Two Months!

Babies change so fast – today is Nate’s 2 month birthday and he is so different already. He’s doing great at picking his head up, loves sleeping on his tummy, can usually find his thumb if he’s on his stomach, and just yesterday started “talking” with a lot of cooing / oohing / aahing. He did great at his first fiber festival (more on that later). He is rather fussy in the car, but I think most of that can be chalked up to gas – he’s a gassy baby. If you are patient and talk to him and make a variety of silly faces, you get some pretty great faces back:




Before I had kids (!! kids, I have kids!) I used to think that 3 or 4 was a nice number of kids to have – in my family I am the oldest of 3, my dad is the oldest of 4 and my mom is the oldest of 7. Now? I’m good with two and I have no idea how my mom, my Gram or my Nana made it work. Obviously they did and it was all well and good, but it’s mind boggling to me now, especially as we try to figure out this new normal with the Lorax. Maybe it’s the little moments like this that get you over the humps…


Our My sleep schedule is still pretty messed up, so when there is down time I am trying to lay low. My fingers are getting itchy to make things again – and it feels like I am constantly in motion – rocking, swaying, walking – when I sit still I still feel like I’m moving. Generally I am not a fidgety person. Even now as I write this my knee is swaying back and forth. I do think this is in part to my lack of knitting. Usually my hands are busy! I am really glad that I have been practicing crochet because that is easy enough for me to pick up / put down and then I have the satisfaction of having made something.

I made this little crown – using a random ball from the stash, in the P-newborn size it works up quickly and just fits.


The Lorax was very interested in it as well – and has requested a Tinkerbell Crown (Nevermind that Tink does not wear a crown. She has been pretending to put on / take off a “Morning Crown” and a “Sleeping Crown” whatever those are) Lucky for me, the pattern does go up to a size that should work for her. This was great practice.

I have started a quicky project for the Lorax that I hope to share in the next day or so – it feels so good to get those stitches in each day!

Yarn Along – August 17

The “Better Late than Never!” Edition – of course I had to do this when I realized it was Wednesday, but couldn’t blog it until now.

~From small things

~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr.

Yarn Along August 17

So, on Tuesday (you know, While I Waited) I had an appointment to check amniotic fluid levels – turned out that the tech could only find one pocket of fluid to check, and that level was low enough to send me over to the hospital that afternoon. In a manner that was strikingly similar to the situation with Lorelai, they broke my water around 8, and by 10-ish things were really progressing enough that there was no time for the epidural I wanted, and Ta-DAH! 10:36pm, the lil’nutmeg Nathaniel Thomas was here! . It is still so very surreal – I can’t believe I have had another baby. I can’t believe we’re already back home. I can’t believe how similar this one is to Lorelai – he’s slightly smaller than she was (7.9lbs, 19.6 inches), but the head full of hair really seals the deal I think.

It seems a bit crazier to be home this time around – Jackson is constantly on guard / edge, and Lorelai is still full of endless energy. She’s getting to indulge in extra tv time this week that’s for sure. But all is well so far – we could all use more sleep, but we’re healthy and happy, so we just take one thing at a time.

Back to the yarn along-ing. I did bring hexipuffs to my ultrasound appointment, but I didn’t work on them because I thought for sure I would drop the little balls of yarn and they would roll away. Instead I worked on a sock, but that wasn’t the greatest idea either – I realized that I would have to try on the sock at some point to know where to decrease for the toe and I couldn’t exactly reach my toes then. Oh well, live and learn.