Bah Humbug

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You got it girl! Today has been a near disaster. I think I’ve had the second worst night of sleep since we’ve been home with Lorelai – she was up so often! This morning then was a little rough, as I was overtired (poor Dan had to feel the brunt of my one word answers and grunts). When I finally got the little one back down, I started wrapping gifts and Jackson kept finding things to bark at / about. GRR.

I put him in his room, fed the baby, and then we went out shopping down at the town green. It’s taking some getting used to balancing packages and a baby carrier and my car keys. Bleh. My hair is a disaster too. On the positive side, Lorelai got many compliments on her hat, and one lady told me I shouldn’t have a 3 week old out and about. Sorry honey, I need fresh air, and the little one does too.

Got home, put the baby down. She sleeps (yay!) So I try to call Dell as my computer was not booting up and I got a funky error message. I try to knit while on the phone – gotta finish a pedicure sock! In the middle of my call to Dell (about 45 minutes in) Lori wakes up and I feed her while I’m on the phone (my neck and back hurt! I have lost any good posture I once had). Then the tech guy wants me to get the reinstallation cds, and did I have a lot of data on my hard drive? Um, I have a newborn to take care of so I don’t have the cds on hand and yes I have files I want to keep. He says he’ll call back in an hour. It’s been 1.5 hours and no word from him. I think it’ll just be easier to bring my computer in to a local shop and let them deal with it, save my files and get the computer working again. Or maybe I should just say screw it and consider investing in a new laptop? Sigh.

In the midst of that I’m wrapping presents, trying to get the house in order for my mom’s birthday dinner tomorrow (we’re having turkey and smashed potatoes. that’s all I know. Food shopping will get done tomorrow I guess.) Crazy.

I love Christmas and can’t wait to have this first holiday with our baby and all, but I’m looking forward to December 26… is that awful?


No baby yet. I don’t have an early bird, the bun is still in the oven and the little butterball is still getting roasted. We had a really nice Thanksgiving at my folks, though it was different – Nana was missed, Virginia was there and the in-laws didn’t stay too long (my MIL had an accident earlier in the week and was not feeling well).

I should be taking advantage of these last few quiet days I suppose. BUT. I’m tired of reading. I’m not really feeling the knitting groove as much as I would like. I’m anxious about the baby. Mom is coming with me to my appointment tomorrow where they’ll monitor the baby’s heartbeat and movement and fluid levels. Hopefully we’ll hear that everything is still fine and all, but still – I’m getting impatient and frustrated and anxious. Given that I have the time during the day of course my imagination gets away from me. And while our friends are well intentioned in calling to check in on us (even Dan’s college roomates are calling to find out!) and my mom is calling to check on me I wish I had something better to tell them than “Nope, sorry, no baby yet.” My brother and girlfriend were woken up by a phone call at 3am thinking it would be us with good news, but it was just someone yelling at them in Chinese. And that person knew nothing about a baby. Sheesh.

I cast on and finished a pair of hand / wrist warmers (from Last Minute Knitted Gifts) for my grandmother – her name is Veronica and that is the name of the yarn colorway. I don’t know if she’ll actually wear them, but maybe as glove liners? I think that I can make a second pair from the first skein and then give them to my mom – not sure if she would wear them either, but I am pretty sure she would appreciate the knitted gift in a pretty colorway that shares the name with her mom. The yarn is “Harrisville Silk & Wool” – it’s a bit uneven in texture, but on the whole I like it.
Veronica Wrist Warmers


Photos of knitting are coming. Really. Life somehow keeps interferring. Here are the highlights of my weekend.
1) My brother had a comedy show this weekend. He was fantastic! And even better, this show was a contest and he was one of two winners that get to perform for an HBO booker for an HBO comedy show! I’m so proud! He’s really got a gift for stand-up.

2) Met with a pediatrician for the baby-to-be. She knows about Gilmore Girls. Awesome.

3) Got a letter from my former place of employment that “due to nonpayment of premiums, Connecticare has terminated the health insurance plan” – even mine that I was COBRA-ing. This I don’t need. 8 months pregnant. 3 doctor appointments between now and November 1st. One of which is this Friday. I hope (but have no idea) that on Monday I can call them, offer to pay, and get back insured with them immediately.

