Memorable Women

Concert time! 3 of my best friends and I decided to attend Lilith Fair when it came through Hartford. Of course I had to consider what knitting I would bring! I settled on a “plain vanilla” sock following the cheat sheet from the Yarn Harlot. For the yarn, I used my new Memorable Women yarn in the “Agatha Christie” colorway. It seemed the most appropriate – listening to Memorable Women show their talents in the company of Memorable Women.
I cast on the cuff and knit two rows the night before so I would be all set to go. Here are my girls and the sock, waiting for the lawn to open up.

On the lawn, with a refreshment. This was after Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles played – they are both adorable. Love their stuff. Ingrid did a great version of “Poker Face” and “Toxic” and Sara did “Single Ladies”, and I especially loved her song “Fairytale” about the princesses.

The real draw for us was seeing the Indigo Girls and Sarah McLachlan. This is the fourth time I’ve seen Amy and Emily and it was so great again! I only wish their set was a little longer. I have to say though, that I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient and on time this concert was!

Links to stuff on YouTube (I love finding this stuff – I was actually there!!)(sound is not so great some, turn the volume down and it’s better)
Because the Night covered by all the performers, awesome.
Love’s Recovery – Indigo Girls and Sarah – I had forgotten about this song actually, and it’s stunningly beautiful. I think I “get” it more now that I’m older. (sound is not so great on this one, turn the volume down and it’s better)
Closer to Fine with the Ladies of Lilith.
Toxic – covered by Ingrid.
“Official Lilith Hartford”

A Music Post

First off, the concert on Saturday was fantastic.

I am still amused by the fact that *I was in the audience*!!! for these recordings!
(Links to YouTube)Power of Two, Digging for Your Dream,and I’ll Change. Considering the Girls have been around for 20+ years, it’s impressive that they covered pretty much all of their work – I think there was a song from each album at least. The best part for me has two parts – first, third song of the set they played “Hammer & a Nail” which I do consider to be a personal theme song. Second, they played “Kid Fears”! Never thought I would hear that done live – Shawn Mullins sang with them and was great! I plan to look into more of his stuff – I really enjoyed it.

Today while out doing errands with the Lorax, Bank Job by Barenaked Ladies came on (hey, I was at that show too!) and all I could think of was that describes what it’s like to be the parent of a toddler. Maybe it only makes sense to me. Here are the lyrics:
It was an upset / In two minutes flat
We’re back on the freeway / Foot to the mat
I can’t understand it / We had it down pat
It’s very upsetting / Could we leave it at that
We all had positions / We each had a role
We’d overrehearsed it
We had full control
They can’t teach you acting / It’s there in your soul
It’s the same with a bank job / And each thing we stole

So I don’t need attitude / Cause you knew just what to do
We all did our best now / We all need to rest now
Leave me alone / And wait by the phone

I was the driver / You ran the show
You had the last word / The go or no go
I knew every laneway / In Ontario
But it’s not what you’re sure of / It’s what you don’t know
It should have been filled with / The usual ones
Throwing their cash in / To mutual funds
We all had our ski masks / And sawed off shotguns
But how do you plan for / A bank full of nuns
But I guess we panicked
We all have taboos
And they were like zebras / They had us confused
We should be in condos / With oceanfront views
Instead we’re most wanted / On the 6 o’clock news

So, I don’t need attitude / ‘Cause you knew just what to do
We all did our best now / we all need to rest now
Leave me alone / And wait by the phone

Inside the police car / You tried to explain
Your crisis of conscience / The voice in your brain
And now that the whole thing / Has gone down the drain
I think we all know who / Should shoulder the blame
‘Cause you made a choice there / Almost sublime
I’m all for compassion / Just not on my dime
You look like an amateur / And that’s the real crime
So I’ll take a walk now / And you do the time

And I don’t need attitude / ‘Cause you knew just what to do
We all did our best now
We all need to rest now
Leave me alone
There’s no need to phone

We all did our best now
We all need to rest now
Leave me alone
We all did our best now
We all need to rest now
Leave me alone

Seriously. How do you plan for a bank full of nuns? Perfect.

I’m filled with "intrinsic incredible emotion"

Gotta love the Chum! Today’s post was about Meryn Cadell and her song “The Sweater” – I remember being at the mall looking for that song (on cassette!!). My mom tried to be helpful by pointing out a Michael Jackson single, “In the Closet”. Thanks mom, but not helpful. There’s a youtube video – still wonderful!

And, since the talk today is about sweaters, I’m 2 rows away from being done with the skirt on the tilted duster. Looking into mods as I don’t know if I want to be concerned with rolling / blocking etc. 2 Rows. So close to being done with that part. Then it’s onto picking up for the collar and getting the sleeves in. The sun is out today (thank goodness) I need Jackson to take advantage of that – gotta get moving on his Halloween costume!