Oh, Life.

Typical.  I get all excited to do something and then the follow through falls through.  I truly intended to complete the entire week of posts for the Knitting & Crochet Blog Week.  Wednesday was thrown off for kindergarten parent orientation (and a subsequent letter writing campaign), Thursday I had to put my energy into work, Friday was all sorts of busy with school activities for my daughter – a field trip and a dance.  So, the blog went to the back burner for a bit. It happens.

Here were are ready for the dance. It was a good time. I wasn’t sure which dress she would want to wear – Lorelai is highly opinionated on her clothes – and she wanted to wear a dress my mom brought over that was mine when I was about 6 years old.  Vintage Polly Flinders there! She looked adorable. On Saturday we went to the CT Sheep & Wool – it was so funny to pull into a parking spot, and in the car next to us on one side was Dayna from Madison Wool, and Gracey on the other! It was quick because Lorelai was distracted by everything.  It worked out ok; I wasn’t shopping for yarn this time.  I really wanted to see the Stitched by JessaLu bags – I picked up a new one, coffee themed! I also wanted to see “the button lady” for buttons for my Morning Coffee sweater.  I did pick up a set, but I’m not 100% that they will work.  Then Sunday we went to a birthday party.  On top of all that a family member was in a serious car accident Thursday night, so that has been a cloud overhead, and we’re waiting to hear positive news. So yeah, life.

photo.JPGI did finish the slugs that were a special request for a friend.  I don’t usually make the same pattern more than once – but these are slugs #3 & #4. I really am a big fan of Stacey / FreshStitches designs! I am working on a set of owls by request of another friend, and again I am using Stacey’s Tiny Owl pattern.

We’ll see you back here for Yarn Along / WIP Wednesday – I’ve started a new book and have WIPs to share!


Yesterday, the Lorax turned 4! I knew it was coming, and yet I am still surprised that it happened. Time has gone by so fast. I think that 4 is probably the best birthday yet – she was excited that it was her birthday, had fun telling people that she is 4 and that they should say “Happy Birthday” to her, and yet there wasn’t any whining for presents but each item she opened was met with “OOOOH! I always wanted this!”

For the record, my girl, at age 4, loves Tinkerbell & her fairy friends, loves princesses and all things girly. She can draw, she loves books, she loves the Snoopy movies and Charlie Brown Christmas. She tends to start her day with a glass of orange juice and a cut up apple, she tries to be a big help in the kitchen and is a fantastic big sister. And we are starting to get into the joke telling phase (Knock Knock. Who’s there? Little Miss Smartypants. Little Miss Smartypants who? I don’t know.)

She says she is going to have 100 birthdays. I hope she is right.

That time of year

I love that New England is finally feeling like fall – the nights are cool, people are generally cheery and not bitter about the weather yet, and working with wool is nice again! I finished a test knit of a cowl that I look forward to wearing. We will ignore the portion of the weather forecast that says this weekend it will be in the 70s / 80s.
Tartan cowl
The “Tartan” cowl by Caryl Pierre is soon to be released. I used O-Wool Classic in blue and O-Wool Balance in grey. I love how this cowl is shaped – it will sit nicely on your neck under a jacket collar to keep you warm, no gaps! It is large enough to pull up to your nose, or fold over and set in place with a shawl pin (gotta get me one of those, maybe at Rhinebeck!).

Jackson was less than impressed, but the colors look nice on him.

The Funky Chicken is Nate’s chair buddy – I think this photo is one of the best ones we have of him – his eyes are open, he’s not crying, and there is the hint of a smile.

Most of the other photos he looks like this:
At least Lorelai seems a bit more game to take photos again.

Tinkerbell Slippers

The Lorax is into the Disney Princesses big time, but a few weeks back we found a Tinkerbell movie at the library, and now we are experiencing a little bit of a fairy phase. We have indulged in the other Tinkerbell movies as well – they are cute stories (though full of plot holes), I like that the fairies actually *do* something practical / useful, and they are not overly saccharine or obnoxious. I think part of me also has a fondness for the fairies – I like the stories about them being trouble makers (remember in Labyrinth when the fairy bites Sarah?!). And in theatre / drama club in high school we always made sure to have a little fairy dust in our shoe before a show. Anyway, Lorelai spotted a pair of tinkerbell slippers at some big box store – lucky for us she’s pretty good about just looking, and then “putting it on her wishlist” for her birthday or settling to tell Daddy or Grandma that she would like to have them.

