Holding Steady

This week the WIP that held my attention the most is that of the Mighty Violet.

My niece had her second open heart surgery in 6 months. She’ll be 7 months old next week. I went up to wait out the day with her parents on Wednesday. It was super long day, and thankfully (fingers crossed, knocking on wood, all those good luck things you do) surgery went well and as planned and her recovery is moving along equally well. I’m hoping to visit again next week. As you can imagine, there was much knitting that day. I brought projects that were auto-pilot knitting: March’s Personal Sock Club and Sockhead hat. I’ll share photos of the knitting WIPs later, right now I’ve got the Mighty Ultra Violet on my mind and I’d rather look at her.


Team logoRavellenics – Are you participating? I thought for a moment that I would challenge myself by knitting a sweater. I have the pattern and yarn to do Elfe or Rocky Coast Cardigan. But then I returned to my senses. I just started working on a sample knit for Plymouth Yarn Co and it’s a blanket, due by the end of the games. I also have the Cody Cardi that I want to have finished before the end of the games. So, it’s looking like I’ll be WIP Dancing with both of those. I might do Sock Hockey too, from my personal sock club. I finished a pair of socks in January, but didn’t touch the personal sock club January yarn yet as I just can’t decide on a pattern.

Game On! PatPatsHats is always looking for hats (knit, crochet, or sewn), so I will also be participating in the Hat Halfpipe / Charity Curling. In March, they would like to donate 1,199 hats. Why 1,199? Read about it here.

Child's Play logoI came across this Geek A Long project yesterday – the caffeine molecule captured my attention. I can’t stop thinking about it, and am very interested to see what other squares are created. It might be fun to make a blanket to donate to Child’s Play! I hadn’t heard of that particular charity before, but in reading their website, I like the sound of them.


A Silent Blog

This blog has been quiet for a while and the digital dust has started to gather. All is well, life is just busy. There has been a wonderful run of celebrations (anniversary, Thanksgiving, gathering with friends, someone around here turned 6, there’s another birthday today) and still more to come. I keep meaning (and wanting) to post, but other stuff has had to take priority. So, I’m making it official, this blog is on a bit of a break. I’ll be back on December 27!

Have a fantastic Christmas!

(I really wish this t-shirt wasn’t $50!)

Sock Love

I have not one, but two pairs of finished socks to share! The first, RH’s Toasty Toes have been on the needles for a while. I started these with the intention of giving them to Dan but have decided to keep them. I really love them, they are super warm and cozy and I know I will wear them a lot. Knitting Weekend Wool on US3s makes for a pretty dense material, but it’s still got some squish to it.  I think this may be the last time I knit socks one at a time – one sock is slightly shorter than the other in the foot.  No one will ever know, and it won’t keep me from wearing them, but I can feel a difference on my foot. I also missed making the heel a different color. Oops!

The next pair of socks were knit two-at-a-time, top down in Twisted Limone “Over the Rainbow” – my first self-striping yarn. I used the Vanilla Latte pattern and any mistakes you might spot in the pattern are my own in not paying attention. I started these in September and kept them in the car for knitting while waiting to pick up kids from school or at swim lessons. Once I was on the foot and the toe decreases were in sight I brought them in the house for knitting when I needed a plain project. I am already thinking about my next pair of stripey socks! I plan on using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel – I bought the pattern (only $1 – you get a lot of info!) and have been reading and making measurements; it seems pretty brilliant.

Did I tell you about the other current sock-in-progress? I’m working on a pair of socks for Dan, the Simple Skyp Socks using Bugga!, and they are just heavenly to work with.  The first sock is ready for a heel turn, so I’m considering starting the second sock now, working both through the heel turns then doing the feet two-at-a-time. I will use this pattern again – it’s relaxing and easy but gives a neat texture.  I have many variegated colorways in the stash that I think would look really fun.

It’s Wednesday?!

Bugger. I’m so off this week. I keep thinking yesterday was today, my email has been wonky and it’s just an all around kerfluffle. I should have a WIP update, but I don’t even have a photo ready. I haven’t touched my 30 day sweater because of the knitting distractions over the weekend. This week I’ve been trying to knit a hat for my son (a Toasty Topper – I made one for my daughter that she wore for 3 years!), I picked up my Green Mountain Spinnery socks again (RH Toasty Toes), and thanks to a few swaps I have a bad cast of startitis. Perhaps thankfully, in order to start anything I would have to wind up yarn and that just hasn’t happened yet. Maybe after I post this. But I really should work on my sweater.

Did you know today is Candy Corn Day? I feel like I knew, but forgot.  I am not a big fan of yellow or orange colors – I can appreciate them in combination with other colors, but generally I avoid them. Except in candy corn. I like the tradition yellow, orange, white kind. Here’s to a sugar high over the next few days!


FO Friends

Holy smokes, where does the time go?! I have meaning to post all week and it just hasn’t happened. In short, Rhinebeck was highly successful for me. Lots of stash enhancement and all items on my shopping list (Weekend Wool for several hats and the Lodestar Mittens, from Green Mountain Weekend; Good Karma Farm sock yarn; gifts for swaps; new-to-me yarn from Miss Babs and Briar Rose Fibers). I also got to get in a bit of baby snuggle time with my niece! And then whoosh went this week. I do have two little friends to share this week and it is a farewell of sorts to these little guys – both are headed off to new homes as part of swap packages.

First is a Runty Raccoon, from Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun book. Adorable in my opinion. Fun to knit, a little fiddly but really I’ve yet to make a stuffie that isn’t fiddly. Generally this was less fiddly as the limbs were picked up and knit on, no attaching parts at the end. He’s about 5″, made with stash yarn. The grey is a Farmhouse Yarn.  I am really looking forward to making more of these little guys – I would even go so far as to say I want to knit them all, but let’s not go crazy. Winter is coming and I have gifts to knit.

This Baby Ghost was a super quick crochet project – I used Debbie Bliss baby Cashmerino (fancy baby ghost) and a 2.75mm hook.  He’s very wee. This was my first project from Josephine Wu (aka A Morning Cup of Jo) and I’ll be back for more, her designs are so cute!


I’ve been also consumed this week by creating the kid’s Halloween Costumes and trying to catch up on my 30 Day Sweater (I’m about a week behind – about ready to do the bottom ribbing, then on to the sleeves). Also, the weather has sharply dropped and both kids need hats / mittens / hand warmers.  Phew. How about you?