Which brings us to today.

I’m getting caught up in my blog posting, go me!

On Wednesday, I started dog training classes at PawsNEffect in Hamden. Jackson joins me next week. Even though he’s two, he’s never been to obedience classes. He’s a really great dog – sits when you ask, and doesn’t get into too much trouble around the house anymore – but with the baby on the way, I want to be sure that he’s got the basics down. I bought a new leash / collar while I was there and I’m really pleased with it so far. It’s a Premiere dog collar – I was having some trouble with him backing out of the current leash and collar. I just can’t go running after him once he ducks out, so this works great!

I also mostly finished the Candy Cane hat that I started at Monday’s Stitch-n-bitch. It needs a pompom before it’s completely done. I made the newborn size, but have plenty of yarn left over, so I’m making a second hat, next size up.

I did finish Odessa – I am really pleased with how it came out:
Odessa hat 2
It’s not a hat I can wear any hair clips under really, but that’s okay.

I tried to take a picture of the top and also got a picture of the baby bump.
Odessa hat 1

Of course, I had to try it on Jackson. It doesn’t really suit his needs.
Odessa Jackson

I’m dreaming of making the latest Chicknit – Miss Dashwood – bought the pattern, and think I’ll use some of the other Farmhouse yarn that I have in my stash – Silk Spun (blend) in a Purple Rainbow colorway (it’s purples / pinks).

I really want to cast on for new socks, but I’m worried that my feet are going to swell up and they won’t fit!! Need a stretchy pattern I guess. So far my feet are the same – but I’ve been living in flip-flops and sneakers.

Today I did a bit of shopping – as the bump picture shows, my current wardrobe is limited. I found some great deals – a pair of jeans for less than $3!! Go consignment shops, marked down and a discount coupon from the paper. And currently I’m amazed at the change in my bra size. Pre-baby I was 34 B. I followed online directions to figure out your size as the bras are uncomfortable (after I guessed myself to be a 36B). Well measurements say 38B. WTF?!?! So I tried on that size at the outlets, and they fit. Here’s to comfortably supported boobs.