Not a mitten dayThe weekends should not be for catching up, but this weekend that is what I will be doing.  After a wind / rain storm on Wednesday night, we lost power and did not get it back until late Friday afternoon! UGH.  It was such a ridiculous thing too, not a huge storm, but it did knock a huge tree onto power lines around the corner from me.  I had finished my NaKnitMittMo mittens for January on Thursday morning while waiting to see if the Lorax would have school (she didn’t) and if the power would come back on (it didn’t).  Oh yes, and it was 50 degrees! January, you’re so crazy!
Finished Mittens!This is leftover Lorna’s Laces yarn from one of my first sample knitting jobs. The yarn cake was more than my little scale could handle, so I know I started with at least 100g (probably more). I have 46 g left! The pattern is Thames Street Mittens and I love how they turned out! I am really pleased that I was able to finish them in January, currently they are in the running for the Viewer’s Choice part of the KAL – if they caught your eye, would you click my love button? Check out all the other gorgeous mittens people have made! My queue is growing, again! I have started on a pair of fingerless mitts for February already and I hope to continue with the same momentum.

Mitten Picture PhotobombedWhile I was trying to take photos of my mittens (which is not easy), the temptation of the viewscreen was too much for one little person and I was photobombed!!

Have a great weekend!

Photo update – color!

TNNA happened over the weekend, so I can go ahead and share color photos of one the projects I knit up for it. Over on the Lorna’s Laces blog the posts have been discussing the colorway names – interesting stuff! I have never been to Chicago, except for an airport layover, but hope to someday! I am anxious to read about the colors I used in the Brick House shawl sample, “Grant Park” and “Watercolor” in the new “Solemate” yarn. According to the blog, “Solemate is a blend of 55% superwash merino, 15% nylon and 30% Outlast, a fiber that interacts with your body’s microclimate to moderate temperature from being too hot or too cold.” Nifty!




I need to practice taking photos of shawls, I am always stumped with styling – and I can’t hand the camera over to the Lorax or Jackson either. I have played around with the self timer but maybe I should look into investing in a remote. I expect that I will get more practice soon – I have started my “Juneblueberry triangle” and have already finished 2 of the 5 charts. Gotta love a shawl knit in a worsted weight yarn!

My Needles are Free!

Two projects that have been are the needles are now on their way to their respective homes before going on to a display adventure at TNNA next week. Life happens and as it happened working on these projects overlapped, so they were completed and shipped out within days of each other. One item is still under wraps as it is in a new yarn and a new pattern from The second item was for Lorna’s Laces to showcase a new yarn and new colors, a shawl, Brick House by Laura Nelkin. Once I got going and established the pattern I really enjoyed the knitting. It is the type of project that requires you to notice the row you are on, but is good for semi-auto-pilot knitting. I do not want to ruin the fun of seeing these beauties in person at TNNA, so for now here is a black and white photo of the shawl:
I am looking forward to getting some baby projects knit, maybe a Christmas gift or two done, and some selfish projects at least started.

Almost exactly one year ago I was dealing with girly pink princess flip flops. Hello, full circle:
Those would be princess shoes. Snow White, red sparkle heels with a sparkly blue bow and a picture of Snow White on the bow.
Someone has gotten quite picky about the local paparazzi, so I have to be sly with my photo taking. The shoes were a reward for a successful potty moment. We will take anything we can get, so, no matter how small, we praised it to no end and gave her the prize. We are still quite far from being done of course, but it is getting ever-so-slightly better. Baby steps, little acorns = big oaks, etc, etc.

Over the weekend I made this Strawberry Yogurt Cake. If, like me, you have given in to the temptation of strawberries in the grocery store, give this recipe a go. The strawberries I bought recently were ok, but having come from California they just aren’t the same as local ones. They look juicy and red, but once you cut into them the flesh is still white in the middle. The cake had strawberry flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. I can only imagine how good this would be with local berries. I also tried a Popsicle “recipe” along the lines of this but I was not entirely impressed. They are almost too sweet (which is really saying something if you know my sweet tooth!) and I think I should have let them set a bit before putting the sticks in because when I went to share I pulled the sticks right out, no pop! Oh well, the weather is just heating up – there is plenty of time to try something else.

