I can’t remember if I already shared this here or not (and obviously, I’m too lazy to go check). With all the snow we’ve had, the Lorax has gotten a lot of wear out of her purple mittens. I noticed that they were getting a little too small for her and mentioned that I would make her a new pair. Her response, “Princess Mittens?!” My response, “Um, does that mean pink?”. I was quite excited to see the Heart Strings Mittens pattern was shared by Vivere Nel Colore (check out her blog – great designs and a little cutie too!). As soon as they were knit, they were snatched off the table, so I consider this a success.
The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in the Neon colorway, leftovers from a pair of socks. Bright pink, orange and yellow – acceptable princess colors I think.

This pattern is well written, quick to knit and there is the possibility for so much customization. My back up plan was to find a princess charm or iron-on-patch of some sort if the Lorax truly had her heart set on princess-mittens (whatever that means to her). Lucky for me, she was excited about these and though we did buy some pink glitter buttons, she chose the star buttons to go on them.

After our photo shoot she told me, “Now I need blue ones for Cinderella, and yellow ones for Belle, and purple for Rapunzel, and green for Tinkerbell…” Sure kid.
A rather blurry shot of the Lorax with her princess mittens and her princess valentine balloon bought by daddy.

Come out come out wherever you are!

There has been an influx of yarns lately. After the “learn to spin” class on Tuesday, I bought several things because on Monday Lorelai and I left the SnB early. So, Regia bamboo, and panda silk, welcome to your new home. Today the wee one and I went to “Madison Wool” to spend the gift certificates I received at Christmas. I bought yarn for the “Central Park Hoodie” (Cascade 220 Heather Green), “Koolhaas” (O-Wool Classic), and Spirogyra (Sheep 3). I was cleaning up the dining room in anticipation of our hosting Easter dinner next week. I pulled down a shoebox from the bookshelf because the shoebox was ugly looking, and !GASP! there were 2 skeins of yarn inside. I think I got them in a swap a few years ago, tucked them away in another clean up attempt. Whoops.

I’m still working on the test knitting project.

Still need to seam the Amelie dress.

Making ears for the Easter decorations.

The mingus sock has stalled, I don’t know how I feel about it. Not entirely loving it.

Started the nutkin sock (on two circulars). I did the cuff, but it’s a stockinette, not a rib cuff and it just seems HUGE! I did go up a needle size (to 2.75mm from the 2.5mm of the pattern) because I had those needles ready and I have big feet. Not sure how I feel about those now either. Stalled.

Have to ball up more yarn to keep working on Glee.

Have 2 more rows to go in the Mystic Lights swatch, then it needs blocking. I tried doing the cables reversed for lefties and then as written… not sure it will really make a difference. I did learn that I don’t like cabling without a cable needle when the cable is on the edge.

Need to get going on the baby knits… hats…. for my own and the other babies to be.

I really want to make finger puppets. And toys. It’s for Lorelai.

I have all this knitting-in-progress. Someone at the baby group asked me if I knit for a living. 🙂 I wish.

In non-knitting news, Lorelai and I have found some stellar deals out shopping. And I bought 2 bathing suits (oy!) for the destination wedding that is coming up in what, 4 weeks? Time is very quickly moving along.