A little of this and that

It’s been something like 2 weeks since I posted! What’s been going on?
Well, the Lorax started driving…
Ok, not really.

I finished a sweater, for real – for me! Iced by Carol Feller (one of my favorite designers). I wanted something cozy that I could wear around the house – something that I could toss on and not worry about any manner of baby / kid / dog / my own klutzyness goop getting on it. Also, I wanted something that I could wear now with a growing belly as well as in the fall while nursing. I am quite pleased with the result and have gotten in a lot of wear already.
For now I am going without buttons because it just doesn’t make sense. The yarn is an acrylic yarn that I really really like, “Jarbo Duo” – it’s squishy and warm and light. Love the shades of blue that showed up in this. This is probably not the most flattering sweater I could have made for my body type, but I wasn’t looking for that.

I have also been sewing! I could not resist the kitchy call of a Peeps Bunting –
peep bunting

What have you been up to?


Betsy sent me a recipe that was posted on Ravelry for a “Peep-Tini”.
1 oz limoncello
1 oz raspberry vodka
1 tsp frozen pink lemonade concentrate
1 pink peep
Mix the liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice, pour into a martini glass. Don’t forget to float the peep.

Fantastic, right? Except, I don’t have any of those ingredients in my cupboards! So, I had sent a message to hubby just saying “I want one.”. Figuring maybe this weekend or next weekend we could pick up the things and it would be good. Imagine my surprise when he came home with this:

Which later turned into this:
Awesome. Cheers!