First FO

This was started in 2010, but was finished up yesterday. Presenting Cloud Chaser by Indigirl Amy Swenson, knit up as a sample for Lorna’s Laces (to be shown at the TNNA Winter Show happening this weekend!)
Cloud Chaser sample
(Gah, the photos came out less than stellar – apologies. I should know better.) This was knit in “Honor” an alpaca – silk blend. The colorway is “Patina”. The pattern construction is really interesting – I didn’t realize it at first, but essentially this is a one-piece garment – you knit the back, then each side is done by picking up stitches and casting on more. Then you pick up for the collar – resulting in one big rectangle. I had trouble finding my rhythm with these cables and that slowed me down a bit. I wove in ends and blocked this last night, snapped a few quick pictures this morning and then had to overnight it to California! Phew!

I knit the small size and it fit me, though I’m not sure it’s my style.

Front (If I knit this for me, I think I would like to find a funky pin and wear it overlapping to close it a bit…)

Satisfying to say that I’ve already got a finished project under my belt, but I am disappointed in myself that it came down to the wire. I already feel behind on 2011 and we aren’t even a full week in!

Happy Sigh.

At the end of October I blogged about my Sock Love. My copy of Knit. Sock. Love arrived in the mail the other day! The book is lovely – even just to flip through – I love the layout and organization and stories.
Happy sigh. I want to get this image printed on a project bag or something (anyone do stuff like that? should I just go through cafepress?). It just makes me happy. That and the incredibly cool fact that I am in this book! In the back I am listed as one of the knitters for Cusp.

And just when I thought I was coming off the high of wool fumes, a sample knit arrived in the mail – I am waiting to hear if I can blog about it or not, but it is for Lorna’s Laces and this yarn is a dream just to touch in the skein – I am really looking forward to even swatching this yarn!

Happy things

Things that make me happy right now:
New Yarns!
Susan from Schaefer Yarn Company, in the “Laura Ingalls Wilder” colorway. This is likely going to become Storm Cloud Shawlette, Calais, or Traveling Woman. (Is this picture ugly-pretty? I was playing around with fabric and while I don’t love it as a background for the yarn, it makes the some of the color in the yarn come out a bit more).

100g of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the Ysolda Red. Tricky to photograph – there are many subtleties to this colorway. I love it. It will likely become socks as I don’t know if I can pull off a red shawl / wrap… but it would be stunning!

I finished a pink Milo for a baby girl who should be here any moment now. She’s the intended recipient of the ladybug jacket I’m working on (all the knitting is done. Just have to make all the spots and sew them on, weave in ends) – but the jacket could fit the Lorax. So, this will fit her this fall – I used Cascade 220 and knit the newborn size, hoping for a 0-6 month size, following the example of another raveler. This was a really quick knit and fun – the pattern has sizing up through size 4, so I plan to make one for the Lorax as well.

I’m taking a break from my Swirl Shawl – it lost it’s mojo. I am unsettled as to what I want to do with it. In the meantime, I have started a new shawl which has been graced with probably my longest project name ever: “Herbivore of Spring Flowers at Twilight”
Shawl Progress
Herbivore pattern and Indigo Moon superwash merino fingering yarn, colorway “Spring Flowers at Twilight” – I’m loving this yarn – I keep stopping to admire the colors that pop up on the needles.

I’ve also got a new project to start – a sample knit and it’s hush-hush, but the yarn is luscious and the pattern is gorgeous!

I’m at TNNA!

There’s a big yarny show going on this weekend, TNNA, and I’m there! In spirit, that is, but some of my work is there as show samples!

First up, one Hopscotch Sock for Lorna’s Laces.
Sample Sock
It’s the Shepherd Sock base, and this fantastic color (not sure of the name – it’s new!)
Lorna's Laces Yarn
It was like an everlasting gobstopper!
Lorna's Laces Yarn
Great pattern and seriously great yarn! (Ravelry details.)

Schaefer Yarn has a new yarn, Chris, that I knit a sample from as well. I was sent “Clare Booth Luce” – a luscious blue-green with hints of gold in there as well. I adored this yarn right away!
Schaefer Yarn Chris
I worked up a cute Wee Vest
Wee Vest
It’s “#407 Chris Woven Yoke Vest” – check out the picture on the Schaefer Yarn Pattern Page – look at that baby in this vest!!
Wee Vest
More of that woven stitch!

Two thumbs up to each of these yarns if you get the chance to try them – and the patterns too!