WIP Wednesday – a bit of everything

Before & after. I am a lazy gardener, should have done this last fall. Getting the beds ready.Instagram has captured what I have worked on this week.  I finally cleared out my garden beds. After a not-so-successful garden last year (the weeds won), I left everything there over the winter. I figure it gives a little bit back to the soil. This year, with the sole exception of green beans, we’re going to try and have a flower garden. This will give the soil a break from our usual attempts of general vegetables. Our house came landscaped, which is great and all, but I miss seeing the blooms.  Hopefully this will also attract butterflies!

My Morning Coffee is coming along! On to the sleeves! #knittingThe body of my Morning Coffee sweater is done and I love it! I have started a sleeve and it is slowly but surely moving along.  Speaking of coffee, I tried a coffee “recipe” I saw online – this particular blogger raved about coffee + coconut milk + cocoa powder, so I gave it a try. And I will not be doing that again – ugh! I will stick with my cream and sugar.

Working on my #frostedpumpkin #springtimesapler - I'm slow & behind but it makes me happy! @heyporkchopThe weather has taken such a nice turn over the last week or so, we’ve been getting outside just about every day! Yesterday I was so tired at the end I didn’t even want to pick up my knitting, or crochet! Shocking! Thankfully I have another craft in the works. I think I mentioned being bit by the cross stitch bug – I have the Woodland Sampler and the Springtime Sampler, both from the Frosted Pumpkin. I am behind on both, and I am not fast at it, but I really enjoy it. One little stitch at a time.

I haven’t been reading much, a few fluff magazines is about it, but I am expecting a few books to arrive soon to help with my toy box project! I also really need to get moving on a few custom-request items, so hopefully I will have some fun to show on Friday!

It’s Done!

The ends are all woven in. Blocking is done. The pins are removed. I have a new sweater!
Finished Sweater!
Sometimes I wish there were two of me – one to use the camera and the other I could boss around to pose. I used the self timer on the camera and mostly felt silly – but I liked the plain background of a purple wall in my house. Anyway, this photo was the best of the bunch. I remembered that you should give your model something to hold or do while posing – makes the person relax and you can get better photos. So I grabbed what was nearby.

Finished Sweater!
Jackson. He got antsy because he could see out the window and I think our neighbor-dogs started barking.

Finished Sweater!
The Lorax. She too was a bit antsy looking out the window at the neighbor-dogs.

On the whole, I like this sweater – it came out a bit too big, but that’s my own fault – somewhere in the yoke area I started following the instructions for the next size up and once I realized that I just stuck with it. It’s a comfy sweater and warm. I’m pleased.

So Close!

Almost done!!!

I’ve got 6 rows to do on the right sleeve. About 40 or so rows to do on the left sleeve. Weave in the ends. Block a little. And then I’ll have my sweater. !!!!!

I’ve been planning what I want to try for the finished object shots – they will be much better than the low-quality iPhone photos. This is not an example of what I learned in Gale’s class.

Mama’s Midriff.

Way back in ’09 I signed up for a SweaterKAL with several of the gals from SnB. Then in the early days of ’10 I think I have signed up for TheSweatshopOfLove’s Sweater a Month Challenge, because yes, I think I can do more than is humanly possible (I will refrain, partially, from telling you about the baby blanket I wanted to knit for a baby that is due sometime in early-mid Feburary, 2010. I have bought the yarn, I have not started. It may be a “Happy Family” blanket for Christmas 2010. hm.) Anyway, I have not forgotten about my sweater which has been hibernating. I almost brought it to SnB this week, but looking at my notes I’m not entirely sure of where I left off. So I figured I would put it on waste yarn and try it on.
Sweater WIP photo.jpg
(my kid is such an imp and a ham for the camera.)
So, it’s not the best representation – I don’t have my shoulders down and relaxed, so that lifts it up a bit as well. There’s still six inches or so between the bottom of the sweater as it is and my belt. I *think* I’m at the point in the instructions to start the cable and lace on the bottom of the sweater. It’s wool, so maybe I can block some of it to a longer length… or I could just knit another inch or two and then start the bottom.

Looking at the pattern I don’t quite understand the sizing… “Piece meaures 12 (11.5, 11.25, 10, 11, 9.75) inches from dividing round.” I will have to get out the ruler and double check that one. I started out to make the 3rd size but somewhere along the line mixed myself up and have been knitting the 4th size, so maybe if I go back to the 3rd size for length it will be ok?

