Finished – the weekend and knits

This weekend went by in a bit of a blur. We had friends and their dog down for the weekend. Their dog Bailee is a bassett hound and Lorelai thought he was just the funniest thing ever. Poor Jackson 🙂 We saw “The Dark Knight” – OMG. I thougth it was very well done, raised some interesting points, had a good story flow, Christian Bale is growing on me, I still adore Heath Ledger. Violent though – I covered my eyes several times.

Friday I finshed the “Laurel Toddler’s Basketweave Cardigan” I knit for Schaefer. I am pretty sure the colorway is Emily Dickinson The best buttons I had were a kind of raspberry, and I think they add a punch of color:
Model Knitting
button closeup

With the completion of that project I can return to some lingering projects. I’ve got Lorelai’s Halloween costume in progress (I’m one of those people who hates seasonal items out of season – like Christmas items for sale before Thanksgiving, etc. I saw candy corn for sale at the grocery store already. UGH. But to make something seasonal is different right?) I really want to get going on my Central Park Hoodie (need needles) and I’ve signed up for the Ravelympics Afghan Marathon for a gift for my mom (hoo-boy, if I finish that I’ll be thrilled!)

Possibly there’s more destashing to be done as well. My “craft room” looks like a hurrican hit – i’ve got yarn / magazines / needles all over the room trying to sort through it and get a plan together. Should get back to that now actually.