Monday & Things you learn at Stitch-n-Bitch

(This post comes from last monday’s events)

At the stitch&bitch on Monday, I learned a couple of neat ideas. One was to use older t-shirts – cut the sleeves off and use them to line the inside of a knit hat. What a great idea! I think that I would tend to try and avoid the scratchy wools for hats and scarves, but this would add a thin, light layer of comfort. Especially using t-shirts that just get so comfy as they go through the wash so many times but start to get holey. Google didn’t turn up much regarding this, but I’m sure someone somewhere on craftster has already done it.

And then it was suggested that for small items you could use a stand mixer to do the felting. Genius! I’ve got pumpkins and a sushi wallet that need felting before they are complete, and I keep putting it off. Look, someone tried it!.

Also on Monday I was tagged in the dishragtag relay. I received a great box from fellow “Going the Dish-tance” team member, Colleen
Dishragtag Swap
Great colors, love the ‘dishrag’ she made for me, and those stitchmarkers!! and I looooove burts bees products!! Now the box is on it’s way to Carol in MA. Fun to be a part of it!