Not out of place


This weekend the hubs and I got the chance to have a mini-vacation. 24 hours away was a welcome change of pace. We drove up to Worcester (wuss-tah), MA to catch Alton Brown’s Edible Inevitable Tour with friends. Of course I brought my knitting, my Personal Sock Club – February Edition socks. These socks are plain vanilla toe-up style, but were perfect for working on during the show. We had pretty good seats (Row E, House Left) and the lighting was pretty good too. Lucky for me, my husband & friends were ok with me knitting during the show. I was also not the nerdiest person there with my knitting! I made really good progress. The photo of me with the Alton Brown poster was before the show started, and I think I have maybe half an inch or so to go before the heel turn!

We didn’t make into the audience group shot, but it’s still pretty cool!

WIP Wednesday (Post #1001!)

WIP Wednesday

I noticed when I logged in this morning that this is post #1001! Keeping things moving, here is what I have been working on this week. I started a pair of Carousel socks. They have been on my mind for a while and they qualify for a Ravelry sock group’s March challenge of “Unusual Construction”.  So far, I am really enjoying working on this. The small section of stockinette seems to move along quickly. On a few rows I have tried knitting backwards and it worked, but I don’t know that doing that saves me any time (and I don’t mind purling). A good friend has commissioned two large slugs for her friend’s children after seeing the “Princess Slug” I made for Lorelai, so you can see the eyeballs and antennae of the first one in the middle. I am just about halfway through the second Malabrigo mitt and I am still loving it.  As much as I am looking forward to spring I am glad that I will be able to have these done and put them to good use sooner rather than later.  

I’ve been reading a bit here and there. Still working through “Case Histories” and I’ve been reviewing the material from the latest Craftsy class I’ve enrolled in, Knit to Flatter. As with my StitchFix experiment, I really want to make sweaters for me that fit and look right. I’m expecting to cast on a new sweater tomorrow, Morning Coffee, as part of a KAL – I think I might be making a few modifications given what I have learned in the craftsy class.  Or, maybe not just yet as I’m still processing all the information. What are you reading and working on?

Happy Feet – a FO post

Solitude Wool Yoga Socks Kit

One of the items I finished last week was a pair of Yoga Socks for me! At last year’s Rhinebeck, I found a great little kit at Solitude Wool. I really enjoyed their booth for the options of breed-specific yarns and the range of colors. The Yoga Socks kit contained two coordinating yarns for the cuff and body using Suffolk/Dorset boot sock yarn. I cast on and worked on these while at a Christine Lavin concert in December and finally finished them up!

Christine Lavin & my WIP

Did you know Christine is a crocheter? Pretty cool! She was certainly taken with my magic looping when I asked to take a photo with her. (Apologies to Christine, not the best shot of you!) I am really glad to have these, especially with the tease of spring around the corner – I’m looking forward to wearing my slipper flip-flops and painting my toes. These will allow my feet to stay warm but not overheat! I’ve also learned I am not a foot model and feet already bother me enough – they are so tricky to photograph!

So this was Christmas…

Whoosh. Another Christmas has come and gone – it was a whirlwind (as always) and went by way to fast (as always) but was a good time & a success! This year we were low key on the side of decorations due to the Little Nutmeg being rather full of grabby hands. We had a pink plastic pre-lit Christmas tree (really) – it was a work prize for DH back in the summer when they moved locations. We had some garland and lights, a few printed signs, and this year we brought in an Elf on the Shelf. There are a zillion ideas on Pinterest, and I made a note of a few, but our elf was less into mischief and more into a daily game of hide-and-seek. The Lorax loved it. Elfie, our elf, is a bit creepy looking, but it makes for fun photos – here’s the round up of my instagram shots of where he hid. Elf on the shelf antics 2012Elf on the shelf antics 2012 (2)Elf on the shelf antics 2012 (3)
My favorite was when the Disney Princesses captured Elfie in a bug box!
Though I did have a last minute flare-up of thinking that I must knit ALL.THE.THINGS. for Christmas gifts, in the end I knit 4 things. My mom had pinned several times cowls on pinterest as a not-so-subtle hint to me. I worked up a Fiona Button Scarf very quickly! Crochet cowl
I still consider myself a beginner crocheter and this was a piece-of-cake pattern.
DIY gold toe socks
I’m calling these my DIY-gold-toe socks, even though the gold toe stripe is really not in the right spot. I started these Cauchy socks for Dan back in March. He had forgotten about them! They were very well received – he has worn them every day after work! I would indulge in the Spud & Chloe Fine yarn again and trying these on for the photo made me realize that I need to make myself some new socks!! I also made Dan a basic guy beanie with Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair that he loved – the hat is ready to go and in his car, so no photos yet. It’s snowing / raining now, so maybe tomorrow or the weekend? It seems that winter weather has truly settled in!
Oatmeal the snowman
One family Christmas party involved a Yankee Swap this year. I made Oatmeal the Snowman to go with a gift card. I love this little snowman and will be making myself another one! Unfortunately we had to duck out right after we picked out our gifts because it was getting late with the kids – so I have no idea who ended up with the snowman, or if he was loved. I hope!
In my little nutmeg, we had a nice Christmas. There were yarnie gifts which are great & I am very excited for 2013. I am working on my “resolutions” and what I want to accomplish / try, but for today (and probably the rest of the week), we’re recovering – I think we all have a touch of Holiday Hangover and both kids are sick with sniffles / coughs / temps. How was your holiday?


