Craftsy: Shoot It! Class Review

Have you tried any classes yet? I’ve been grabbing several of the free short videos and have enrolled in a few full length courses. I especially love that once you are in the class it’s yours to view whenever! This week I have been able to make a few moments to make my way through Shoot It!

I have been a fan of Caro / splityarn for a long time, back in the early days of knit blogging and I even have one of her camera straps! Listening to her I like her even more – she’s really down to earth and presents the information in a very easy to understand way. She discusses shooting pictures for patterns if you are a designer as well as those finished object shots. Each lesson, there are ten, is less than 30 minutes long – that is just right. I was able to knit while I watched, and when I needed to, I could pause, make a note, leave a comment, whatever.
I’ll fully admit to being snobby about photos. I’ve spent a lot of time (and a lot of pixels) on my photos, and for the most part I feel like I am getting decent images. I should put in more to the post-production side and edit them a bit more (that’s going to be one of my new resolutions, I will be revisiting Lesson #9: Post-processing). It drives me crazy to see on Ravelry projects or etsy items for sale just awful photos: out of focus, not centered, wrong exposure. I feel it’s even worse when the shot is accompanied by a brush off “apology” – sorry for the terrible picture. I’ve been there. I’ve put up a bad photo now and again in the interest of time (and never-ending-energetic-children!) but there are instances when I see it every. single. time. Enough. Take another picture. Wait another day! It’s worth it to show off your hard work! (end rant.)
Sadly, because I’ve had to split my time between the usual suspects (children, work, home, knitting, upcoming birthday, and holiday) I have no photos to show right now. I’ve been making notes as I watch the videos (another pretty nifty feature of the Craftsy classes) and I hope to put them to good use soon – I have some good ideas now for photographing my Lanesplitter skirt and I’m just about finished with socks and a hat that need their picture taken. I give this class 2 thumbs up – if you want to take better pictures, this is a great investment! Did you know that you can give Craftsy classes as gifts? Pretty cool.

Full disclosure – because I have signed up to be an affiliate of, if you sign up for a class / make a purchase on the craftsy site via one of my links, I get a little bit in return. They offered me the opportunity to take a class of my choice for free, and all opinions are my own.


life rearranged
I’ve recently rediscovered this app and am really enjoying it.  I’m still new at it but am getting the hang of things!

I love love love this swing picture.  It took a lot of photos to get there, but it was worth it!


My sweater is making progress – as of a week ago it was here:
Trellis & Vine WIP
(excuse the iphone claw hand).

In the last week I have finished the body of the sweater, right down the to the bottom cable and lace patterning and even bound off! The sleeves await me now – I need to go dig through my needles to find another set appropriately sized – I want to knit them at the same time.
Sweater WIP
Not too bad, needs some blocking. The back looked a little “swingy” to me (most likely just from the fact that while I was knitting I switched sizes unintentionally and I wasn’t going to rip it out and redo.) – but I turned it around so that the back was in front and I think I might like that fit a little better. Hrm.
Wearing the back as the front

Lorelai has also taken initiative to be covered up. On Saturday we were doing our thing when, pet-owner duty called and we had to take Jackson outside for a bathroom break. When we came back in, Lorelai picked up her hat and asked me to put it on and then we went right back to coloring. Um, ok. I’m not going to deny the kid from wearing a handknit hat, ever!

Photos in this post were all iPhone photos – not the best quality – quick and dirty that’s for sure. I took a great class this weekend, “Photography for Knitters”, lead by Gale Zucker – it was great and I learned a lot! Photos in the future will be much better – I’ll get out of the bathroom, promise! I wore my Central Park Hoodie hoping to get a decent shot of me in it and I know that several of the other participants did, so I hope to share those soon. Here are a few of my favorite shots I captured during the workshop:
Ishbel - two views
Ishbel – knit by Brenda (fourpeass on Ravelry).

Seahorse in Orange Yarns
Seahorse in Orange Yarns – I knit the seahorse. He’s still missing his eyes. I am going to keep him and knit a different one for friends that are expecting – I’ll use cotton, even though I love the Vanna’s Choice, it does have a bit of fuzz and babies don’t want to chew on fuzz. I think I have figured out how to make it a crinkly toy as well. More to come.

Knit me.
Purple yarn on yellow fabric background – love that little piece of the skein that is squirming out, beckoning… Knit Me. Now. You know you want to.

Around the House Meme

PeacefulKnitter posted an “Around the House” photo meme on her blog and I’ve decided to play along, as my knitting right now is not ready for prime time as they say.

So, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…just copy the list, take a stroll through your house one day, and post on your blog. Because we all like to see how other people live, right?!

Here are the categories for the Around the House meme:

* In the kitchen
* On the nightstand
* In your work/craft space
* Out the window
* What the pets or children are up to
* On your feet
* Knitting or knitwear in action

(My photos come from the iphone over the course of the New Year Weekend)

Around the house meme
Around the house meme
Around the house meme
Around the House meme
Around the house meme
Around the house meme
Handknit hat and mitts


Photo-heavy post. We can start with knitting – when Lorelai is wrapped up in the moby wrap, I have my hands free to type, blog, knit, etc – see?
I can knit!
She doesn’t look very comfortable, but it worked for our walk and she’s been snoozing in it / on me for the last 30 minutes or so. Here are the photos pre / post walk:
I'm pregnant again
It is one of those nice New England in winter days – nice in the sun, not windy – just right for a walk if you bundle up properly. So, she was wrapped and tucked into the moby wrap, with a hat (direct from Peru thanks to Uncle Dan and Aunt Virginia), and I wore / zipped up Dan’s fleece that fit over both of us. Worked well, and we all (Jackson included) got some fresh air. I may have to do this for SnB!

Before we got up and walking, I was plaing around with my camera. I think this is one I’ll enter in the local fairs this summer:

And in playing around with my camera, I rediscovered the “continuous” setting – Evolution of a Smile:
Evolution of a Smile
I think it would be cool to put that on a notecard or something….


First off, big big big big thanks to my Lime & Violet Secret Sibling Pal – I think I know who she is (am I right, Melissa?) The box absolutely rocked!

There’s a ton of sweets (all of which I have been craving! Couldn’t find them on the trip!): jelly jolly ranchers, mike & ikes, peach rings, Sponge Bob Crabby Patties, cream savers, pralines…drool! Then there’s a great selection of yarn – purple and white cotton (I’m big into the Mason Dixon baby bib’s / burp cloths and other baby things now – perfect colors!!), thicker purple /magenta yarn for house socks (maybe thuja??) and Lisa Souza yarn (Red Devil!) awesome! The pattern is “Twist and Lace” – made to use with the Lisa Souza yarn – excellent! There’s Burt’s Bees goodies too and a chibi (don’t have one yet!!) – so so very excited!! There’s even a package of treats for Jackson! Thank you for spoiling me so very very much!!

Here’s a short sample of Ireland:

Slainte! At the Guinness Storehouse.


Blarney Castle

Cliffs of Moher – my favorite!

At Blarney Castle – I swear this coat was made out of electric blue fun fur!