Startitis attacks

Why? Why did I just wind up the yarn for 4 projects? I’ve got that many projects on the needles already!! Because I am insane, apparently. Can I blame that on baby brain? Because it is also insane to think that I can actually get good knitting time in 🙂 Not that I mind too much of course, Lorelai is so worth missing knitting, though I am making it work – ask Kelly – when we were out at Starbucks this week, Lorelai fell asleep on my lap and I knit to the side of her 🙂 Make it work, to quote Tim Gunn.

Currently, I’m working on Brigid socks for me, the Amelie dress still needs seaming / decoration, I’ve decided to knit bunny cozies as place settings for Easter, I’m ready to cast on Mingus socks, and Nutkin socks, and for Malabrigo March I’m going to make Tudora (for me) and the Obi Scarf (for my mom I think…).

I did send in my resume for the job – it’s at the new science museum. I’ve been talking about this for at least a year and didn’t even know if a job like this existed. I am so glad that it does, and I want this job – even out of curiousity for the experience of it all. Many more details are needed – hours? pay? It’s gotta be worth it to haul up to Hartford daily and leave the little one.

Speaking of leaving her, my MIL called the other day to tell me she wanted to be a part of the babysitters club and that she has lots of experience babysitting – guess she misses her granddaughter! She did raise two fine gentlemen, so I’m certain she knows a thing or two about kids… Anyway, we jumped on that opportunity and made a date night – Saturday we’re going out for dinner. I finally will get to have my favorite drink – margarita!!! Yummy!