What My Child Is Reading

I’m sitting next to another stack of books from the library. And what is my child reading? She’s going back to the books that are ours, not on loan. Figures. 🙂 I get a lot of ideas on what to try next from No Time For Flashcards and Totally Tots – so far many of the suggestions have been hits!

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One Duck Stuck is a great counting book that starts out with one duck getting stuck in the muck, and an assortment of animal friends come to try and help the duck get unstuck. Cute, rhyming, great noise words. I like the variety of animals too. This is a fun read.

Itsy Bitsy Spider – one of the first song / finger-plays that Lorelai did on her own, this book goes further along – what else did that spider try? I picked up this book for Lorelai at Rhinebeck / NY Sheep and Wool last fall and met the author!

Night Cars – a gift from Daddy, he heard about it on NPR (I think) and we had to actually wait a while for it to arrive. Not a rhyming book per se, but told in a more poetic style. It has taken me a few reads to get used to that. It’s a cute story about a dad and baby and ends with a “Coffee Break” – one of Lorelai’s favorite things!

Tell Me the Time – a present from Aunt Betsy – this book takes the reader through each time of the day and each page ends with a question to the child. Lorelai has started getting very interactive with this book and I love hearing her answers to the questions – sometimes she just says what she sees on the page, sometimes she has something else to say!

The Very Busy Spider – in keeping with the spider theme, this is back in heavy rotation. Beautiful illustrations, excellent animals, and it’s Eric Carle – what’s not to love?

What My Child Is Reading

I’ve been thinking I really should be better about keeping track of certain things – like how much time some of my knitting projects actually take me, the funny things Lorelai says now that she’s starting to make full sentences and recall and expressions, and what she’s reading. I loved to read as a kid, and I still do (Have I got a book for you, but that’s another post). I’ve been adding books to Goodreads – I made a specific “Read-with-Lorelai” shelf and that seems to be a start. I am very excited that she seems to be really getting back into books – when we visit the library we are now taking out a huge stack at a time – like 12 – 15 books! Some are sought out, some are duds. I’m always on the lookout for new ones and new things to do with them. I’m looking forward to getting a lot out of Memetales and Mouse Grows Mouse Learns – maybe if you know a few kiddos you’ll get some ideas as well.

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In heavy rotation for the last week or so, we have the following.
Richard Scarry’s Best First Book – I gave Lorelai a simple Richard Scarry book at Christmas and she kept talking about Huckle, the cat. I remember having one or two of these sorts of books – there are so many things to look at in the illustrations and I think it is good for word building (yes, I realize she can’t read yet, but there’s opportunity to practice our letter recognition. Pre-reading skills.)

Where is the Green Sheep? – we have read this enough times Lorelai can recite it on her own. It’s a cute little rhyming story about the sheep doing all sorts of things (except that green sheep.)

A Pocket for Corduroy – I enjoy Corduroy, but not this particular tale. It’s ok.

The Sleepy Little Alphabet – we bought our own copy of this after taking it out from the library – very cute story about the letters having to go to bed. Not annoying with the rhymes and the illustrations are fun. Two thumbs up!

Once Upon a Potty – another one Lorelai can recite. We’re working on potty training and for a 2+ year old it’s going ok. I’m getting tired of reading this one though. Need to find a new bathroom book.

Olivia – this one I like a lot, the story is simple (and non rhyming! That seems to be a novelty around here). I think the story is still over Lorelai’s head for comprehension, but she has sat through it a few times.