Sandy has come and gone. She destroyed a lot of trees in my town and left a lot of people in the dark for most of the week. It could always be worse and my heart just breaks for the people in New York City and along the Jersey Shore. Connecticut took a beating, no doubt, but we are getting back to normal with minimal wear and tear. I think we may have been more prepared than most, we weren’t taking any chances after last years storms.

I thought I would be able to get a lot more knitting done. I just couldn’t though – the schools have been closed all week, so with two little ones underfoot and being distracted and exhausted, I couldn’t get much accomplished. The projects I planned on were fingering weight – what was I thinking? At night when I finally was able to put my mind to knitting, my projects were all fingering weight! Not the best idea when knitting by camping lantern. Oh well. I did finish one Jelly Bean sock and have cast on for the second. This sock is so comfortable! This is my first time using Spinnery Sock Art – Forest, this is the Grape Swirl colorway. I hope I can push myself to finish sock #2 because I know I will wear these with everything!
Sock 1

I finally got going (after a few restarts) on my Syren Scarf KAL. I’m using The Wool Dispensary Useful Poison, an MCN blend, and it is lovely to work with! In my storm prep, I did print out the pattern but that’s not so helpful when you have someone who likes to take the paper. It crumples! It makes noise!
Paper taker
Syren scarf wip

Halloween was postponed due to the storm, but luckily the local apple orchard had a Halloween parade last week, so the little ones did get to wear their costumes.

I did a little bit of Halloween knitting, these eyeballs for a Halloween swap – I found some greeny-grey-zombie-flesh colored yarn in my stash (it might be malabrigo) and I love how they turned out.
Zombie eyes

I also received a special request asking me if I could help make a baby’s 1st Halloween costume. Mom wanted the little guy to be Peter Pan, could I help? I am never one to back down from a challenge and I am powerless against the baby knits. I ended up crocheting the hat (from this pattern) & booties (from this pattern) and am very pleased with how they look! They were a big hit! And my small Yarn Pop bag was the perfect size for this project!
Peter pan set
Now I’ve got to play catch up! Stay safe, stay warm!

In threes

You know how it goes – there seems to be a bit of blogging “meh” going about. I’ve got it too. I want to blog, but have lost some of the energy for it. Could be life in general, could be work (which involves writing blog posts for others), could be house stuff, could be little ones underfoot that are always up to something. Anyway, I am here today! Not playing in “Yarn Along” because I have still yet to find a new book – my nose has been mostly buried in a “Visually learning photoshop” paperback, but that is not going to go on too many “to-read” lists. You are here to see the knit stuff, and maybe the kids.

I have finished three washcloths that are being sent out in packages.

I have knit three (3!!!) swatches for my latest sample knitting job, the Summer Poncho in the Spring/Summer Vogue Knitting.
The yarn is lovely to work with. Now that I have figured out my gauge, I am a few rows in – it should be smooth sailing.

I am just past the heel on the first Cauchy sock for Dan. The yarn is Spud & Chloe Fine, in the dachshund colorway. I’ve got three repeats of the pattern across the top of the foot.
Cauchy in progress
I need to put this on magic loop, but have been lazy about going to find that particular needle, so for now, it is DPNs and cuff-down. Old habits die hard.

