Today is another weather day. Nothing major, just rain for my area, but it is so very grey. And drippy. It feels like forever since we have seen the grass, so I made my own using the Grass pattern from

For now, the grass sat with my jade plant looking longingly out at our snow and ice covered backyard.

I also made a batch of Chocolate Chip Muffins this morning – quite delicious.

A little birdie

Each week, the Lorax and I attend a “Mommy & Me” sort of class. We started going when she was 8 weeks old or so – it was a great resource as a first time mom. As the Lorax grew, we made our way from the baby class to the waddlers group and now we’re just about done with the toddler group (up to age 3 or so). Through it all we have had the same teacher – we love this teacher! She has such patience and care for each of the kids that attend – she is such a sweetheart. Last week she shared with us the news that she has accepted a job to teach preschool full time (in a different town, so not one the Lorax will attend)! I am happy for her, but wanted to let her know how much she means to our family. She always commented on the handknits I made for the Lorax, so that seemed an appropriate way to go. In the end I settled on an Itty Bitty Toy by Susan B. Anderson – the Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest Too. I think it came out really sweet!
(trying to get a cute picture – you can see the lorax peeking in the corner of the mirror)



I’m wondering if I should start knitting up Pencils next for future teachers!