Made for Baby

Last week at SnB, my fellow knitters provided a little celebration for LittleNutmeg! I was so surprised and am so flattered by their kindness and generosity! Wife,”Mom”,Knitter took photos – if you click on through you’ll see that I am making the same face in pretty much each one 🙂 My little one is quite lucky to have “Knitting Aunts” that all wish him or her well! I mean absolutely NO disrespect to anyone else’s knitting, and I do hope that the gals are not offended by my photos of their items with Jackson – but it is what I tend to do around here, and since there isn’t any other appropriate sized little one around, he gets to model!

Wife,”Mom”,Knitter blogged about the Funky Chicken she made – I’ve decided in it’s Muppet-ness, this chicken is to be called “Camilla” (that was the name of the chicken who was Gonzo’s main squeeze).


Denise has ensured the baby’s coolness with a pair of Baby Converse!


Costumechick worked up a stunning bamboo lace shawl / blanket that I look forward to snuggling under when it cools down a bit (and as we continue to crank the AC) in one of my favorite shade of teal blue.


Lisa crocheted an “Under the Sea” blanket – I just love the colors in this and the detail – the turtle shell swirl, the octopus tentacles!


Archiknist knit a pair of baby legwarmers (these were on my to-do list, now I don’t have to!) and matching hat!


I think Jackson approves – everything is snuggly!

FakeKnitter made a delicious cake that was such a sweet treat that night and for breakfast! Lorelai loved the frosting especially!

I am so honored to call these ladies my friends!

Another Along

My SnB is working on a “Shawl Along” – not all the same pattern, just a shawl or wrap. I think we have all chosen something different, but all the choices are going to be stunning.
After much back and forth discussion with myself about the six potential patterns, I narrowed it down to the three patterns I knew I had the yarn called for or already earmarked for. From there I went with the lazy road and chose the yarn that was already in a ball and the pattern I had pulled out: Swirl Shawl and Melody Superwash Yarn.
Shawl Along Cast On
Swirl #A1 is cast on and done – that’s one out of eighty-two (1.2% done already!).

Mama’s Midriff.

Way back in ’09 I signed up for a SweaterKAL with several of the gals from SnB. Then in the early days of ’10 I think I have signed up for TheSweatshopOfLove’s Sweater a Month Challenge, because yes, I think I can do more than is humanly possible (I will refrain, partially, from telling you about the baby blanket I wanted to knit for a baby that is due sometime in early-mid Feburary, 2010. I have bought the yarn, I have not started. It may be a “Happy Family” blanket for Christmas 2010. hm.) Anyway, I have not forgotten about my sweater which has been hibernating. I almost brought it to SnB this week, but looking at my notes I’m not entirely sure of where I left off. So I figured I would put it on waste yarn and try it on.
Sweater WIP photo.jpg
(my kid is such an imp and a ham for the camera.)
So, it’s not the best representation – I don’t have my shoulders down and relaxed, so that lifts it up a bit as well. There’s still six inches or so between the bottom of the sweater as it is and my belt. I *think* I’m at the point in the instructions to start the cable and lace on the bottom of the sweater. It’s wool, so maybe I can block some of it to a longer length… or I could just knit another inch or two and then start the bottom.

Looking at the pattern I don’t quite understand the sizing… “Piece meaures 12 (11.5, 11.25, 10, 11, 9.75) inches from dividing round.” I will have to get out the ruler and double check that one. I started out to make the 3rd size but somewhere along the line mixed myself up and have been knitting the 4th size, so maybe if I go back to the 3rd size for length it will be ok?

I want to be able to wear this sweater this winter! It was nice and warm on, even without sleeves and being a mid-riff sweater. Light too, not heavy. Hopefully I’ll be able to suss it out this weekend!

Birthday Nutshell

So now, I’m 30 plus 1. As my dad said to me on Saturday, having birthdays is much better than the alternative you know. Thanks dad. 🙂 It was a really good birthday – I got to do a little bit of everything! And there’s stuff to look forward to – like U2!!!! – September 20 cannot get here soon enough!

On Saturday I also went to a shower for a fellow knitter – it was such a nice event and how cool it was to be able to pull out the knitting and NO ONE thinks twice about it?! And to not be the only one knitting?! Good times!
I just wish I had taken more photos! I had a lot of fun knitting up a hat and puppet for the new baby.
Anne & Baby Maggie's Hat
Flower Hat for baby Bug, now with eyes!
I wish I could have stayed longer (these gals are a lot of fun to hang out with!) but I *had* to come home so we could head out for birthday dinner at Cafe Goodfellas – fantastic!

I was gifted gift certificates to the LYSs around here so I’ll be project planning soon. I was also gifted a skein of Hudson Valley (Martha’s Vineyard) Fiber Farm Yarn:
It’s not so red, more raspberry-ish, but soft and gorgeous!

And yarn arrived in the mail! Adding to my sock yarn stash, Schaefer Yarn “Nichole” in Indigo, Sage and Bluebell:
Schaefer Yarns

And my “payment” from Lorna’s Laces – yarn to make Sundog for Lorelai – Island Blue and Iris Garden.
Sundog WIP

I finished a pair of socks – Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe, j.knits “Florida” colorway:
Juice Socks
I really love how it knit up – I was a bit unsure about the skein – it was so bright!

Today, I got a birthday gift from Betsy – small sock appropriate stitch markers – for the decreases and “yo’s” – I’m looking at doing “Ishbel” so they will also be so handy for that!! Thank you!
New Stitch Markers!

I can feel the multiple projects creeping up on me again – I have so many ideas and it’s hard to get those stitches I picture in my head to the actual fabric! I think summer is good for that, the slate is clean for the moment – even if the nutshell is cluttered!

Monday & Things you learn at Stitch-n-Bitch

(This post comes from last monday’s events)

At the stitch&bitch on Monday, I learned a couple of neat ideas. One was to use older t-shirts – cut the sleeves off and use them to line the inside of a knit hat. What a great idea! I think that I would tend to try and avoid the scratchy wools for hats and scarves, but this would add a thin, light layer of comfort. Especially using t-shirts that just get so comfy as they go through the wash so many times but start to get holey. Google didn’t turn up much regarding this, but I’m sure someone somewhere on craftster has already done it.

And then it was suggested that for small items you could use a stand mixer to do the felting. Genius! I’ve got pumpkins and a sushi wallet that need felting before they are complete, and I keep putting it off. Look, someone tried it!.

Also on Monday I was tagged in the dishragtag relay. I received a great box from fellow “Going the Dish-tance” team member, Colleen
Dishragtag Swap
Great colors, love the ‘dishrag’ she made for me, and those stitchmarkers!! and I looooove burts bees products!! Now the box is on it’s way to Carol in MA. Fun to be a part of it!