And a gratuitous cute baby picture.
On the move & under a table
Someone is on the move. I looked and the nutmeg was on his back, feet on the couch. I turned to look at my knitting, looked back and he had flipped and scooted himself back under this first table (which is part of a set of 3 nesting tables) Also that space is what, seven inches wide? How did he do that?

A different sort of groan.

Way back, like in 2006, I participated in a KAL for “Fans of the Lime and Violet Podcast can show their colors with Lisa Souza Lime & Violet sock yarn. The projects are as varied as Lime & Violet’s audience — the common thread is the awesome yarn.” I remember that I worked on these socks on my way up to Maine for a friend’s wedding. What I don’t remember is what I was thinking when I finished up the second sock – it was about 4 inches too short on the foot! At the time it was only good for a dachshund nose-warmer.
I'm a doofus
I have size 9 feet. This was not my first pair of socks! I was so annoyed with myself that I stuck the socks in a drawer and let them sit there. One of my knitting goals for the year is to knit up socks. I took a deep breath, ripped out the toe, carefully got all the stitches back on to dpns and got back to it.

The pattern at one point was called “Blue Bonnet”, but I found it in Ravelry as Linen Toes. Linen stitch is quite awesome for those wildly colored sock yarns. I love how it worked with this particular hand-dyed yarn and striped. However, when I finished this one, I noticed something else that made me groan.
The way the pooling happened here it looks like I spilled bleach on part of my foot. In the end it does not matter – no one is really going to see that part when I have my shoes on. I got into the rhythm of knitting and did not notice until the end. I really did not want to rip and redo again, so I will live with it. I have not worn handknit socks in a while and yesterday after I took that photo I did not take them off. I even slept in them, so cozy! It has given me back a bit of sock mojo and I am looking forward to working another pair soon.

Good Mail – part 1

I was very excited to see the mailman stop the truck at my mailbox this week and put two packages inside!

The first package contained yarn! On Twitter, I think, is where I first found rAchel (ontheround) – she’s got a young one at home and is a spinner and knitter. Then I checked out her etsy shop – sooooo pretty! I had noticed a while back that she had a “Lorax” colorway – of course, that jumped out to me and I got in contact with her. And voila! It’s here!!
On the Round Lorax Yarn
400 yards of sock yarn… I can’t wait to knit this up. Monkeys? I could use a new pair, since my original ones died in January. Socks in Little Bee Pattern, Honeybee Socks, or Herringbone Rib are also under consideration.

I really want something seuss-y, or truffula tree-ish… I may have to go do research with some pattern books first…

Pattern Update – Girly Socks!

Remember those Girly socks I blogged about last week or so?
Test Knit Sock
The pattern is live! Emma is available on Ravelry and etsy – and comes in sizes from toddler through grown-up!
Jackie is a great designer – she talks about the sock on her blog here.

FYI, I got gauge (10st / in) with Malabrigo Sock – wonderful yarn for this pattern! Don’t let the gauge scare you off – it’s such a nice fabric! The cast on seems a little intimidating (there’s just a lot of stitches) but there is a quick decrease that follows.


The weather is heating up around here and yesterday, the Lorax told me she wanted to wear flip-flops. This was a huge surprise to me – usually we have a melt down in any shoe store and she hates to try things on. I’m the mom who bought the exact same sneakers in 3 different sizes. Ugh. I have been avoiding getting the next pair of summer shoes, but thought maybe I could get lucky now, since it was her idea.

So we went out to the store with her talking the whole way there about “red flip flops”.

I’m pleased to say that this was the best trip to a shoe store ever. She tried on shoes. She looked at shoes, she picked some out, she didn’t fuss. And what did her little heart desire?
First Flip Flops
Heaven help me – she picked out and tried on and loved – light up princess flip flops. She can’t walk well in them, it’s like watching me try to walk in high heels – all stiff legs, but she loves them. And, yeah, they are cute. Sigh. We did also pick up some new summer sneakers, so yay on that!
Test Knit Sock
First Flip Flops
Look at that smug face. She totally knows she won.

The girl knows what she likes. And that includes when she’s ready for a photo or not. I finished up the test sock for J.L. Yarnworks – it really is a sock!
Test Knit Sock
Cuff up.

Test Knit Sock
Cuff Down. It’s a little ruffled-anklet sock – too cute!

I made the toddler / child size, so it’s a bit big for the Lorax – but she wouldn’t help me and try it on. Oh well.
Test Knit Sock
I do plan to make the mate – like most little knits, this sock went quickly!