Happy Thanksgiving

My favorite time / week / day of the year. I know what to get everyone, I know what to make, I do not have to worry about any returns. Four years ago I knit this hat while waiting for the Lorax to arrive. It is a perfect fit for my new little butterball.
Jive Turkey
May your turkey be delicious and bonus points if it is cute!

That time of year

I love that New England is finally feeling like fall – the nights are cool, people are generally cheery and not bitter about the weather yet, and working with wool is nice again! I finished a test knit of a cowl that I look forward to wearing. We will ignore the portion of the weather forecast that says this weekend it will be in the 70s / 80s.
Tartan cowl
The “Tartan” cowl by Caryl Pierre is soon to be released. I used O-Wool Classic in blue and O-Wool Balance in grey. I love how this cowl is shaped – it will sit nicely on your neck under a jacket collar to keep you warm, no gaps! It is large enough to pull up to your nose, or fold over and set in place with a shawl pin (gotta get me one of those, maybe at Rhinebeck!).

Jackson was less than impressed, but the colors look nice on him.

The Funky Chicken is Nate’s chair buddy – I think this photo is one of the best ones we have of him – his eyes are open, he’s not crying, and there is the hint of a smile.

Most of the other photos he looks like this:
At least Lorelai seems a bit more game to take photos again.

One Month

With disbelief I write this post – the lil’nutmeg is already one month old today! We are starting to all get used to each other I think. The Lorax still calls you “our baby from the hospital” and apparently that stuck with her – she drew this picture this week of me, still pregnant.
Artist at work

But on to the “birthday” boy – since you’ve been born there has been an earthquake, a hurricane / tropical storm, a week without power, and many moments where Dan and I just look at each other and ask “Did Lorelai do this? Was Lorelai like that?” So much of these early days are blur – I try so hard not to compare you to your sister!
A lot of the time you enjoy being like this:
On your belly, trying to suck your thumb (left hand! are you going to be a lefty like mom?)

A lot of the time you also do this:
So serious. And we’re seriously in love.