Happy Thanksgiving

My favorite time / week / day of the year. I know what to get everyone, I know what to make, I do not have to worry about any returns. Four years ago I knit this hat while waiting for the Lorax to arrive. It is a perfect fit for my new little butterball.
Jive Turkey
May your turkey be delicious and bonus points if it is cute!

Thanksgiving Crafts

Last week I posted about my Pom Pom Maker – did you guess that I would take a shot at using the pom pom maker to whip up a flock of Pom Pom Toms, like Martha? Here’s a shot in progress:
The pom poms are a great way to use up stash yarn if you have it. I used a mix of wool-acrylics / acrylics (think Ella Rae & Vanna’s Choice). I will say that it was quite tedious to cut out the scalloped “feathers” – some are a bit pointy.

But the end result is pretty neat.
I gave up when it came to glueing the legs on – I wasn’t sure they would stay up and they already look a little drunk as it is.

I also printed up the designs that Jessica of Craftily-Ever-After kindly shared.
Perfect – I was able to swap out some photos and prints in these frames for the more appropriate seasonal ones. Jessica also has ones for Halloween and Christmas!

It was a great day I think – my brothers, SIL and brother’s girlfriend came in on Wednesday night and were quite gracious in allowing me to boss them all around. It was smooth sailing on Thursday. We had a little party for the Lorax since the whole family was there –
Three!!! (Just about.)

Couldn’t ask for much more!

And finally, I can sit.

For a moment.

The last week or so has been such a blur – there were multiple visits with family, houseguests of all kinds for three days straight and Thanksgiving. It’s been good.

We hosted Thanksgiving again – it is a lot of work, but between myself and Dan, my brothers, sister-in-law and a brother’s girlfriend there were many many helpful and talented hands at work. They made it so much easier and I am so happy that they were able to be here and enjoy themselves at the same time (I think they all had a good time too!) We hosted 14 people, and I made everyone into Pilgrims for the special day.
(Some family members don’t want to be viewed online. Hence, you get to see their backsides.)

I made pilgrim placecards and it was a fun craft project – drove Dan a bit crazy though with all that cutting and pasting. In the end it was worth it – everyone got a big kick out it.

Lorelai turns 2 tomorrow (OMG.) and she had a blast at Thanksgiving – she’s at a really fun age.
Little Miss November

We celebrated her birthday a little earlier since the family was all there.
We like our sweets
I swear, I did not teach her to swipe a taste of frosting.

One of the best parts of the day for me was that I was able to give my uncle a kidney! He’s actually going to be donating a kidney in a few weeks – just because he can and he thought it was something good to do. He’s so awesome.
Kidney Donor
When he took the kidney out of the bag he told me how he was told to get a small / bean / kidney shaped pillow for when he leaves the hospital and this would be perfect, and where did I find such a thing? I told him I made it and he was floored – he got a big kick out of it. This is the first thing I have knit for him, so I am very glad it was a success!

And then on Friday we had a rather grown up yet laid back party with some friends from high school – it was nice to just hang out. And the kidlets could play too –
They had a great time (I think, I hope!)

Here we are, sunday. It’s quiet. The house is mostly returned to normal. We’ve done a little shopping online. I need to take down the fall decorations and work on getting Christmas up, but I’m ok to put that off for a few more days. I’ve got some deadline knitting to work on and some other things to give a good think while I knit.

Jive Turkey

First off, thanks to those who commented about the police tape scarf – the consensus is that it is a good idea, so I jumped in and cast on. So far I’ve got “Do Not” done – I’m going to adjust it slightly so it says “Do Not Cross Crime Scene” and repeat that. I’m using acrylic and it’s curling, but I’ll deal with that later.

A major thanks to Sara of goingcrafty.com – she let me know about her Jive Turkey Baby Hat pattern. Of course I knit it up. I used US 6 needles and cast on only 64 to make it a little smaller, in the hopes that Baby will arrive this week and actually be able to wear it. Otherwise, guaranteed I will make it again for next year 🙂 It was a really quick knit and I expect it will get a big response when it does get shown off (this year or next). For now, Jackson is my model. Happy early Thanksgiving!

Jackson Jive Turkey
Turkey Dachshund