Toddler Flittens

Yesterday when we were playing outside, I mentioned to the Lorax that I will have to make her a neckwarmer for her pink coat (I’m thinking Scallo-pie, Not-a-scarf or just finishing the Zebra scarf). She pipes up that “My hands are freezing!” I told her that I had some handy dandy hand warmers that she could wear – and that they were just like mommy’s, only pink. I had been wearing my Fetchings earlier in the day. “Sure!” she says. Be still my heart. We run inside and I pulled out the Sucky Thumb Mitts I made last year.

Of course we had to get right back to playing.

She kept them on! I think she really liked that her fingers were still “free” and able to grab the ball or throw leaves or whatever. Handy tip to put them on? Making the “Thumbs Up” sign so the thumb goes in first into the right spot. They are a little big, so I am thinking about knitting them again in a DK yarn to be a little more snug.

I was blowing raspberries at her to get her to look at me while I snapped the picture and she did it right back at me. We’ve got attitude, yes we do! We’ve got attitude, how ’bout you?

A little birdie

Each week, the Lorax and I attend a “Mommy & Me” sort of class. We started going when she was 8 weeks old or so – it was a great resource as a first time mom. As the Lorax grew, we made our way from the baby class to the waddlers group and now we’re just about done with the toddler group (up to age 3 or so). Through it all we have had the same teacher – we love this teacher! She has such patience and care for each of the kids that attend – she is such a sweetheart. Last week she shared with us the news that she has accepted a job to teach preschool full time (in a different town, so not one the Lorax will attend)! I am happy for her, but wanted to let her know how much she means to our family. She always commented on the handknits I made for the Lorax, so that seemed an appropriate way to go. In the end I settled on an Itty Bitty Toy by Susan B. Anderson – the Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest Too. I think it came out really sweet!
(trying to get a cute picture – you can see the lorax peeking in the corner of the mirror)



I’m wondering if I should start knitting up Pencils next for future teachers!

Pantry Check In

Good post today about the “Pantry Eating Adventure” over on Money Saving Mom. I went grocery shopping today – my list was not the best it could have been, my menu plan is still a bit jumbled up, and I think I’m really still in “stockpile” mode. For instance, a yogurt that I like (and the Lorax likes) was on sale – buy 1 get 2 free, already a score. And I had a coupon for $1 off 6. I ended up with 9 yogurts for $1.25, or 14 cents each. Score. But I still bought the Lorax her own yogurt (on sale and with coupon). I can see that I really need to adjust my thinking. Also, shopping with a toddler is not the best situation to be thinking about meal plans / prices / discounts / coupons / etc. Next week she will not be with me on the grocery trip. I spent less than I usually do, but still more than I wanted. I did get a coupon for $7 off $50 future purchase (and I’ve got a coupon coming for $10 off $50 in the mail) so that will be a benefit as well, and I might actually stay under $150 for the month. Hm.

This I Believe.

Hello “Terrible Twos”. It’s another day with the toddler. Today she nearly melted down in the grocery store (we compromised and she walked around the store and helped pick items off the shelf. She’s no longer content to sit in the cart at all and snack and watch the world go by.) We came home and she threw a fit that I didn’t take her outside with me when I took the dog out. She had a nap, actually ate some lunch (yogurt! apparently that is “in” again. grapes. chips.) She watched me vaccuum. She threw toys. She had a time out. She threw more toys. She had another time out. We snuggled, we picked up the toys. We talked about going to the swings and slides. She threw a fit when I put on her socks and shoes. She contorted her body in such a way I couldn’t get her into the car seat. We snuggled and I told her she was going to have a nap. “Yeah”. Put her in there and she’s out. Resting at least.

In talking with others plurkers, she’s acting like a kitten – all cute and cuddly, then in the same minute is destructive and crazy. Oy.

On the plus side, I’ve got some extra knitting time now – off to the projects: my sweater for the sweater KAL, the bat shawl, a bag I’m test knitting / editing….

Picture is from a brief moment in the madness of this past weekend. It had stopped raining, but she wanted to wear the coat. With the hood on. Whatever. The puddle was great.
Puddle splashing