Olympic Trials

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The Olympics are coming. I have no idea who any of the athletes are, but I am looking forward to watching some of the sporting events and I hope that some events are shown during the day (not just prime time) so that I can share them with the Lorax as well.  She is a gymnastics fan and I think she might get a kick out of it. The Ravellenic Games are also gearing up. I am anticipating being on a few teams and participating in a few events. Here’s what I am thinking will be making the cut as part of my projects this year.

I have a set of minis from a swap on Ravelry, under the theme of “Muppets vs Sesame Street”. When I first received my swap package I knew I wanted to work them up all at once as a group. My beekeeper quilt project needs an injection of good mojo and this seems like a good idea.  So, 19 minis to be turned into hexiflats for the “Modular Relay”.

Sample in progress
I was considering challenging myself to knit a sweater for the Lorax (Sundog, which I have the yarn and pattern for and have thought about making for her since it was published). However, the girl does not wear sweaters.  Handmade or storebought, it makes no difference.  Instead, I am working on a sample for Good Karma Farm (isn’t it pretty? I love this yarn and pattern, Charleston Tea by BabyCocktails) and a new sample for Plymouth, so those would be great to get done for “WIP Wrestling” and “Sweater Triathalon” respectively.

That is probably enough, but I am still considering “Charity Rowing” and making some items for PatPatsHats, the “Hat Dash” for my own super-special Rhinebeck Hat, more “WIP Wrestling” for Dan’s socks and my current cowl-in-progress.  I am sure I could find a few items for “Frogging Trampoline” and “Cast On Mania Trap Shoot” (start a project, work a third of it, start the next project) just sounds like fun.  Dangerous fun.


Someone picked up a sweater for the Lorax at a recent school bazaar. The thought was lovely, but this sweater? So not for the Lorax, style-wise or size-wise.

To Be Undone
She ran away from it, so I don’t even have a real idea of what it would look like on her. But it’s wide. And there’s a bit of floofy collar.

To Be Undone
If I could get it on me, it would be a elbow-length crop top.

Cotton yarn, obviously handknit. I set about to take it apart and find a way to reuse the yarn. This is the first time I have undone a sweater like this. I actually felt quite a bit of guilt in frogging this – some other knitter somewhere put in their time and energy to make a gift (which the owners ended up giving away). I think that in the end, the knitter would see it as for the best that another knitter got a hold of the sweater and was able to reuse the yarn. It was a great project to have around the Lorax – I could pick it up and put it down as needed. (Side note: I also feel bad when I see books at the consignment shop / used book store that have inscriptions “To Timmy on your 5th birthday – our pokey little puppy” or something like that. While I’m all for clearing out space and giving books I don’t read to libraries / shops / etc. – if it’s got an inscription, I can’t get rid of it! You would think then that I would be sure to write an inscription in any books I give as gifts – and sad to say, I don’t. I should work on that.)

So now I have this cotton to “upcycle”. I am thinking about reusing it in a garment for the Lorax or even just washcloths.


When do kids get into “naming” things? The Lorax has a stuffed dalmation that she carries with her just about everywhere – his name is Puppy. She recently has rediscovered a Cabbage Patch Doll that is interactive. She keeps referring to the doll as “Girl” – we were trying to offer her suggestions and while she says “No” to each one, it’s looking like “Patella” might stick.

This morning I was talking with hubs about doll names and I brought up the Ramona books – she had a doll named Chevrolet. I read all of those books many times over and still thinking about Ramona and Beezus gives me a chuckle. Did you know there is a movie coming out this year? I read in the paper that the director brought her 4th grade book report of “Beezus & Ramona” to the meeting with Beverly Cleary to show how much of a fan she is and will remain true to the books. Awesome.

And then, while checking blogs just now I see a post from flintknits.com – you know, the gal behind February Lady Sweater, Willie and the Wurstwarmer – she’s got a new pattern, named in honor of another one of Ramona’s pals, Ella Funt!!! So so cute!
(and I love when the universe shakes things together like that!!)


It’s Tuesday! After a long, lazy weekend – welcome June!

Dan was gifted an early start to his weekend and got to return home from work around 2:30 on Friday. That was a nice treat – it was almost like an extra day! Saturday we stayed around the house and did errands and played on the swing set, attended a birthday party on Sunday, ate dinner with his folks yesterday.

