
On the Round Lorax Yarn
400 yards of sock yarn… I can’t wait to knit this up. Monkeys? I could use a new pair, since my original ones died in January. Socks in Little Bee Pattern, Honeybee Socks, or Herringbone Rib are also under consideration.

I really want something seuss-y, or truffula tree-ish… I may have to go do research with some pattern books first…