I want to be able to wear this sweater this winter! It was nice and warm on, even without sleeves and being a mid-riff sweater. Light too, not heavy. Hopefully I’ll be able to suss it out this weekend!

It’s in the bag.

Knitting bags
I pulled out the knitting project bags that usually sit near my computer the other day in an attempt to neaten up that space. I found lots of needles and yarn that needed to be put away. And, no surprise, I got a reality check on how many WIPs I’ve got going on right now.

I can’t tell you what’s in the blue Vera Bradley bag in the middle of that pile. Random side note: that bag was a grad school graduation gift on behalf of my grandmother – she sent a check and I decided to invest in a real knitting bag. It’s one of my bigger bags, love it for all the pockets inside, and there’s no zipper or velcro to catch any yarn on. Anyway, the project in there is a gift, and the recipient reads this, so it’s staying put away. But I’m working on it.

The orange bag, to the right of the vera bag, also contains projects I can’t share with you. I’m working on some test knitting for….”a new magazine, called Historic Needlework that will be focusing on various types of vintage needlework, of which knitting is one!. The first issue will be published sometime before the end of the year through magcloud.com, an on-line print on demand resource. The publication date will be dependent on how soon we have all the pattern samples tested and completed.” Kinda nifty, right? And so far so good – I’m working on two scarves (and a third is resting – I’m not wild about the colors / yarn I started it in). I found out about this through Ravelry – great opportunities and connections! Here is a link to the Rav group if you are interested in test knitting some of the vintage patterns – some are still open!

So, if you are still reading, you might think I’ve got nothing to show other than a pile of bags on my couch. Not true poppets! The skull bag to the left of the vera bradley bag is my go-to knitting bag. That’s the bag with my notions, my SnB stuff, the bag with my ravelry “My Name is ” button. I’ll probably have that bag with me at Rhinebeck (2 weeks!!) and Stitches (if I can get there). What’s inside?

A sweater in progress – Trellis and Vine is actually becoming a sweater! I can barely believe it, but I tried it on yesterday:
Sweater KAL WIP
And I divided for the sleeves / body at SnB last night –
Sweater KAL WIP
I can see my mistakes in the cables, but they are consistent, so I’m going to live with it (this sweater is for me! I can do what I want with it.) This had been hibernating for a while because it was hard to tell the progress, but now I am looking forward to moving on with it!

There’s another project in the bag as well:
Bat Shawl in progress
My Bat Shawl – 3 bats down so far… I love this Malabrigo lace that I’m using for it – so fantastic! I need to get moving on this one – I keep hearing how big it turns out and I need to be sure I have time for all the knitting and blocking!

I’ve just realized that there is another bag over here at my computer that didn’t make it into the group shot. And probably there will be another bag (or several) to add in the next few days – I’ve gotten bitten with startisis and am looking at a trip to WEBS this weekend…

Bits of Stuff (there’s knitting this time!)

The weather has turned nice, and then WAY too hot, and now it’s back to nice again. I introduced Lorelai to the sprinkler to give her a good soaking (maybe not the best mom move ever – she’s been a bit under the weather this week, running warm, but not feverish – sure, let’s get wet and run around outside in the heat… whatever. She loved it.)
Sprinkler fun

Here’s the garden, with Lorelai for scale:
We’ve got two raised beds and they have worked out quite well each year. After we took this photo she helped me pick cherry tomatoes – she was quite good at it. I was convinced she would squish them!

Chalk is a new favorite toy this summer.

We move our art around as needed.

Jackson keeps an eye on us at all times.

Malabrigo Test Knit
The Malabrigo Dress is all knit and seamed! I’m deciding on buttons – hopefully tonight at SnB a decision will be made!

It fits!
This is the current state of my sweater for the sweaterKAL I’m doing with some of the SnB gals. I was quite nervous I wouldn’t get it over my head, but now that fear is put to rest. Thank goodness – I have a back-up plan (Snow White) ready to start at any time, but I don’t feel like swatching 🙂

That’s the current state of this nutshell. I’m thisclose to starting the Bat Shawl – Dan’s cousin is getting married this fall. Halloween to be exact! I’m going to wear the purple dress from my brother’s wedding and I would like to have a shawl. Dan has approved – I may go hunt for yarn tonight!