Yesterday the weather was so beautiful – sunny, but breezy. And I was feeling almost chilly from the breeze. I thought about one of the sweaters I had been working on (Cardigan Neutral by Vickie Howell) and how this is totally the sort of day I envisioned wearing that sweater. Yes, I’m knitting it in a wool blend, but I think it will be great as a quick light layer to ward against a breeze. The sweater is all knit, just needs to be seamed up. Again. Actually I started to seam it before and found that I really needed to block it more, so I had to take it out and fix that.

Yes, at 2:00pm on Monday I started seaming this sweater, knowing that I had to be crazy for thinking that I could get it done – for the 3:00pm party at my in-laws. Of course, I didn’t get it done. I did get both sleeves attached to the body though. And by bedtime last night I also seamed up one side seam. I’m getting there. And I think I finally *get* mattress stitch.

I still have the other side and two sleeve / underarm seams to go. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

Sweater Weather.

We’re really getting into those “fall in New England” sort of days – cool in the morning and evening, sunny and pleasant during the day. There is rain in the forecast, but that’s fine. I’m loving being back in long sleeves and handknit socks. My own sweaters could use a refreshing, so, on to the baby / toddler sweaters!

First up, PrestoChango
"Presto Change-O" FO!
I always wanted this when I was pregnant with Lorelai, but never got around to making it. Dan’s cousin recently had a baby (a little girl!) and I was excited to make this for them. Can’t beat it – cute, practical – the yarn is Encore – one skein, or maybe one skein plus a few yards from skein #2. The buttons were purchased at WEBS – I decided to stay non-gender specific – these buttons bring out some of the earthy tones in the yarn and it can be used for another baby down the line. I am happy with it, however, I had already purchased buttons for this – a deep green leaf-style – and they are GONE. Can’t find them anywhere. So annoying. I do hope those buttons turn up – they were really nice!

Second, I have finished the Peace, Baby sweater for Lorelai.
Sigh. Mommy makes a handknit sweater and what happens? Water works. Oy.
Too big. Again. This is the size 2 – the Lorax is not a big kid, she’s not a peanut either. Petite-ish, maybe. Better too big than too small.
I think it could have been a little bit longer, but I can live with it.

Immediately following this photoshoot, I changed her and we had a snack – she was back to all smiles. And hamming it up for the camera.
Snack time - Apples!
Snack time - Apples!
Snack time - Apples!

Birthday Nutshell

So now, I’m 30 plus 1. As my dad said to me on Saturday, having birthdays is much better than the alternative you know. Thanks dad. 🙂 It was a really good birthday – I got to do a little bit of everything! And there’s stuff to look forward to – like U2!!!! – September 20 cannot get here soon enough!

On Saturday I also went to a shower for a fellow knitter – it was such a nice event and how cool it was to be able to pull out the knitting and NO ONE thinks twice about it?! And to not be the only one knitting?! Good times!
I just wish I had taken more photos! I had a lot of fun knitting up a hat and puppet for the new baby.
Anne & Baby Maggie's Hat
Flower Hat for baby Bug, now with eyes!
I wish I could have stayed longer (these gals are a lot of fun to hang out with!) but I *had* to come home so we could head out for birthday dinner at Cafe Goodfellas – fantastic!

I was gifted gift certificates to the LYSs around here so I’ll be project planning soon. I was also gifted a skein of Hudson Valley (Martha’s Vineyard) Fiber Farm Yarn:
It’s not so red, more raspberry-ish, but soft and gorgeous!

And yarn arrived in the mail! Adding to my sock yarn stash, Schaefer Yarn “Nichole” in Indigo, Sage and Bluebell:
Schaefer Yarns

And my “payment” from Lorna’s Laces – yarn to make Sundog for Lorelai – Island Blue and Iris Garden.
Sundog WIP

I finished a pair of socks – Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe, j.knits “Florida” colorway:
Juice Socks
I really love how it knit up – I was a bit unsure about the skein – it was so bright!

Today, I got a birthday gift from Betsy – small sock appropriate stitch markers – for the decreases and “yo’s” – I’m looking at doing “Ishbel” so they will also be so handy for that!! Thank you!
New Stitch Markers!

I can feel the multiple projects creeping up on me again – I have so many ideas and it’s hard to get those stitches I picture in my head to the actual fabric! I think summer is good for that, the slate is clean for the moment – even if the nutshell is cluttered!