Dan was making a trip to the big box store and we had talked about buying her those slippers as a special treat, but as luck would have it they were sold out. I do not know why it didn’t dawn on me earlier, but shoot – I could just knit them! How hard could that be? Not very – a quick search on ravelry led me to the Little Stay On Slippers perfectly sized already for wee feet. I dove into the stash for some lime green cotton yarn, some white yarn and the pom pom maker – and voila!

Tinkerbell Slippers

They went on her feet as soon as they were finished 🙂 Success!



Before I had kids (!! kids, I have kids!) I used to think that 3 or 4 was a nice number of kids to have – in my family I am the oldest of 3, my dad is the oldest of 4 and my mom is the oldest of 7. Now? I’m good with two and I have no idea how my mom, my Gram or my Nana made it work. Obviously they did and it was all well and good, but it’s mind boggling to me now, especially as we try to figure out this new normal with the Lorax. Maybe it’s the little moments like this that get you over the humps…


Our My sleep schedule is still pretty messed up, so when there is down time I am trying to lay low. My fingers are getting itchy to make things again – and it feels like I am constantly in motion – rocking, swaying, walking – when I sit still I still feel like I’m moving. Generally I am not a fidgety person. Even now as I write this my knee is swaying back and forth. I do think this is in part to my lack of knitting. Usually my hands are busy! I am really glad that I have been practicing crochet because that is easy enough for me to pick up / put down and then I have the satisfaction of having made something.

I made this little crown – using a random ball from the stash, in the P-newborn size it works up quickly and just fits.


The Lorax was very interested in it as well – and has requested a Tinkerbell Crown (Nevermind that Tink does not wear a crown. She has been pretending to put on / take off a “Morning Crown” and a “Sleeping Crown” whatever those are) Lucky for me, the pattern does go up to a size that should work for her. This was great practice.

I have started a quicky project for the Lorax that I hope to share in the next day or so – it feels so good to get those stitches in each day!

Yarn Along – Aug 3 Stripes!

from small things

Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr.

Yarn Along - Aug 3
I’ve been mostly trying to stay on top of the blog reading this past week, so that’s my google reader page on the ipad. I am dreaming about starting new projects, but I am actually only working on two things. My Neon Nightmare, a massive granny stripe blanket – it is starting to get heavier and take up more space as I work on it. So far, I’ve got 28 rows done, about 11 inches, and I am planning to work this up to use up ALL the yarn that I have for each color. I do believe that when the cooler days and nights come this way (and they are coming!) I will look forward to working on this. This project is boosting my crochet confidence as well, so I am quite pleased. The red & white stripey thing is part of a surprise gift that I do not want to talk too much about – the recipient has swung by my blog once in a while.

I have another striped object to share – I finished the Rainbow Marley last week at SnB. I made myself finish the twirly bits on the top, and thanks to Costumechick for her input on the twirly bits – she suggested putting them together tassle-like (versus pinwheel style) and that seemed to work out just right.
Jackson, back at work.

Will you go away if I don’t look at you?

Seriously kid, we’re the original siblings – help me out and take this off my head.

Little things

Officially now I am playing the waiting game. It is a game I have played before, I am usually a good sport about it (even though I hate to wait!), so I am trying to focus on little things in the here and now. There have been some fun things of which to make note.

Lorelai has started really writing her name – this came about all on her terms – she’s been able to write an “L” for a while now, and she can identify all the right letters, but this week (maybe thanks to camp?) she’s been putting her name on things!

She’s also been asking for some yarn and knitting needles. Maybe I should make her her own little yarn stash.

I am slowly but surely improving on my crochet – I made this little pair of booties yesterday. One day – including distractions! I’m floored that it worked!! I would make these again, they are quite cute.
Crochet Star Booties

Of course I wanted a certain family member to model them.

And I was able to snap this photo before pushing him to far (apparently modeling booties is where Jackson draws the line) – I started to see a snarl develop…

The mail brought me a fun package today as well – yarn I earned for sample knitting –
Lorna’s Laces “Solemate” in the Grand Island Ink and Shadow colorways. This is earmarked for a Woodsmoke Scarf for me, but I can’t decide if I want the body to be solid colored and the lace to be variegated or vice versa (opinions welcomed!).