Mish Mosh

A moment for myself while I eat breakfast, enjoy a cup of coffee, and avoid my daily “to-do” list. Gathering my thoughts…

Knitting – I’m so close to finishing Lorelai’s baby blanket! I’m on the seed stitch border right now, just a few more rows. It’s made with Blue Sky Organic Cotton in a great green color, I’m thinking about putting some hearts or a small “L” on it using duplicate stitch in pink. I don’t mind the idea of hand washing (or gentle cycle washing) it, I just hope it holds up to baby drool and spit up. I started the front of her “Amelie” dress, the back is finished. I am thinking about not doing flowers all over it, instead maybe just a heart – I saw one on ravelry that was really cute. It looks so long! Which brings us to…

Lorelai – She had a doctor’s appointment yesterday for her one month check up – she’s 23.25 inches long now (off the chart!) and weighs 10pounds, 7 ounces! She’s got quite the case of baby acne right now – while she’s still adorable, photos are a little tricky, hopefully it will clear up sooner rather than later. Sometimes I wonder, what are people thinking when they talk about babies. Especially people who have had babies of their own! L was a little fussy the other afternoon (hunger was the most likely cause) but not overly so – and someone said to me, “Could she be teething?” – Um, she’s just A MONTH OLD!! – according to this, the earliest is 3 months. Oy. And I’ve also been told to “Lighten Up”. Grrr. I take my kid seriously and while I may laugh at the faces she makes while crying, I am deeply invested in what’s going on with her. After spending all day with her and getting up in the night with her, I don’t automatically think to joke when I question something she does.

101 things #46 – I placed an order with Peapod (part of Stop & Shop) – it arrived on time, every thing was there and I feel I got a good deal. I have been trying to avoid using plastic bags while shopping (I usually bring my own canvas bags) – so that’s a down side – everything comes in plastic! Ugh. Maybe I’ll write them a letter – I would rather pay an extra fee to have my stuff delivered in reuasable bags (or a big box or something).

Movies – Saw Waitress the other day – really cute, very sweet movie. Two thumbs up! I think Keri Russell is becoming one of my new favorite actresses.

Eye rolling headaches

I can’t wait for the end of school. I’m trying to see if I can get at least two personal days off in the next two – three weeks. I’ve got a headache from rolling my eyes at the things the kids say and do so much. Actually right now I think the headache is from hunger, but it is almost lunchtime.

I finished my Market bag last night, so I’ll post photos / details on that later.

I finished reading The Namesake – really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing the movie version. I started reading The Wonder Spot with a whole lot of deja vu – I felt like I read the book before, but I think it may have just been the first chapter as a preview in a different book.

Yesterday was kinda a stinky day, but reading Lost Season 3 recap made me giggle. Last night’s episode kept us up talking, and even this morning it was the first thing we talked about.

How did I not know about Knitwhits before? The hats are too cute!!

Is this a private fight, or can anyone join in?

Happy St.Patrick’s Day! My dad kept saying that quote at breakfast this morning. I thought it was from but apparently it’s just an old irish saying (so says google). Anyway.

We’re snowed in. Dan’s off having a boy’s weekend. I’m enjoying being by myself, but I do wish I was able to go out to some stores. I did shovel yesterday, but when I was done all my hard work already had a dusting on it! And this morning everything is iced over. No way I’m getting out of the driveway! And with I did go out and try to shovel again, but the ice is just too much! I called a plow service, but I don’t know when they will get here. Not a huge rush, either way. They arrived as I typed this – took all of 5 minutes then he’s gone… guess I’ll get a bill in the mail! So, now I’m free, but probably won’t go anywhere until tomorrow. No need to be out with the St.Pat’s partiers. There’s always online shopping, right?

I’m working on a sleeve for the Hourglass Sweater – can’t seem to locate a 12″ US 7 needle – so I took my 16″ and Betsy’s 14″ and am working it as two circulars – it’s a little mucky, but overall alright. Mindless stockinette.

Seems like I’ve been up for ever. Several times last night Jackson went into a barking “rage” – he was hearing the wind / sleet, but when he jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs and I can’t figure out why he’s barking, that makes me nervous. Meeting my parents for breakfast was early too…

I was looking for some other Irish things to post here and it struck me that when I hear elvish the picture I get in my head is Gaelic.

“May you get all your wishes but one, So you always have something to strive for.”

“May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.”

“As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.”

**Edited to add the following exchange:
Yesterday I shoveled some of the driveway, and when I came in my wrists were sore. I sent an email off to my bestest knitting buddy Betsy saying that I needed a project on larger needles due to my sore wrists. She immediately called me to comment on the fact that I wanted a project that was merely on larger needles instead of resting up… Amusing!