Crayola Joy

Color me excited, my baby used crayons!
We've discovered crayons! Coloring!
We had a little playdate at our house yesterday. I pulled out crayons and paper for the older little girl who was coming over, but the Lorax was taken with them. So I put her at the table and she sat and colored for 20 minutes! She did it again in the afternoon! I feel like now we have some better options when we go out to a restaurant or something – bring on the crayons! She doesn’t eat them! Currently our eating out with the Lorax is limited to the local diner, where the food is good and almost more importantly quick!

Later that afternoon…..

I finished the Necco Wafer from the Spring 2009 Twist Collective. It’s adorable! And again, this was a knit where I was in contact with the designer and Carol was awesome! Most of the yarn was from the stash. Betsy kindly passed along the teal yarn for the body – the colors are so awesome! The sweater is great, but you wouldn’t know it from the model.
No. I don't like it.
She was in no mood to wear the sweater or pose for photos. Oh well. A hug and some kisses and eventually we get a sorta smile.
(love that my camera has a digital display that can flip around so she can see herself!)
Necco Wafer
I made the 18 month size, and it’s big on Lorelai. She’s 50th percentile for height / 25-30th percentile for weight, so I guess it’s not too surprising. Better too big than too small. Hopefully I’ll remember to try it on her before she outgrows it!

Someone left a comment asking about Jackson. He’s here and doing fine. Tolerating Lorelai’s attention (she’s big into identifying his eyes / ears / nose / tail and petting him). Tolerating me…
Reason #520 Why My Dog Hates Me
I may be declaring my own “Doggie Knitting” month – have you seen this: Tofu the Gentle Dachshund – LOVE!!! I also have a knit dachshund kit, the sausage dogs pattern to do, the pileable pups in progress…. Hmm, ideas.

At SnB last night WifeMomKnitter and CostumeChick and I were talking about doing a sweater knit along. Maybe not all doing the same pattern, but all knitting a sweater at the same time. Given that I seem to be churning out sweaters lately (where did my sock mojo go?) I want to put it out there that I would be in! I’ve got yarn to do: Mr.Greenjeans, Snow White, Basic Black, Brown Betty, at least two different sweaters for Lorelai… and probably one or two more if I really sat down with my stash and my queue!