Life in the nutmeg nutshell continues on with more news, not just ranting and ravings and knittings (which there will be more of eventually) and dachshunds. I’ve got good news and not so good news and news that I’m not sure what to do with yet.

First the good: I’m pregnant! I’m 13 weeks, due on Thanksgiving (Nov. 22) – which is more than a little wild, as it is my favorite holiday all year and it also will forever hold a special place in my heart as we were married the day after Thanksgiving (Nov.26) three years ago. I’m feeling quite good – really didn’t have too much in the way of morning sickness, I was just really really really tired. I’ve got my energy back which is good and just have to keep on top of eating / snacking because when I get hungry, I’m hungry NOW. 🙂 Our checkups so far have been positive, everything is looking good. Oh, and we’ve decided that I’m not going back to the school – I’m going to take a year off, we’ll make it work. I think that I’m done with teaching in the school sense – I’m going to be looking when the time comes for either entry-level science lab tech sort of jobs (I started out as a chemistry / environmental person) or a science education / outreach (like working in a science museum) sort of thing.

On a less happy note, my grandfather is on dialysis, but it’s not doing much good. The man has all sorts of medical issues right now. My grandmother, who is already stressed out over this recently found out that she has breast cancer (stages 2/3).

The news I’m not sure what to do with is that my father has an atrial flutter which was picked up at his last physical. He goes in for tests and stuff this week (I think) and then following that there are procedures. He doesn’t seem overly concerned about it, just annoyed at the fact that now his coffee consumption is now limited to one cup a day. I told him I feel his pain on that one.

We had my folks over last night for mother’s day and surprised them by having my brothers and one brother’s girlfriend come in from New York – so good – so filling!! Today we’ve got a local dachshund meet-up and then dinner out with Dan’s folks. Where do the weekends go?