Big ventures

I made a podcast! Check it out:
Dog, Diapers & DPNS.
For now you should be able to get to the podcast through the website… waiting on submission to itunes.

Also, a lot sooner than I thought, there is a job opportunity on the horizon – have to submit my resume and stuff, but I really think this job could be great! It’s still a big what if, but I have to apply anyway… I’ve been dreaming about this job for a year!

Podcast Feelers

A certain someone has planted the seed in my brain that I should do a podcast. Well, the seed has sprouted and I’m seriously considering it. By my figuring, I could talk about being a new mom, the baby, the dog, and knitting of course, along with the random assorted other things I’m into: environmental stuff, movies, photography, the internet, cooking, etc. Is that interesting? I mean I listen to several podcasts that are certainly just that. I really think I want to give it a try. I’m lurking through the forums on ravelry related to podcasting… Thoughts on the idea? Anything in particular I should talk about, what are you looking for in a podcast? This is all still very much in the planning phases.

I know I want to talk about Hats, Socks, Stash, ravelry, blogs, my inspirations…

I think I could use music to break the podcast into segments, so people could skip over the baby talk if they weren’t interested. I’m thinking that I would have a “project status” sort of segment, a baby segment, a dog segment, and “potpourri” segment(popculture, cooking, candy, memes)..

As for names I need help – I thought of “Knitting at Naptime”, but today while knitting with the certain someone we both liked “Dog, Diapers and DPNs”… Trying to be clever and Gilmore Girlish with out being annoying. My head spins with the ideas…

I’m equally excited and nervous about the idea. Curious about the whole thing anyway.

Movie night

Last night Dan and I went out for dinner (hibachi yum!) and then out to a movie – impromptu date night! We went to see Disturbia – creepy yes, but almost funny as we were at a 7:40 showing and there was a whole lot of pre- / teenage girls in the audience screaming / screeching just to scream / screech.

The best part though was when we were standing in line to buy the tickets. There was a couple behind us, and they were looking up at the board of movies / showtimes. The woman said to the man, “Oh, 28 weeks later – that’s the sequel to the Sandra Bullock movie where she was in rehab – it was really well done.”

Um, right. We were hoping that they would buy tickets for that, but they didn’t.

I spent most of yesterday catching up on podcasts (I started listening to Material Mama – going to find more sewing related things… might as well work up on my sewing machine when I’ve got the time coming this summer.) and working on the string bag – finally figured out my goof on the pattern. So after 3 starts I’ve finally got it and I’m maybe 3/4 of the way done with the bag portion. It’s going quickly, so good on that.