Embracing Imperfection (or Not).

I’ve been working on a baby blanket, the babysquared pattern in particular, designed and shared by WifeMomKnitter. Last night I noticed that over the last 30 rows or so I had messed up the pattern. It was all my fault – I was decreasing at the wrong spot. I took a close look at the blanket and thought hard.

The pattern is a scallop-lace style in a rainbow-striping yarn. The mistakes were sort of hidden in a darker part of the rainbow. The mom-to-be is a non-knitter, would she even notice? For two or three rows I thought it over – the blanket would not be cast aside for such a silly reason (I hope), the baby is not going to mind (I hope – though maybe it will help with pattern recognition later on in life? That’s thinking it over too much!) – and decided to leave it. But then, I no longer saw the pretty scallop-lace pattern and the lovely rainbow stripes! My eye went straight to the mistakes. Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiipppppppppppppp. I was able to insert a lifeline and that was a huge help. This pattern is quite enjoyable to knit, so I do not mind having to redo a section. After I got going again I noticed something else, do you see it?
One side of the blanket has a 5 stitch border, the other side has a 7 stitch border. Again, all user error. At least I’m consistent and that error bothers me less.

For today’s thing-a-day, since I am working on re-doing some of the blanket, I’m going to share someone else’s creative endeavors, go check out the Attention!Employees blog, especially today’s post – you will see someone I work with.
And a little silly story: A few weeks back the Lorax and I went to visit Dan at work. We said hello to a few people, checked out where his cube is, etc. After we went out to eat. In the car on the way to eat, the Lorax piped up “Mommy, that was fun to see Daddy’s work. Tomorrow Mommy can we see where you work?” Ummmm, my work is currently in the kitchen and great room and bathrooms – you’re there every day!! 🙂

Non Easter Sweater

I’m working on Caitlin’s Cardi, a test knit – and was making great progress. I thought for sure I would have a new sweater to wear on Easter (this coming weekend).

Sweater progress
The body is done. Yay!

Sleeve #1
Sleeve #1 was going fine. Except.

Sleeve Errors
I should have purled instead of knit when picking up those stitches, I have a ridge there. I figured I would live with it and position it so it would be on the back side of my sweater and I’ll never see it. Mmm. Ok. Knit on.

Sleeve Errors
I have now made mistakes in the rib pattern from the decreases. The pattern for the sweater is great. These goofs are all human. And I’m so annoyed. And sad. I was happily knitting along last night and before turning off the tv I took a look at my work and just let out a huge gasp that startled the dog and the husband. I’m considering ripping it all back (to fix both the rib mistakes and that pick up row) or just ripping back the rib mistakes (more likely). I’m bummed, but I’ll figure it out, I really want to wear this sweater!

Quoting Homer

“Aw, crap.”

I am was going strong on my Central Park Hoodie. I’m working on the Left Front. I read the directions for the neck decreases and knit away. I pulled out the Right Front (previously finished) just to double check and see the length. Then I noticed something wonky.

(Left Front / Right Front iphone photos, excuse the quality.)
CPH Left front CPH right front

Um, see the cable on the right front? How is gets, what’s the word? Oh, decreased? On the shoulder edge? That’s an odd design modification. I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that, or exactly when / where it happened – was I talking at SnB and not paying attention? Likely. Sigh. I think I can thread in a lifeline, then just rip back and re-do the neck decreases properly.

Read twice, knit once. (This has happened to me before – I struggle with P2. My brain wants to P2tog and so my hands listen. Then I snap back to reality and wonder where all the stitches went!)

School’s Out Forever!

Oof, and what a day. I don’t know why kids think that just because it’s the last day of school means they can do whatever they want. Oh wait – that’s what they did all year, why should they bother to show a bit of respect today? Ugh. But it’s done! And I’m done!! And I wasn’t told off (or hit!) they are all bark, no bite. Let the relaxing and knitting begin!!

I went to The Yarn Barn to treat myself – the end of school / my career there and it’s almost my birthday.

I decided to try out some Soft Sea Wool – in the “Dark Pink” colorway – I think it looks like a Kool-Aid color. I also picked up a skein of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton in a natural color to make a baby bolero from the One Skein book. And I splurged to get myself a skein of Lobster Pot Yarn in Salt Rose to make maybe a hat for me – I’ve lusted after that for a while now.

I also decided to open up a new addiction for myself this summer (along with learning crochet, embroidery, cooking, photography and getting ready for baby.) Louet’s Drop Spindle Kit – oh baby!

There’s a beautiful navy, aqua / teal, and copper fibers inside…

That’s all positive. There is negative though:

Those kids and their nonstop talking during the movie and then my having to look up and redirect them to stop talking. Somehow I missed the cast on for the next square – so my scarf went from 5 squares across to 4 squares across. Not a huge deal, but if this is going to be a potential Christmas gift, I want it perfect. I was only 6 repeats in (out of 26) so I will frog it and start over. I’ve got the time.