Go Green!

I think I have mentioned here before that I was not brought up in an athletic family. We were a family of nerdy, bookish types that dabbled in tennis and skiing and hikes in the woods. When my youngest brother joined an ultimate frisbee team in college he was the first college athlete in the family. 🙂 I did marry into a football family and have learned (and relearned players, teams, and terms). I even won our fantasy football league in 2008. I have found that I do enjoy a game of football here and there. I tend to loose interest after one game, but it makes for good knitting / crafting time. I have stuck with the Jets as they were the first team I followed, and though in typical Jet fashion they did not make it to the Super Bowl, I will happily route for the other green team, the Packers.

I have pretzel-dough made and cooked into pretzles (thing-a-day!) right now and am really looking forward to homemade pretzels as a treat for later. My game-day crafting (thing-a-day!) is going to be following the lead of ladies… and “Craft Like a Champion”. I plan to work on green and white baby hats for the Save The Children / Caps for Good – certainly, like the Jets I will fall short of making 32 hats, but, babies still need hats and I have the yarn. Good for everyone.

Enjoy the game, the commercials and what’s left of the weekend!!


Today is another weather day. Nothing major, just rain for my area, but it is so very grey. And drippy. It feels like forever since we have seen the grass, so I made my own using the Grass pattern from mochimochiland.com.

For now, the grass sat with my jade plant looking longingly out at our snow and ice covered backyard.

I also made a batch of Chocolate Chip Muffins this morning – quite delicious.

Embracing Imperfection (or Not).

I’ve been working on a baby blanket, the babysquared pattern in particular, designed and shared by WifeMomKnitter. Last night I noticed that over the last 30 rows or so I had messed up the pattern. It was all my fault – I was decreasing at the wrong spot. I took a close look at the blanket and thought hard.

The pattern is a scallop-lace style in a rainbow-striping yarn. The mistakes were sort of hidden in a darker part of the rainbow. The mom-to-be is a non-knitter, would she even notice? For two or three rows I thought it over – the blanket would not be cast aside for such a silly reason (I hope), the baby is not going to mind (I hope – though maybe it will help with pattern recognition later on in life? That’s thinking it over too much!) – and decided to leave it. But then, I no longer saw the pretty scallop-lace pattern and the lovely rainbow stripes! My eye went straight to the mistakes. Rrrrrrriiiiiiiiipppppppppppppp. I was able to insert a lifeline and that was a huge help. This pattern is quite enjoyable to knit, so I do not mind having to redo a section. After I got going again I noticed something else, do you see it?
One side of the blanket has a 5 stitch border, the other side has a 7 stitch border. Again, all user error. At least I’m consistent and that error bothers me less.

For today’s thing-a-day, since I am working on re-doing some of the blanket, I’m going to share someone else’s creative endeavors, go check out the Attention!Employees blog, especially today’s post – you will see someone I work with.
And a little silly story: A few weeks back the Lorax and I went to visit Dan at work. We said hello to a few people, checked out where his cube is, etc. After we went out to eat. In the car on the way to eat, the Lorax piped up “Mommy, that was fun to see Daddy’s work. Tomorrow Mommy can we see where you work?” Ummmm, my work is currently in the kitchen and great room and bathrooms – you’re there every day!! 🙂

Bring on the amigurumi

I spotted this tutorial a few days ago – who wouldn’t want to make a monster? I love amigurumi and have hoped that by trying a few crochet projects here and there would enable me to actually make some. Thanks to craftyiscool I think I totally get it now! Awesome tutorial, the steps are so easy to understand (even as a lefty!). I think the end result is cute:
Scraps of cotton classic and malabrigo. Quick and silly. Perfect for Thing-A-Day #2! Currently they are without mouths as I am undecided as to their character – I should just get out the needle and thread and see where I end up. I think I am ready for more crochet stuff, which is a good thing as I dream of making the granny stripe blanket this year but I have been avoiding the long cast-on chain. Maybe that will be tomorrow’s “thing”. I’m going to let it rest for now though – I feel like I’ve got a cold coming on and just want to snuggle up with a warm puppy.

One thing at a time

Hello February. Another storm is working on through these parts – it is cold, it is grey, and I am distracted. Today is the first day for the Thing-A-Day creative challenge. As I write this blog post there are already 14 pages of posts from other individuals who are sharing their talents. As for me? I hit a snag this morning – I pulled out the materials for one project and then changed my mind. I started googling something else for a different project. I sat down and knit on a project. I think I am still a bit overwhelmed by all the things I want to do and I did not set a clear course for how I would accomplish those things. So today I am sharing a project that is quite overdue. It was knit up in December, but the ends were woven in and button added today.

This is the Cashmere Neckwarmer knit up in an alpaca / wool bulky blend by Blue Sky Alpacas. The button was found in a bagged assortment I found at a local thrift shop – I like how it mimics the stitch pattern. This project will be leaving me soon as part of a gift, but I plan to make another one for me.

I gave it a little steam to flatten it a bit before taking the photo – that’s a little bit of heaven, warm wool / alpaca around your neck! Like pajamas right out of the dryer! Just about makes up for the burnt tongue I just got on my hot chocolate because I am to impatient for it to cool. Stay warm and dry if you are where the weather is nasty today and tomorrow. Let your hot chocolate cool!!

Things I Can’t Stop Thinking About

(a.k.a. Brain Dump)
1. Pinterest – my newest online obsession. It’s a “social catalog to collect and share things you love” – so when you are blog surfing or catalog shopping and you come across a picture / color combo / project / whatever that you love and adore you “Pin it” to your pinboard. So much better for me than trying to keep track of bookmarks or even pages torn out of magazines. You can request an invite (or let me know your email I can invite you). No big surprise I am nutmegknitter on there as well and you can see the things I have pinned.

2. Single space or double space after a period? I was taught in typing class and college to have the double space following a period. After reading this article and finding out that the double space is wrong it is really messing with my head. I tend to write my blog without too much editing – it is how I talk / how I think / and it’s not being graded, so why should this bother me? I have no idea but I am trying to break the habit. (It’s hard!)

3. Thing-A-Day. I think I already have the hang of doing something creative each day, but this sort of challenge really intrigues me. Thanks to pinterest, I can see that I already have a handful of projects that would pretty much be ready to go. Many of them are likely to be one afternoon type projects, so it could work. I am trying to decide if I want to just be generally creative and better at documenting those creative acts for the thing-a-day (then I could fall back on a variety of projects: I could knit / crochet / cook / take a picture / etc) or if I want to narrow the focus: one week on photography / crochet / cooking / sewing? Decisions. No matter what it is way more fun than dedicating 30 minutes a day to cleaning or decluttering (which also needs doing. That is probably a whole other challenge.)