Team VA Weekend

I know I’ve mentioned before that my brother is getting married in June. We’re all very very excited – his “ex-girlfriend”, Virginia is absolutely amazing and I’m very lucky to have her as a sister-in-law. She’s cute, she’s smart and she knits! I am part of her “Team” and we went into New York City for the weekend to celebrate!

Amy has already done a fantastic blog post about the day. We had set up a scavenger hunt to some great spots around the city. We had lunch at our hotel and then went out for gelato, some shopping and plenty of photos.

One of our stops was Purl – OMG, what a great fabric shop. And you know that I had to pop in to their knitting shops as well. What a feast for the eyes that was – immediately I was drawn to some hot-neon-pink Koigu KPM sock yarn (we were just talking about KPM at SnB last week) however, I managed to resist and instead went with Alchemy Yarns Juniper – in “Turquoise Pool” – machine washable sock yarn!
Alchemy Yarn
It’s fantastic!

Our day continued on to the Arch at Washington Square Park, and we had some time to kill. Of course I had my knitting to work on (Florida Sock #2) – and we noticed that we were right under a knit tag!
A knitting tag!

Dinner was fantastic – Hill Country BBQ (OMG, the food was so great!) & Music by the Crevulators (great band – very friendly!)
Hill Country BBQ

The next day we took it easy and I met up with my brother Matt (of the Mother’s Day note) – we walked about the city for a while and ended up at this great little place for Argentinian sandwiches (arepas? I think they were called). I ate a lot of meat this weekend. I have no problem with that, but what’s funny is that Matt and I came across the rally that followed the Veggie Pride Parade – um. Hm. We had a bag of meaty leftovers from Hill Country, and we just came from eating meat-bomb sandwiches. I will support and respect anyone who decides to go vegetarian or vegan – but some of this just made me giggle.
Veggie Pride Parade
Great pepper costumes though!

I was telling Matt about the knitting “tag” we found and then he says, “Oh, you mean like that?” – there was more!!
Guerilla Knitting
Guerilla Knitting
Guerilla Knitting
We had stumbled upon an installation! Yarn Theory / 9th Street Fence

I love love love going to New York City – there is always something different to see or experience, and this time was no exception!


Photos of knitting are coming. Really. Life somehow keeps interferring. Here are the highlights of my weekend.
1) My brother had a comedy show this weekend. He was fantastic! And even better, this show was a contest and he was one of two winners that get to perform for an HBO booker for an HBO comedy show! I’m so proud! He’s really got a gift for stand-up.

2) Met with a pediatrician for the baby-to-be. She knows about Gilmore Girls. Awesome.

3) Got a letter from my former place of employment that “due to nonpayment of premiums, Connecticare has terminated the health insurance plan” – even mine that I was COBRA-ing. This I don’t need. 8 months pregnant. 3 doctor appointments between now and November 1st. One of which is this Friday. I hope (but have no idea) that on Monday I can call them, offer to pay, and get back insured with them immediately.

4) Talked with my grandmother this morning. Told her about how I won a ribbon at the town fair for the knitted socks. She replies with “Oh, that reminds me, I need you to make me something!” Sure, for Gram, anything. “I want you to make me a doorknob cover. Round. White or navy blue or whatever you have. Right now I’ve got a sock and an elastic on there. You’re the only one who knits!” Any ideas? I’ll use the powers of google-foo and ravelry…

5) On the way back from the trip to New York, on the train, a gal sat down next to me – I spotted her magazine – the latest Interweave Knits! A knitter!!!! So I asked her what she was working on (Tilted Duster gauge swatch, I’m impressed by her attention to the detail with that!) and she showed me a beautiful shawl she recently finished. And lucky gal, she’s going to Rhinebeck!! Of course ravelry came up and we exchanged user names for that – I sent her a message. I hope I don’t appear stalkerish but hey, you gotta keep the knitting community going, right?


I’m so excited – I decided on a project, worked on it (and pretty much only it) and it was done before the due date: Father’s Day – even though I won’t see my dad until the end of the week. I made him the Knitpicks Bow Tie

I used Cygnet Wool Rich Four Ply yarn that I got from a swap – Color is “Denim Mix (2137) – used less than one skein. It was an easy pattern once you got going on it, but man – using those US1s messed with me after a while. I tried to tie it myself following online directions but couldn’t get it to work, so I’ll leave that to Dad and hopefully I’ll get a picture with him in the tie. He prides himself on being able to tie a bow-tie. I’m excited for this somewhat goofy project as I haven’t knit anything for him yet. I think he’ll get a kick out of it.

Friday (the almost last day of school) Dan and I went into NY to see my brother perfom at the pit – very cool. They had the audience write down a word for a later improv thing and of course I wrote “knitting”. Of the two papers my brother pulled, one of the two was mine. The other was “Banana Hammock” – so, after acknowledging that he pulled the paper his sister wrote he made a joke about getting a knitted banana hammock for Christmas. (anyone know of a pattern? that would be funny). **Edit to add: I googled “Knit banana hammock” and one of the first things that came up was the thong from knitty HAH!)

I didn’t want to bring in the US1s on the train, so I cast on for Argosy – I think it will be a potential Christmas present – if I can part with it – it’s a great pattern and works up seemingly quick!

Weekend Whirlwind

On Friday I was way too tired to post. I did get a great swap box and took a photo of it, but it’s so great it really deserves its own post. (To-do tomorrow).
This weekend, Dan and I went into NYC to see My Fair Lady at the NY Philharmonic – it was excellent! We stayed over in the city, at the W Hotel and bar hopped around a bit. Good times.

I started my sock madness sock yesterday, worked on it on the train:

and actually turned the heel tonight. They are moving along and I like them… just wish I were a faster knitter! People are already done!!

New York New York

Last night we went into New York to visit a brother, his girlfriend and the other brother. We ate at Otto – and oh, wow – was it delish!! Cheese plates are brilliant. And a cheese with honey? And another with cherries? Inspiring!

I finished one Peekaboo mitten on the train there / back.

I’m pooped right now as we didn’t get back until 2:30 and Jackson woke us up around 7:30. Today will be a day of lounging around, though I do have to work on school related stuff (yuck).

America’s Sweethearts is on right now – great movie! (“Kiki!!”) I love John Cusack

Calorimetry FO!

I’m really loving vacation for the amount of time it allows me to knit! Well, there is that and there is also that I have deliberately chosen quick projects. In the time it took to not really watch Miami Vice (what an awful movie. lots of staring. not lots of action.) I was able to whip up Calorimetry and I’ve even worn it out in public too!

My dog is such a good sport.

Seriously though, I got the button on there and here it is on an actual person:

I used yarn that I had received in a swap / secret pal package. It’s a great purple / green mix of “Handspun handpainted pure wool yarn” from Color HH01 Uno. I could make another one too, it really does not use much yarn, and in two hours – voila! done!

It’s almost hard to believe that it is New Year’s Eve! I think I’ll do my resolutions / to-do in ’07 list tomorrow.
This weekend I met up with my brothers in New York and we had Ethiopian food! – really interesting and delicious! We also went to see an improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade”. Always a good time with them.

Tonight we’re staying in (actually my favorite type of get together!) and having friends over – enjoy and stay safe!!