Last week, during Hurricane Earl (Thanks for Nothing Earl, by the way), I needed to work on a new project. My knitting projects have been in the blobby-it’ll-be-interesting-when-I’m-done-knitting stage and I think because I was working hard to get them done (both deadline projects) my brain just needed a distraction. Anyway, I’ve had this patchwork wristlet project on my “to-do” list ever since I spotted it. Seems like another great way to practice my sewing skills in addition to trying it out as a potential Christmas gift.
I have to say that Pink Penguin puts out a great tutorial! I felt quite comfortable taking it one step at a time – really – I think this project took me most of the day, plus another hour or so on a different day to get acquainted with the zipper foot on my sewing machine.
(one of the more difficult items to photograph!) It works! There are plenty of beginner mistakes that I notice and probably most others could to if they took a good look at it, but I can learn from that and the next time I work this up (I am pretty sure I will) I can make adjustments.

Inside. I gave this little wristlet a test run this weekend – it nicely held money, id, lip balm, pack of tissues and my phone. It is really handy and matches my new favorite nail polish quite nicely, in my opinion. Nail polish by the way, is OPI’s “Ski Teal We Drop” – September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and I wanted Teal Toes – love it so much I wanted it on my fingers too – it’s a great teal – more blue than green, and it’s a solid true color – not frosty or shimmery.

Final thoughts? I think I will make this again – hopefully I can adjust my mistakes to perfect this before giving as a gift (possibly). I may move on instead to a different project, also from “Pink Penguin” – This lunch bag would be great for a knitting bag!


A few weeks back I broke out my sewing machine again, with this box bag tutorial by my side. I got such a thrill out of this little project – similar to when you are knitting a sock and you get to the weird part at the heel and then before you know it, POOF!, it’s a sock! It’s a bag! With a zipper that works!
Box Bags

I decided to make Theatreknitter one as well. The character of Little Red Riding Hood is quite special to Betsy so I went online and started searching. SewDeerlyLoved had just the right fabric (Japanese, but the shop is in the US) and I must say, I would love to shop there again. The fabric came in such a pretty little bundle!
Box Bags
It came out really cute, if I do say so myself!

In my fabric lusting searching, I also came across these great sites to share:
*Quick Piece Tiny Squares – I’m not a quilter (though I dream of it) and I don’t think I’m going to cut up teeny tiny squares, but you never know. Cute!
*5-minute Hair-kercheif – so adorable. And the Lorax is sort-of into headbands… I’ve been avoiding getting my hair cut for a while now, so I am in need of a hair-taming strategy daily.
*Kiddie Present (doll & doll quilt) – Lorax isn’t too into the baby dolls, she sticks with her puppy, but this is adorable.
*Make a quilted pendant – maybe starting small is the way to go.
*Fabricworm – fabric love.
*PicClick.com for etsy – love searching etsy this way.

Oh, and I can’t believe I forgot to post in the last post about how the Peep-Tini tasted – like candy! High sugar, sunny, sweet. All the things I love!

Snow "Event" 2010.

I have always enjoyed a good snow day. These days a snow day is not much of a disruption to my daily routine, or Lorelai’s. But there is something about snow, now matter if it’s a blizzard prediction or just a flurry that makes everyone a little giddy. I say, it’s New England. It’s supposed to snow. Yes, many of us are getting antsy for spring, but I’m ok with the snow – it’s been cold – and the snow makes it worthwhile. Mostly. Until you go out to shovel like I did this morning and holy chickens I think this would be categorized under “Heart Attack Snow” – it’s heavy – and though it is starting to melt, I had to remove my neckwarmer and jacket while shoveling I got so heated!

A snow day seemed like a great idea to give a new project a try. I needed my sewing machine to do something on a different project (knitting related, details / photos of that later) anyway, so I pulled out the machine and fabrics and ribbons and had fun!
Pile o'Taggies
Taggie Style Squares
These are roughly 6×6 inch taggie-style squares! I used two different flannels on each, the yellow flowers on one side, the baby print on the other, and an assortment of ribbons that I have had in the stash. AND, my most favorite part of all – they crinkle inside! I’m expecting to hear news of 4 babies arriving in the next 6 months, so I’ve got a head start on some of the gifts. These are so satisfying and they just made me giggle. I really want to make more of an effort to work with my sewing machine (and drawers full of fabric that I have – some with decent yardage, a whole lot of fat quarters) – I proved to myself that I can do it! Lorelai has been quite taken with them – she has taken one (the first one, not to be gifted as it was practice) and she has taken to call it a “cozy blanket”. So, the babies can drool and gum and play with the ribbons and hopefully rediscover it when they are 2. Speaking of the ribbons, I love playing with the macro setting on my camera –
Ribbon Close-Up
Ribbon Close-Up

Last night before we went to bed, this is what the outside looked like –
"February Fury"
This morning Lorelai and I went out for a bit and did some shoveling.
"February Fury"
Love how she fits in the tire track.

Back to the knitting. I am really hoping to finish up one gift that has been in the wings for EVER, I’ve got “Icing” to continue working on (I’m halfway done – now the decreases start!), 2 samples to start up and a sweater test knit to work on. And Dan’s socks. And the baby gifts 🙂 I like to be busy!

My Dog is Such a Good Sport (Part1)

I’m so “one of those moms” – you know the kind that get all Martha Stewart about stuff? Yeah, it’s in my genes. My mom did it and I love it – still do, I’ve already started a file of magazine pages with ideas for costumes / parties / decorations / crafts for when Lorelai is older. But, let’s not forget, Jackson, my “furbaby” was here first. So he’s the one with the hand-sewn costume. And last year I knit his sweater. Because he’s special. Yes, I lugged out my sewing machine, a recent issue of <a href="
http://www.thebark.com/home.html”>Bark magazine and some felt:
I sewed this collar!
We’ll just ignore the fact that I forgot he’s 6 inches off the ground and the flower petals are 6 inches long!

Jackson is such a good sport. Love ya buddy!



Stay tuned for tomorrow – both babies in costume!