4) Talked with my grandmother this morning. Told her about how I won a ribbon at the town fair for the knitted socks. She replies with “Oh, that reminds me, I need you to make me something!” Sure, for Gram, anything. “I want you to make me a doorknob cover. Round. White or navy blue or whatever you have. Right now I’ve got a sock and an elastic on there. You’re the only one who knits!” Any ideas? I’ll use the powers of google-foo and ravelry…

5) On the way back from the trip to New York, on the train, a gal sat down next to me – I spotted her magazine – the latest Interweave Knits! A knitter!!!! So I asked her what she was working on (Tilted Duster gauge swatch, I’m impressed by her attention to the detail with that!) and she showed me a beautiful shawl she recently finished. And lucky gal, she’s going to Rhinebeck!! Of course ravelry came up and we exchanged user names for that – I sent her a message. I hope I don’t appear stalkerish but hey, you gotta keep the knitting community going, right?

Working for the weekend

Vacation cannot come soon enough – Friday night (weather permitting!) we’re off to Ireland – and while that in itself is fabulous, I may get to attend an Irish Stitch and Bitch!! My Knitter’s Tea Swap pal was Isobel and she’s in Dublin! We’ve been in contact and I think I have talked Dan into going as well – we’ll be wandering about anyway since we can’t check into the hotel until later in the afternoon, and we could get a bite to eat! I’m sure we’ll be dazed and fazed and even more out of it American tourists, but I really think it’s such a neat plan!

Today in school, the first five minutes of class, I was told the following:
“If you snatched anything away from me I woulda punched you in the face”
“I aint chewin anything! Get your eyes checked”
“You’re racist, picking on us kids” (said by a white girl. I fail to see how, as a white woman I was being racist or sexist even towards her)

Now, I understand kids say things as a defense mechanism or to show to others they are tough, but now this is just harrassment. The same white student who said all three of those quips also has other issues so she was not immediately suspended, but should any other incident happen today she will. I hope she starts her spring vacation early. I’m tired and fed up. Again. (that seems like all I ever write in here anymore.)


In a week a lot has happened.

Between personal stuff and work stuff (we’ve been in the news at least 3 times in the past week, none of it good – threats of closing the school and state meetings on top of students that give zero respect (which I also don’t understand. they gave me more respect last year and the year before. why the change? one student, obviously displeased that I asked her to get to where she belonged during dismissal referred to me as “that chick” when she eventually started to leave…and the admins are ineffective…supposedly yesterday when one kept her door closed, refusing to see students for 4 hours while she got her hair braided…currently i despise my job) I’m exhausted at the day’s end. Falling asleep by 7:30 kind of tired.

I’m trying to knit some baby gifts for friends, and I don’t even have enough energy to do mindless garter stitch on a mason-dixon bib for more than a few rows.

on the brighter side of life…the Ireland trip is just about a week away!

and i luv the “I can has cheezburer?” site…

This is my life

Want to know what love is? Love is something like this:
Supposedly there is a big storm heading to New England (finally!). Yesterday, Dan asked if I had scapers in my car for the windshields – I told him that yes, I do – it stays in my car all year. Later on in the afternoon, Dan tells me that he got the scraper in my car for me. I was confused as I already have one. He says he pulled it out for easy access (I tend to toss things in my car, the backseat is a mess). Ok, thanks that’s nice. This morning I go to my car and start to put my school stuff in the back seat when I see not my usual ice scraper, but three scrapers – two different sizes and something called an “ice bulldozer”?! So, in case the storm does come and dump ice or snow on us, I’m prepared 🙂

Today at school I walk in and learn that we are now trying Parliamentary Procedures with my homeroom. It went over like a lead brick. Oh and I now have to keep track of their individual point plans…(my desk is still a mess)…and I found grafitti on the wall outside my classroom that says I “suck butt”…and supposedly next week the lab will be renovated….and I provided book covers for the students and was told that they might be too small for the books (um, the principal is helping the kids cover their books in math class, he of all people should know to just fold them differently!)..

…dreaming of snow…and vacation

Work Rant

I’m a teacher. I teach middle school students science. For the most part I enjoy my work. Today, I don’t. Rude rude rude behavior. Entitlement issues. Whining. Bad parents. Threats.

And all I can do? Repeat my directions again. Clearly. Calmly. Never let them see you cry. Today just sucked. And I’m at the end of my rope. I am not cut out for this nonsense. For the amount of positive feedback and interactions I do have I don’t know if it’s worth it to continue.

And I can see the side of things that it sucks to be a kid in middle school. Minority and economic issues aside, being a kid is no treat either.

I want to do something different, but am afraid that I will look to be the selfish one for leaving kids in need.